Saturday, July 9, 2011

Police to pay for the problems on 9 July 2011

JK’s digest 3 of July, 2011 - Why leave it to the Police on Bersih 2.0 demonstration?

What is your view of what the Police in KL did to the demonstrators on 9th July, 2011?

Why do you think the Police did such a harsh job in KL and possibly elsewhere in the nation?

Is it not harsh to close off KL city from visitors, city dwellers and consumers making it very

difficult for the traders on a Saturday?

I think the Police did a harsh job just because Bersih 2.0 and Patriot had been declared

illegal body as gazetted for Bersih 2.0, while Patriot was not gazetted.

Patriot is a programme of UMNO Youth while Bersih 2.0 is also a programme of some supporting NGOs.

The Police has been aware of the demonstration on 9th July for more than one month

and yet did all the harsh thing in the week just before the day. Maybe the

illegal Cabinet had been lazy too. The whole affair actually became more tense or

worrying for the BN/ UMNO baru, after DYMM SPB YDP Agong gave leave

to Bersih 2.0 to proceed with the rally not demonstration in a stadium.

We all know how the Police was more determined to stop the rally even

in a stadium in KL possibly due to the questionable approach

of the illegal Cabinet and the illegal PM.

Imagine the illegal Cabinet and illegal PM calling Bersih 2.0 also an illegal setup

after Bersih 2.0 wants to expose the rigged General Elections.

It is an illegal Cabinet and illegal PM after the fraudulent GE2004 and

GE2008 already proven by me in the analysis of the official results.

Now that Bersih 2.0 had filed in the Courts to challenge the illegal Government

over the legality of the Bersih, the benefit of doubts should be given to

the Bersih in its rally today. As the case could not be heard in the Courts immediately,

the rally should have been allowed to proceed as if it is a legal one.

So what would happen if the case is won by Bersih 2.0? Would the illegal Government

and the Police compensate all those stupid deeds including losses of businesses

by the Police from their own person funds and not from public fund?

If the Bersih 2.0 rally was allowed to proceed as according to illegal PM

that it is peaceful in coming and going, it would only be a few hours in the

afternoon except that many more people come to the stadium like a special football match.

The presence of Police would be welcome just to keep the peace and order as there are conflicting groups involved.

Now how much losses do we know had been incurred not only in KL but in other towns

where elaborative preparation to disrupt peaceful rally was wasteful.

How much did it cost the Police diRaja Malaysia sort of in opposing/disobedience

of the Tuanku Mizan in its operations using so much resources and manpower almost a week nationwide?

How much money was wasted in the harmful tears gas and the water canon for a few hours of operations?

Some of the participants had been injured from the canisters launched by the vehicles not to mention the

adverse impact of the tear gas. Should Bersih 2.0 be ruled not illegal or the Home Minister had abused

its power in that decalartion, who would compensate the people of Malaysia for the stupid

and heinous crimes against humanity of the men in haniff blue?

Also possibly up to 2,000 so far had been detained and possibly charged for the illegality

of the Bersih 2.0 and its logo etc in the run up to the rally. What would happen to these

cases if Bersih 2.0 is ruled not illegal? Who would compensate the people concerned

and the general public at large? When that happen surely the illegal Government must

go as it is long overdue with all those crimes against humanity within the nation.

But we cannot trust the Judiciary who may act like what the Police had done today.

So many on the side of illegal BN / UMNO b and as thieves would be blinded by falsehood.

This blindness to the truth has caused the nation dearly.

I am not boasting here but the illegal Governments –Federal and State

are also blind, deaf and outright arrogant. The Bersih 1 and Bersih 2.0

effort in demonstration could have been avoided had the relevant authorities

such the YDP Agong, Prime Minister, Election Commission, Anti Corruption Agency,

the Press in 2004 had heeded my alert on the frauds of the GE 2004

and acted on my complaints. Then I lodged a Police Report on GE2004 in

2006 and extended to EC and all other relevant bodies and a book on GE 2004

published in 2007 just before the Bersih’s first demonstration.

I had also handed this book to the EC and MACC. Then in February, 2008,

I filed a suit to the High Court of Borneo on the frauds of the GE2004 and another

suit on GE2008 in April, 2008. In both the Suits, the defendants were the

Malaysia Government and Election Commission plus the National Registration Dept.

Both cases were struck out on time factor although I should have been given a

walkover for GE2008 and the defendants failed to appear in the first hearing.

The Judiciary failed to give due justice to my complaints.

So we are miserable with the two demonstrations.

Don’t blame Bersih 1 and Bersih 2.0 for those inconveniences for trying to

correct mismanagement and frauds of the EC. Blame the illegal PM, and his cabinet

for failure to take corrective measure to arrest the frauds which are likely repeated in GE13..

I had lodged 30 Police Reports including the two GE reports worth RM30 trillions

and the Police had failed for hidden agenda as Police had been involved with the

security of ballot boxes to the counting centres. So what they do today is trying

to hide their skeletons which once exposed would mean collapse of the illegal Governments.

I had also given a complete set of my 30 Police Reports to Suhakam and nothing happened too.

Corrective measure now is the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with me at the helm.

Tuanku Mizan must act now as indicated by Ambiga = Agong Malaysia Be Interim Government Activated.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YDP Agung, please revoke PM appointment on Najib now

JK’s digest 2 of July, 2011 - Agung Intervention maybe short lived over Bersih 2.0.

Before I come to that topic, I would like to refer to the latest electoral development

of the Thai’s General Election. Despite a landslide victory for Peau Thai,

it is very good to see such a quick formation of coalition government with 4 other

smaller parties within a day. You think Malaysia can achieve that? Why Thai?

I think they are all fed up with decades of decay and new direction is indeed very much desirable.

But we cannot compare Thailand with Malaysia as if you visit supermarkets in UK,

it is flooded with Thai products and very little of Malaysian products despite

Malaysia a former colony of the British Empire and still a member of the British Commonwealth.

Malaysia has been different because there have been so many dramas – state and federal levels.

Malaysia may not have the number of active political parties like in Thailand

where 42 participated in the recent General Elections, but we have too much

politicking for nothing at all. Maybe Malaysians have not realized that we are nearer

to bankruptcy and nihilism through crazy profligacy and unstoppable of the UMNO’s reign of 53 years.

The key reasons are lopsidedness, bias, ethnic cleansing, apartheid plus the tainted

and slanted key positions of the four major players namely the Monarchy, Executive Judiciary

, and the Press plus all the related agencies blinded by illegal power and ill gotten gains.

Why illegal power is because Election Commission rigged the General Election for BN

and appointment by the Agung even for the unelected Prime Minister whose personal

present electoral status is subject to frauds as in GE2004. It was presented to the

High Courts of Borneo in 2008 but no justice from the supposedly august house.

Why ill gotten is because the natural resources had been gang raped years after years

and decades after decades until the socalled illegal leaders blame certain races.

I think what the YDP DYMM Agung is doing at last on 9th July, 2011 is still too little

as it is still an opinion which can still be overturned by some quarters.

What will be the ultimate outcome is yet to be seen? How would we alter the

Election Commission without drastic action as Agung’s asking for

consultation is past what is expected to get justice..

The illegal PM knows all and recommend that Bersih 2.0 hold its drama

in a stadium but is the stadium free of charge? If money if needed, Bersih 2.0

would not have the money and now the chairperson is alleged to have foreign funds.

The illegal PM is well aware that the people are so poor to move

anything apart from the free street walk.

To make the job easy for the Agung, the illegal PM should resign as

he said he rules because of NO deceit in elections when it is proven

that he won by rigging of the Pekan seat not to talk of the whole nation.

The major discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued give rise to serious rigging

undertaken by the Election Commission.

General Elections 2004 - Listing of Discrepancies of Ballot papers Issued
(Parliament & State seats) P1-P222; State 505 for contests & 71 Sarawak uncontested.

Major items
P6 - 1,000; P11 – 533; P28- 4,843; P39 -1,541; P48 – 721; P56 - 1,259;

P81 – 876; P85 - 1,500; P97 – 979; P113 – 738; P130 – 752; P141- 663;

P145 678; P152 1,137; P160 644; P163 641

NB: any discrepancy should be investigated. P85 is Pekan – the seat of Najib.

Source: His Majesty Government Gazette P.U. (B) 163 12 April 2004
JoshuaKong@copyrights reserved. prepared by Joshua Y. C. Kong

Also the YDP Agung had sort of lost faith in the illegal PM when Agung

had given an audience to Ambiga who Najib had accused as anti Islam.

So Agung had an audience with an anti Islam personality.

What should Najib do when the Agung has lost faith in him?

Najib and his BN Government should resign so that the Agung

can appoint an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG. No time to wait and to waste any longer.

Whatever said by the Election Commission is useless unless a

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Elections is established now.

I have done a string of actions to highlight the rigging by EC by press releases,

Police Reports, MACC, writing a book, complain to all relevant high authorities

including the PM and the Agung plus filing two cases to the

High Courts of Borneo on the discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Najib to resign due to electoral deceit.

JK’s digest 1 of July, 2011 – About the illegal PM of Malaysia to resign now.

Quote: “We win with the people’s support. I am not prepared to be the Prime Minister through deceit. I want to be the prime minister because the people like us (the BN), trust us and are comfortable with the BN,” Najib said – Source Borneo Post page 2 of July 1, 2011 under the heading “Street demos not the responsible way – Najib”.

Every body happy with this statement? I for one want to tell you more.

Actually BN is illegal and UMNO is illegal, and the Governments (Federal and State) are also illegal possibly as long as 53 years of rottenness and lopsidedness.

So I am NOT anti Government but anti ILLEGAL Government.

Najib was never elected to hold the PM position although he cheated in the General Elections especially in GE 2004. GE 2004 and GE2008 had been confirmed rigged by the Election Commission by a very simple method like the discrepancies of the Ballot Papers Issued for the Parliament seat and the relevant state seats under each Parliament seat. Who can create such discrepancies? Who can acquire such extra ballot papers in tens of thousands? Who can use those ballot boxes especially of the new transparent plastic ones in GE2008? You know it is the EC’s electoral frauds and how much did it cost the BN to do that? Apart from such cheating, electoral frauds were ongoing from the days the Parliament was dissolved until Polling day. I can say Malaysia never had a “legally elected” true Parliament and you have to prove me wrong and I can prove the rigging as I had brought GE 2004 and GE2008 to the High Courts of Borneo but the tainted Judges and the Courts do not give us justice and prefer to gang up with the thieves to rob the nation dry – sad for now and sad forever..

I do not intend to lodge any more Police Reports as I had done two on GE2004 and GE2008 out of 30 and then publish a book “Malaysian General Elections 2004 – A CASE OF VICTORY landslide or rigslide in October 2007. I had also informed the YDP Agung and MACC of the fact of GE2004 and GE2008. None of them bother to act on the electoral frauds.

So when Bersih 2.0 wants to take the case of Free and Fair Elections to the streets, the illegal people throw up in tandems in the most ugly sights and words we have seen. The BN seeing 13 in GE13 and Rahman with Najib as the last, fears desperately to lose power soon. BN may still have a chance as votes can be bought and I believe UMNO would use up RM20 billions to rig the GE13 in all ways till polling days. Of course the RM20 billions would be the ill gotten gains from the public fund and the national resources. You can see all those mega projects as announced just to siphon off fund to the electoral slush fund. Malaysia is already very much in decline and on the brink of bankruptcy whoever BN or PR is the next Government because the ongoing diatribes would go on because it is rotten culture of evil politicking with so many dramas affecting the lives of the people in national productivity.. The ills of 53 years are not easy to be erased within a short time, but a totally change of Government apart from BN or PR in IGGG would give the nation a better chance to recover.

About the illegal PM with a sounding name eye tears, we know how he almost lost in GE1999 when he scrapped through with about 200 votes in P085 Pekan, Pahang. Then in GE2004, he had a majority of 22,922 but the discrepancies of Ballot Papers Issued of 1,500. If the huge discrepancy when it should be zero, is investigated before the declaration of winner on the night of polling, some or five candidates could be declared not winners. So we need an independent and qualified scrutiny team to check the results.

So did Najib get the real support of the voters in his seat? His statement aforesaid mentioned is indeed HOLLOW. Did UMNO and BN get true results? In GE 2004, there was no landslide victory for BN and could have lost it to the opposition. In GE 2008, it could have been PR in the Parliament.

So it is still not too late that Najib resign now after calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission and the Electoral System. All those illegal BN leaders have to refund their remuneration and pensions if due forfeited into a Fund for the Poor People of Malaysia - FPPM.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.