Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YDP Agung, please revoke PM appointment on Najib now

JK’s digest 2 of July, 2011 - Agung Intervention maybe short lived over Bersih 2.0.

Before I come to that topic, I would like to refer to the latest electoral development

of the Thai’s General Election. Despite a landslide victory for Peau Thai,

it is very good to see such a quick formation of coalition government with 4 other

smaller parties within a day. You think Malaysia can achieve that? Why Thai?

I think they are all fed up with decades of decay and new direction is indeed very much desirable.

But we cannot compare Thailand with Malaysia as if you visit supermarkets in UK,

it is flooded with Thai products and very little of Malaysian products despite

Malaysia a former colony of the British Empire and still a member of the British Commonwealth.

Malaysia has been different because there have been so many dramas – state and federal levels.

Malaysia may not have the number of active political parties like in Thailand

where 42 participated in the recent General Elections, but we have too much

politicking for nothing at all. Maybe Malaysians have not realized that we are nearer

to bankruptcy and nihilism through crazy profligacy and unstoppable of the UMNO’s reign of 53 years.

The key reasons are lopsidedness, bias, ethnic cleansing, apartheid plus the tainted

and slanted key positions of the four major players namely the Monarchy, Executive Judiciary

, and the Press plus all the related agencies blinded by illegal power and ill gotten gains.

Why illegal power is because Election Commission rigged the General Election for BN

and appointment by the Agung even for the unelected Prime Minister whose personal

present electoral status is subject to frauds as in GE2004. It was presented to the

High Courts of Borneo in 2008 but no justice from the supposedly august house.

Why ill gotten is because the natural resources had been gang raped years after years

and decades after decades until the socalled illegal leaders blame certain races.

I think what the YDP DYMM Agung is doing at last on 9th July, 2011 is still too little

as it is still an opinion which can still be overturned by some quarters.

What will be the ultimate outcome is yet to be seen? How would we alter the

Election Commission without drastic action as Agung’s asking for

consultation is past what is expected to get justice..

The illegal PM knows all and recommend that Bersih 2.0 hold its drama

in a stadium but is the stadium free of charge? If money if needed, Bersih 2.0

would not have the money and now the chairperson is alleged to have foreign funds.

The illegal PM is well aware that the people are so poor to move

anything apart from the free street walk.

To make the job easy for the Agung, the illegal PM should resign as

he said he rules because of NO deceit in elections when it is proven

that he won by rigging of the Pekan seat not to talk of the whole nation.

The major discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued give rise to serious rigging

undertaken by the Election Commission.

General Elections 2004 - Listing of Discrepancies of Ballot papers Issued
(Parliament & State seats) P1-P222; State 505 for contests & 71 Sarawak uncontested.

Major items
P6 - 1,000; P11 – 533; P28- 4,843; P39 -1,541; P48 – 721; P56 - 1,259;

P81 – 876; P85 - 1,500; P97 – 979; P113 – 738; P130 – 752; P141- 663;

P145 678; P152 1,137; P160 644; P163 641

NB: any discrepancy should be investigated. P85 is Pekan – the seat of Najib.

Source: His Majesty Government Gazette P.U. (B) 163 12 April 2004
JoshuaKong@copyrights reserved. prepared by Joshua Y. C. Kong

Also the YDP Agung had sort of lost faith in the illegal PM when Agung

had given an audience to Ambiga who Najib had accused as anti Islam.

So Agung had an audience with an anti Islam personality.

What should Najib do when the Agung has lost faith in him?

Najib and his BN Government should resign so that the Agung

can appoint an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG. No time to wait and to waste any longer.

Whatever said by the Election Commission is useless unless a

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Elections is established now.

I have done a string of actions to highlight the rigging by EC by press releases,

Police Reports, MACC, writing a book, complain to all relevant high authorities

including the PM and the Agung plus filing two cases to the

High Courts of Borneo on the discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


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