Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PSC for Electoral Reforms questionable

It is still early to know the outcome of the Parliamentary Select Committee PSC on Electoral Reforms.. I think it is useless.

It is really a smoke screen to cheat the people by yet rigging the General Elections via the EC with questionable short changes..

When there are over a hundred suggestions from the people who presented the papers, the PSC only highlight 10 items which are technically useless as those are subjective measures and surely to be manipulated by the various authorities especially the Election Commission.

So only Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commissions is the valid thing to do now.

Why EC? It is because EC is the most guilty party to rig the General elections...

All those electoral reforms are meaningless except my Commandment 10 + 1 where the key factor is the discrepancies on Ballot papers Issued. The finality of results to be declared after a proper audit by independent and professional parties on those discrepancies.

God bless malaysia especially Sabah.

Joshua Y C. Kong for PM of IGGG now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IGGG is fresh air for Malaysia

JK’s digest 2 of September, 2011 – Comments on cases around us.

1. The world is watching

I am not going to touch on what is happening in the Islamic world. But what is happening in the promised land to the Israelite is stirring the hearts of many. Is the World War 4 coming to be over Jerusalem in 21 days time when the UN is to vote on this landmark event? It is likely the make or break of global peace. Meanwhile, we have witnessed tremendous national tragedies in recent months in the United States of America who has withdrawn support for Israel. The latest is hurricane Irene over New York City and the nearby states. The damages are incredible. There are still a few weeks to go. Why is this happening to USA is only known to God. Maybe this linking is irrelevant but there is a book detailing past events in the US on events of Israel in peace deal with the Arabs and Palestinians. I had seen a vision of the North East America hit by a falling object resulting in a tsunami that also devastated western Europe. That vision was about ten years ago. Would that be real?

2. Japan with another new PM

It is incredible that Japan has six ‘sick’ prime minister in five years. Would this sixth PM be in a position to handle what had happened to Japan on 11 March, 2011 in Fujishima? Why I am writing about this is that, I never visited the Japanese Counsellate in Kota Kinabalu except in the afternoon of 11 March 2011 asking for some help in the publication of a magazine for the Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Bhd. It was done in short notice and then this massive earthquake in Japan and the tsunami of unspeakable damage exacerbated by the meltdown of the nuclear plant in Fujishima resulting in the outpouring of the radioactive elements. Was it an act of God to coincide with my visit to the Japanese office in KK? Why should that happen in such a timing? Maybe my visit left a curse or even blessing for the human race to remind people around the world of the excessive exploitation of the natural resources of another country. Japan should know how she had derived so much wealth from Sabah in the timber industry and yet gave back so little to Sabah and instead invest her wealth so derived in other prosperous nations. Is that how we treat some people as badly exploited? Now I pray that the sixth PM would not be another ‘sick’ one with a changed attitude towards the oppressed people especially in Sabah.

3. Paitan in need is desperate

We all now know how a single nun of the Roman Catholic faith has survived in her vision and mission in Paitan – a very much isolated and neglected area in north east Sabah – bringing some development to the poor, oppressed and underprivileged people there. Despite our socalled wealth in Sabah and our wasteful spending of the illegal leaders and government, Paitan had been forgotten and left to look for their survival. The nun with little resources (little bit from the illegal and socalled caring government) and lots of begging to make ends meet has struggled for a decade to be now recognized for her sacrifice and service so much so that two pages of a special report had appeared in the Sabah’s Daily Express on 28 August, 2011. Sister Dorothy was awarded service recognition by the Likas Rotary Club for her long silent struggle alone in Paitan bringing food and education to the poor children in Paitan with danger always lurking in the slow river travel. I wonder what have the illegal politicians and leaders to ponder? The said newspaper in its report also failed to acknowledge the help of people who made those struggles to be sustained.

4. Bersih 2.0 and the Election Commission on free and fair election

The Eight Points by Bersih 2.0 for free and fair election are nothing effective to change the results of the General Election 13. Election Commission would continue to rig the GE by the switching of ballot boxes wherever and whenever possible especially in rural seats that need to take some hours to bring those ballot boxes to the counting centre. If it is not switching of boxes or stashing of extra ballot papers, then how come we have discrepancies in the ballot paper issued for the Parliament and the respective state seats in each parliament seat? 1 + 1 = 2 and in EC’s arithmetic, it is 3 or 4 or 5 – a perfect job to keep the illegal government in power. When EC is the guilty referee, there is no need for any general elections. EC may claim there are election agents at the polling and counting centres, but these agents are useless and voiceless when the referee plays FOUL especially when such cases if any come to the bias High Courts. In the Biblical story, there was a David and Goliath, and in my cases, David sided with the Goliath for personal gains, what do you expect for the ordinary people? Can we still stay quiet? When the fish head is rotten, the whole UMNO body is rotten too.

5. Registrar of Society and free, fair and true elections

General Elections in Malaysia had been manipulated not only by the Election Commission but also by others such as the Registrar of Society, the Police, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), the Government Printers and several others in gang robberies. A very old political party was de-registered on polling day by the Registrar of Society because of money politics. Many applications for political parties are not processed. Illegal UMNO remains valid when many thousands of its members are illegal with project IC. So how can any General Election be fair and free in Malaysia as it is nothing TRUE in its implementation? There are too many selective decisions by the Registrar of Society. The Federal Constitution allows association without bias condition.
It is irony that Bersih 2.0 a loose coalition of NGO for a specific and urgent purpose was ruled illegal when illegal UMNO remains legal, and would ROS approve any loose coalition instantly on application? If ROS would practice justice, then any loose coalition should be registered on application there and then. So any loose coalition can submit to the ROS for registration and then apply to the Election Commission for acceptance to participate in any General Election without delay, then we can say it true, free and fair election and proper application of arithmetic at the counting centres done by EC professionally. We know how EC officials would brush off any complaints at the counting centre and then the lights would be switched off..

6. Najib is proven an illegal leader and so is UMNO is illegal

General Elections had been faulty especially proven by simple arithmetic in Pekan the seat of Najib in 2004 and 2008. So BN is illegal. Nothing more to say. The system in Malaysia is “buruk” and rotten. Najib is to go to France soon. There is no need for a tussle within illegal UMNO for the successor. So it is best we have the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG to give it a chance to mend the evil ways of the nation.

In a few words – We cannot leave this to the UMNO besieged in nightmare.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.

RM45 billions can be a scam

Jk’s digest 1 of September, 2011 – RM45 billion by Petronas

This is a belated birthday message and also belated message for Independence Day for Sabah on 31 August, and a timely message for Malaysia Day on 16 September.

I listed 7 points a few weeks ago about the announcement by Petronas to invest RM45 billions in Sabah which really looked too good to be real when it is believed that our fossil oil resources is near depleted as previously declared by the Petronas. I have yet to see what is the reserve of oil and gas in the sabah sector. Is RM45 billion a realistic figure or is it just another figure to mislead the voters in the fixed deposit state of Sabah? Is Sarawawk also getting a similar substantial amount of investment being another oil producing state? General Election 13 is schedule to be held anytime now as ‘illegal’ Najib is definitely due for a new mandate as the Prime Minister. General Elections has been largely rigged by the Election Commission.

We would be very lucky if RM4.5 billion or 10% of that amount is retained in Sabah. With meager amount of RM4.5 billion for a rising population, it is definitely too little to go around especially when prices of houses and consumer goods including basic foods have risen over the last few years for very much neglected Sabah for decades. I urge that there is a paradigm shift in national thinking so that much of this investment and the ensuing returns or revenue would be allocated to Sabah to bring appropriate relief for the hardcore poor, the poor, the low income and middle income groups in Sabah in both urban and rural areas. Otherwise, it would continue to oppress the downtrodden people of Sabah in some ways seen and unseen.

.The present system does not provide justice for people in Sabah, and RM45 billions may sound attractive over the next few years but in actually fact Sabah needs an immediate RM100 billion allocations to bring up the status of Sabah in line with the Peninsula Malaysia. Otherwise Sabah would fall further behind in the national context in every aspect of development and living scenario.

Who is to regulate this RM45 billion investment is properly implemented as we have seen many inflated deals in the national scams and these proposed projects then abandoned? We must not see this happening now.

A few more items for Malaysia Day 2011 will come in the next few days.

In a few words – We cannot leave this to the UMNO besieged in nightmare.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Police to pay for the problems on 9 July 2011

JK’s digest 3 of July, 2011 - Why leave it to the Police on Bersih 2.0 demonstration?

What is your view of what the Police in KL did to the demonstrators on 9th July, 2011?

Why do you think the Police did such a harsh job in KL and possibly elsewhere in the nation?

Is it not harsh to close off KL city from visitors, city dwellers and consumers making it very

difficult for the traders on a Saturday?

I think the Police did a harsh job just because Bersih 2.0 and Patriot had been declared

illegal body as gazetted for Bersih 2.0, while Patriot was not gazetted.

Patriot is a programme of UMNO Youth while Bersih 2.0 is also a programme of some supporting NGOs.

The Police has been aware of the demonstration on 9th July for more than one month

and yet did all the harsh thing in the week just before the day. Maybe the

illegal Cabinet had been lazy too. The whole affair actually became more tense or

worrying for the BN/ UMNO baru, after DYMM SPB YDP Agong gave leave

to Bersih 2.0 to proceed with the rally not demonstration in a stadium.

We all know how the Police was more determined to stop the rally even

in a stadium in KL possibly due to the questionable approach

of the illegal Cabinet and the illegal PM.

Imagine the illegal Cabinet and illegal PM calling Bersih 2.0 also an illegal setup

after Bersih 2.0 wants to expose the rigged General Elections.

It is an illegal Cabinet and illegal PM after the fraudulent GE2004 and

GE2008 already proven by me in the analysis of the official results.

Now that Bersih 2.0 had filed in the Courts to challenge the illegal Government

over the legality of the Bersih, the benefit of doubts should be given to

the Bersih in its rally today. As the case could not be heard in the Courts immediately,

the rally should have been allowed to proceed as if it is a legal one.

So what would happen if the case is won by Bersih 2.0? Would the illegal Government

and the Police compensate all those stupid deeds including losses of businesses

by the Police from their own person funds and not from public fund?

If the Bersih 2.0 rally was allowed to proceed as according to illegal PM

that it is peaceful in coming and going, it would only be a few hours in the

afternoon except that many more people come to the stadium like a special football match.

The presence of Police would be welcome just to keep the peace and order as there are conflicting groups involved.

Now how much losses do we know had been incurred not only in KL but in other towns

where elaborative preparation to disrupt peaceful rally was wasteful.

How much did it cost the Police diRaja Malaysia sort of in opposing/disobedience

of the Tuanku Mizan in its operations using so much resources and manpower almost a week nationwide?

How much money was wasted in the harmful tears gas and the water canon for a few hours of operations?

Some of the participants had been injured from the canisters launched by the vehicles not to mention the

adverse impact of the tear gas. Should Bersih 2.0 be ruled not illegal or the Home Minister had abused

its power in that decalartion, who would compensate the people of Malaysia for the stupid

and heinous crimes against humanity of the men in haniff blue?

Also possibly up to 2,000 so far had been detained and possibly charged for the illegality

of the Bersih 2.0 and its logo etc in the run up to the rally. What would happen to these

cases if Bersih 2.0 is ruled not illegal? Who would compensate the people concerned

and the general public at large? When that happen surely the illegal Government must

go as it is long overdue with all those crimes against humanity within the nation.

But we cannot trust the Judiciary who may act like what the Police had done today.

So many on the side of illegal BN / UMNO b and as thieves would be blinded by falsehood.

This blindness to the truth has caused the nation dearly.

I am not boasting here but the illegal Governments –Federal and State

are also blind, deaf and outright arrogant. The Bersih 1 and Bersih 2.0

effort in demonstration could have been avoided had the relevant authorities

such the YDP Agong, Prime Minister, Election Commission, Anti Corruption Agency,

the Press in 2004 had heeded my alert on the frauds of the GE 2004

and acted on my complaints. Then I lodged a Police Report on GE2004 in

2006 and extended to EC and all other relevant bodies and a book on GE 2004

published in 2007 just before the Bersih’s first demonstration.

I had also handed this book to the EC and MACC. Then in February, 2008,

I filed a suit to the High Court of Borneo on the frauds of the GE2004 and another

suit on GE2008 in April, 2008. In both the Suits, the defendants were the

Malaysia Government and Election Commission plus the National Registration Dept.

Both cases were struck out on time factor although I should have been given a

walkover for GE2008 and the defendants failed to appear in the first hearing.

The Judiciary failed to give due justice to my complaints.

So we are miserable with the two demonstrations.

Don’t blame Bersih 1 and Bersih 2.0 for those inconveniences for trying to

correct mismanagement and frauds of the EC. Blame the illegal PM, and his cabinet

for failure to take corrective measure to arrest the frauds which are likely repeated in GE13..

I had lodged 30 Police Reports including the two GE reports worth RM30 trillions

and the Police had failed for hidden agenda as Police had been involved with the

security of ballot boxes to the counting centres. So what they do today is trying

to hide their skeletons which once exposed would mean collapse of the illegal Governments.

I had also given a complete set of my 30 Police Reports to Suhakam and nothing happened too.

Corrective measure now is the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with me at the helm.

Tuanku Mizan must act now as indicated by Ambiga = Agong Malaysia Be Interim Government Activated.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YDP Agung, please revoke PM appointment on Najib now

JK’s digest 2 of July, 2011 - Agung Intervention maybe short lived over Bersih 2.0.

Before I come to that topic, I would like to refer to the latest electoral development

of the Thai’s General Election. Despite a landslide victory for Peau Thai,

it is very good to see such a quick formation of coalition government with 4 other

smaller parties within a day. You think Malaysia can achieve that? Why Thai?

I think they are all fed up with decades of decay and new direction is indeed very much desirable.

But we cannot compare Thailand with Malaysia as if you visit supermarkets in UK,

it is flooded with Thai products and very little of Malaysian products despite

Malaysia a former colony of the British Empire and still a member of the British Commonwealth.

Malaysia has been different because there have been so many dramas – state and federal levels.

Malaysia may not have the number of active political parties like in Thailand

where 42 participated in the recent General Elections, but we have too much

politicking for nothing at all. Maybe Malaysians have not realized that we are nearer

to bankruptcy and nihilism through crazy profligacy and unstoppable of the UMNO’s reign of 53 years.

The key reasons are lopsidedness, bias, ethnic cleansing, apartheid plus the tainted

and slanted key positions of the four major players namely the Monarchy, Executive Judiciary

, and the Press plus all the related agencies blinded by illegal power and ill gotten gains.

Why illegal power is because Election Commission rigged the General Election for BN

and appointment by the Agung even for the unelected Prime Minister whose personal

present electoral status is subject to frauds as in GE2004. It was presented to the

High Courts of Borneo in 2008 but no justice from the supposedly august house.

Why ill gotten is because the natural resources had been gang raped years after years

and decades after decades until the socalled illegal leaders blame certain races.

I think what the YDP DYMM Agung is doing at last on 9th July, 2011 is still too little

as it is still an opinion which can still be overturned by some quarters.

What will be the ultimate outcome is yet to be seen? How would we alter the

Election Commission without drastic action as Agung’s asking for

consultation is past what is expected to get justice..

The illegal PM knows all and recommend that Bersih 2.0 hold its drama

in a stadium but is the stadium free of charge? If money if needed, Bersih 2.0

would not have the money and now the chairperson is alleged to have foreign funds.

The illegal PM is well aware that the people are so poor to move

anything apart from the free street walk.

To make the job easy for the Agung, the illegal PM should resign as

he said he rules because of NO deceit in elections when it is proven

that he won by rigging of the Pekan seat not to talk of the whole nation.

The major discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued give rise to serious rigging

undertaken by the Election Commission.

General Elections 2004 - Listing of Discrepancies of Ballot papers Issued
(Parliament & State seats) P1-P222; State 505 for contests & 71 Sarawak uncontested.

Major items
P6 - 1,000; P11 – 533; P28- 4,843; P39 -1,541; P48 – 721; P56 - 1,259;

P81 – 876; P85 - 1,500; P97 – 979; P113 – 738; P130 – 752; P141- 663;

P145 678; P152 1,137; P160 644; P163 641

NB: any discrepancy should be investigated. P85 is Pekan – the seat of Najib.

Source: His Majesty Government Gazette P.U. (B) 163 12 April 2004
JoshuaKong@copyrights reserved. prepared by Joshua Y. C. Kong

Also the YDP Agung had sort of lost faith in the illegal PM when Agung

had given an audience to Ambiga who Najib had accused as anti Islam.

So Agung had an audience with an anti Islam personality.

What should Najib do when the Agung has lost faith in him?

Najib and his BN Government should resign so that the Agung

can appoint an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG. No time to wait and to waste any longer.

Whatever said by the Election Commission is useless unless a

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Elections is established now.

I have done a string of actions to highlight the rigging by EC by press releases,

Police Reports, MACC, writing a book, complain to all relevant high authorities

including the PM and the Agung plus filing two cases to the

High Courts of Borneo on the discrepancies of the Ballot Paper Issued.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Najib to resign due to electoral deceit.

JK’s digest 1 of July, 2011 – About the illegal PM of Malaysia to resign now.

Quote: “We win with the people’s support. I am not prepared to be the Prime Minister through deceit. I want to be the prime minister because the people like us (the BN), trust us and are comfortable with the BN,” Najib said – Source Borneo Post page 2 of July 1, 2011 under the heading “Street demos not the responsible way – Najib”.

Every body happy with this statement? I for one want to tell you more.

Actually BN is illegal and UMNO is illegal, and the Governments (Federal and State) are also illegal possibly as long as 53 years of rottenness and lopsidedness.

So I am NOT anti Government but anti ILLEGAL Government.

Najib was never elected to hold the PM position although he cheated in the General Elections especially in GE 2004. GE 2004 and GE2008 had been confirmed rigged by the Election Commission by a very simple method like the discrepancies of the Ballot Papers Issued for the Parliament seat and the relevant state seats under each Parliament seat. Who can create such discrepancies? Who can acquire such extra ballot papers in tens of thousands? Who can use those ballot boxes especially of the new transparent plastic ones in GE2008? You know it is the EC’s electoral frauds and how much did it cost the BN to do that? Apart from such cheating, electoral frauds were ongoing from the days the Parliament was dissolved until Polling day. I can say Malaysia never had a “legally elected” true Parliament and you have to prove me wrong and I can prove the rigging as I had brought GE 2004 and GE2008 to the High Courts of Borneo but the tainted Judges and the Courts do not give us justice and prefer to gang up with the thieves to rob the nation dry – sad for now and sad forever..

I do not intend to lodge any more Police Reports as I had done two on GE2004 and GE2008 out of 30 and then publish a book “Malaysian General Elections 2004 – A CASE OF VICTORY landslide or rigslide in October 2007. I had also informed the YDP Agung and MACC of the fact of GE2004 and GE2008. None of them bother to act on the electoral frauds.

So when Bersih 2.0 wants to take the case of Free and Fair Elections to the streets, the illegal people throw up in tandems in the most ugly sights and words we have seen. The BN seeing 13 in GE13 and Rahman with Najib as the last, fears desperately to lose power soon. BN may still have a chance as votes can be bought and I believe UMNO would use up RM20 billions to rig the GE13 in all ways till polling days. Of course the RM20 billions would be the ill gotten gains from the public fund and the national resources. You can see all those mega projects as announced just to siphon off fund to the electoral slush fund. Malaysia is already very much in decline and on the brink of bankruptcy whoever BN or PR is the next Government because the ongoing diatribes would go on because it is rotten culture of evil politicking with so many dramas affecting the lives of the people in national productivity.. The ills of 53 years are not easy to be erased within a short time, but a totally change of Government apart from BN or PR in IGGG would give the nation a better chance to recover.

About the illegal PM with a sounding name eye tears, we know how he almost lost in GE1999 when he scrapped through with about 200 votes in P085 Pekan, Pahang. Then in GE2004, he had a majority of 22,922 but the discrepancies of Ballot Papers Issued of 1,500. If the huge discrepancy when it should be zero, is investigated before the declaration of winner on the night of polling, some or five candidates could be declared not winners. So we need an independent and qualified scrutiny team to check the results.

So did Najib get the real support of the voters in his seat? His statement aforesaid mentioned is indeed HOLLOW. Did UMNO and BN get true results? In GE 2004, there was no landslide victory for BN and could have lost it to the opposition. In GE 2008, it could have been PR in the Parliament.

So it is still not too late that Najib resign now after calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission and the Electoral System. All those illegal BN leaders have to refund their remuneration and pensions if due forfeited into a Fund for the Poor People of Malaysia - FPPM.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Monday, June 27, 2011

All about BERSIH 2.0

JK’s digest 2 of June, 2011 – All about the demonstration of Bersih 2.0

Many people have said their pieces.

I wrote the digest 1 of June 2011 – What about the demonstration?

I want to say more as there are too many funny noises out there.

Najib Tun Razak

Who is he throwing the challenge when he wanted to see people with guts?

Is he challenging the NGOs involved with Bersih 2.0 peaceful walk?

How can NGOs (not political parties) go for general election more so when the

GE is rigged by the Election Commission?

Isn’t Najib had been challenged in all his election efforts in the past?


How can he threaten the use of ISA when demonstration is allowed in the Federal Constitution?

Is all supplementary Acts of Parliament more powerful than the Federal Constitution?

Such Act as Petroleum Development Act, The Police Act, the Elections Act

have appeared to have superseded the Federal Constitution.

Is ISA justified here when the demonstration is peaceful? What about the economy sabotage

when rampant official corruption is leading the nation to bankruptcy?

If that is applied I think most politicians past and present should be under ISA too.


No worth to comment on his comments as he has a hidden agenda

as he may feel he would benefit from any crisis.

Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa

He is just a stupid stooge of someone and nothing worth to comment except

that if I say similar things in the opposite way, I would face the harsh consequences

of the illegal Government. But this man is somehow protected because of the

hidden agenda of the people behind him.


The UMNO youth wants to hold a “Patriotic March” and what for?

UMNO is the Trojan horse in Malaysia after giving 5 millions Identity cards

to illegals to make them bumiputra overnight. Now another 2 millions illegal

under a new amnesty would be used as phantom voters as it had been done

in earlier General Elections. The bulk of such extra people IC or EPIC are in Sabah.

Whatever a repeat of “May 13”

Najib must be removed if this happen as ‘thieves’ cannot be retained to

gain from the socalled manipulation to destroy the nation for own purposes. This hope may be in vain.

GE13 and Rahman

The 13 is staring at us in Sabah as in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 as the last two digits

all add up to 13. Then in Sabah there were general elections in 1999, 2004, 2008

albeit rigged by Election Commission. Rahman is also staring at the people of

Malaysia when Najib is the last in that ‘dynasty’ or die nasty. Rahman must end

or die so that the nation would have a new beginning to recover from all the worst

things in 53 years.

The answer is Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with Joshua Kong as the PM.

Bersih 2.0 walk or demonstration

This must be supported as it is right as it is very transparent and yet it faces

all the harsh words. If it is blamed for some inconveniences, it should be tolerated by the nation.

This free expression is a worthy ingredient of the free people. If the illegal Government

and illegal leaders view it otherwise and want to apply the hammer, then the previous

PMs and his cronies should face all the worst penalties for not transparent in all their

ways of lopsidedness and corruption including involvement in violent terrorism.

How about the trillions of Ringgit in profligacy partly for global violent terrorism?

What about the wealth of Petronas incurred direct or indirectly in global terrorism?

Where did Osama get his fund to operate global terrorism?

I hope the people concerned would confess on this.

Anti Illegal Governments (Federal & State)

We should be all an anti Illegal Governments and not stay complacent about it.

Today, we have in the nation so much poor people and poverty including hard core

poverty despite so much natural resources to make a much more beautiful nation

for all and not to enrich some umnoputras only.

An Analogy with a complex.

In Kota Kinabalu, there was a complex and the new owner decided to expand

the building possibly without good hindsight. The people (tenants and office workers)

inside the building were complacent about and possibly complaints to the relevant

authorities were rejected. Outsiders or consumers were making some noise but

ignored as usual. There was a fear of litigation. Soon after, it was declared that

said building was unsafe as some major tenants vacated the office from the complex.

So today, I believe many tenants have also moved out but some are stuck within the

complex with the risk at the back of their mind. So in Sabah and Malaysia,

we are really stuck with so much illegalities and 7 millions of illegals in our border

as illegal leaders flock with illegal people. Now the illegal leaders are screaming

so loud but the people should not worry because it is the swan song.. go there for more.

Before 9th July, Najib and his illegal Governments should

resign and hand over all those ill gotten gains still in their

possessions so that the nation can move on.

The patriotic people have enough of UMNO,

UMNO baru both illegal set ups.

So give ourselves a chance and as little politicking is desirable in the reconstruction

years ahead as economy and bread & butter issues are crucial to rise up in the domestic and global challenge.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Bersih 2.0 demonstration on 9 July, 2011

JK’s digest 1 of July, 2011 – what about the demonstration?

What does the Federal Constitution say about the demonstration?

Why do you think demonstration is to be held?

What are the impacts of demonstration?

Any demonstration can be public nuisance for a little while only but it does carry a pressing message.

Do you think any demonstration can achieve any purpose?

No pain No gain.

The Bersih 2.0 demonstration on 9th July 2011 is slightly painful to most people if only the truth is told to all.

The message of rigging of most General Elections by the Election Commission.

Why is demonstration not a culture of the people of Malaysia?

If it is not a culture of Malay, then why was there a demonstration in 1946 against Malaya Union?

Was it Islam that change Tungku Abdul Rahman’s stance to support that demonstration?

If it is not a culture, why was there a demonstration at the State Mosque in Sembulan in 1986

which ended with a riot and some deaths? The pictures are here.

The illegal Government installed by the rigged General Election by the Election Commission

is so petty over such demonstration for fear of their own skeletons.

So what Bersih 2.0 trying to do is to ensure that the General Elections would be fair and free,

while I would also insist TRUE elections.

I have already exposed the skeletons of the Election Commission and let more of it be known.

So let the Bersih 2.0 demonstration be held.

If nobody can stop Perkasa also going out in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, then what would likely happen is whose fault?

Some people may want to make a big cake of the conflict and the confrontation should Bersih 2.0 and Perkasa meet in scenario.

The reason for Bersih 2.0 is obvious to clean up the Election Commission and the Election system

which I believe only a Royal Commission of Inquiry be held and so a RCI may stop

Bersih 2.0 to proceed with the demonstration.

Whatever may happen Perkasa and its gang linked to UMNO would still proceed to demonstrate for the wrong reasons.

Without a RCI, the Election Commission would not change and go on rigging

the General Elections as all civil servants emulate their illegal masters to go on enriching themselves in corruption.

So the irony is that it is not alright to demonstrate but alright to be corrupt, abuses of power,

to rig general Elections, to be bias, go on ethnic cleansing, and also apartheid in a motion to destroy Malaysia and the people.

The thought of a repeat of 1969 is possible but the illegal UMNO/BN Government or

Prime Minister cannot be the caretaker PM as the disguise is obvious with the song of 1Malaysia

when the nation is so many Malaysia already in smithereens and anarchy for such as long time as 53 years.

Why tolerate any more with the illegal Governments which has brought the nation near

nihilism and perfect profligacy in every measure already done?

While many may think the likely PR government can do some justice, the enmity between BN and PR

is not going to bring about any good for the nation as we have seen all the ‘spent force’ in same house.

The slide of the nation would go on as forces of self destruction are already evident.

How bad the situation in the nation is obvious with these two camps.

The incumbent illegal Government is stocking up as much cash as possible for any eventuality

on the way of a change of Government.

What we need is an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG to break the impasse.

Who would dare to take up the helm of the IGGG as we know the losers on both camps

would not allow such easy passage for the new Interim PM?

We know how big the task is ahead but there is no other way to proper reconstruction in Malaysia.

So give ourselves a chance and as little politicking is desirable in the reconstruction years

ahead as economy and bread & butter issues are crucial to rise up in the domestic and global challenge.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Najib and Musa Aman to resign now

JK’s digest 13 of May, 2011 – Youth Parliament & new Sabah LDP senator

I have been waiting to write this last edition in May 2011 also a celebration of Harvest Festival.

Two important events have triggered this item.

What is this Youth Parliament all about? Is it another red herring wasting more public fund and to get the youth in more futile politicking when the youth should be in the institutions of higher learning and skill colleges to equip themselves to bring up the productivity of the nation so far neglected in 53 years. Is it going to be one sided again as 1Melayu rather than 1Malaysia? It is simply more duplication of convening another parliament worth almost nothing as the official Parliament and Dewan Negara have failed the nation. Many important things like the Petroleum Act and Petronas and the Suhakam never go through the Parliament. So it has been a scheming Parliament and Dewan Negara only to boost a small sector of people and yet this system cannot be any longer be defended except by the Youth to keep Putrajaya with BN. It is now so clear.

Najib to resign to prove 1Malaysia.

So is there really 1Malaysia in Malaysia even after 53 years. All the laughable stories are every where. Since it is Najib who insist that there is 1Malaysia, it is for him to resign now – illegal and desperate – PM to prove his point. We already have a ruler conference dominated by one race and one religion. So it is only right after 53 year that we have a non Muslim Prime Minister and better still a Christian Prime Minister as so clearly exposed by Utusan Malaysia as desirable now. Every one would see the difference once that happen.
Any general election would not make 1Malaysia a reality because the GE13 would be rigged by the Election Commission as it has been confirmed in GE11 and GE12.

Datuk Chin (vocal) should tell Musa Aman to resign now
What is the purpose of appointing Datuk Chin of LDP Sabah as a senator? Would he be made a Federal Minister to fight for Sabahans rights? What can a senator do for Sabah?
Sabah had many senators who just warmed the chairs at public expense.
The fact that Datuk Chin is now a senator – a position subject to the confirmation by the State Assembly – and yet Datuk Chin only thanked the illegal and desperate PM for the appointment ignoring the illegal and desperate Chief Minister Musa Aman. So this federal appointment only confirmed those statements made by Datuk Chin on Musa Aman as true.
Yet Musa Aman once so much slighted by this true comment and flexed his stupid muscle against LDP (in turmoil of sort) and even refused to appoint an Assemblyman from LDP for the State Cabinet which has at least two vacancies now filled by ‘frogs’. So the Musa Aman with a hidden agenda should say Amen for his position in Sabah. His position is already untenable and should fade away following the Sarawak General Elections. Musa Aman is also the Taib of Sabah. A “statesmen” cannot be emotional, bias, exhibiting anger and only an illegal CM can do such a thing like he is so silent on the latest development on the unconditional release of Akjan. Any consolation from some top gangsters and some top women cannot guarantee that Musa Aman stays. Musa Aman’s heinous skeletons have been exposed long ago and he should now resign long overdue.

So there are so many other ongoing diatribes and sex dramas that everyone is misled by BN and UMNO as the latest Datuk Chin appointment is also a confusion. How can that happen in a fixed deposit state and Musa Aman and Najib can ignore the baby cry of Senator Datuk Chin to stay on course for GE13 as speculated by but never to come by. Our illegal and desperate leaders are using the ‘frontier’ of GE13 to lead the nation to bankruptcy earlier as more misleading dramas emerge. There are simply too much one sided politicking enticing the opposition to do likewise and now involving the innocent youth.

So the easy and simple solution as soon as possible is the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG under Joshua Y. C. Kong as the PM. Not a Christian PM but just another PM and the impossible made possible.

Go there for more.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fact sheet on GE 2004 and GE 2008 Malaysia

Jk’S DIGEST 12 of May 2011 – Fact sheet on GE 2004 and GE 2008 Malaysia

General Election 13 can be meaningless and totally wasteful.

We have illegal Governments as general elections 2004 and 2008 had been rigged by Election Commission

as proven by the data of discrepancies of ballot papers issued for the Parliament seats and the respective state seats. (see below)

We can only hold General Elections after a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission.

Other Royal Commission of Inquiry for the following pressing issues:-

1. Status checks on past and present prime ministers, chief ministers, governors, and menteri besar for their birth certificates and places of birth.

2. Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

3. Malaysia Agreement and Malaysia Formation

4. Petroleum Development Act 1974 Act 144 and Petronas

5. Project IC or Project M for Sabah and Malaysia.

6. Double Six tragedy on 6 June, 1976.

7. Bank Negara.

As it is unlikely to have these RCIs in the present illegal Governments, an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG is desirable with Joshua YC Kong as the Prime Minister.

IMPORTANT: Be anti ILLEGAL Governments and I am NOT anti Governments.

ILLEGAL governments of the illegal people, by illegal people and for illegal people.

We are towards bankruptcy and nihilism because of illegal governments in illegal activities and profligacy – very bad for the economy and business development.

Summary of Seats discrepancies on Ballot Paper Issued GE 2004 (details of each sheet below)

Discrepancies No. of Parliament seats

Above 500 15

>200 and < 500 10

(NB: any discrepancies must be verified)

Summary of Seats discrepancies on Ballot Paper Issued GE 2008 (details of each sheet below)

Discrepancies No. of Parliament seats

Above 500 9

>200 and < 500 17

(NB: any discrepancies must be verified)

In conclusion, why waste trillions Ringgit (yes Trillions lost) for each General Election to be cheated by the Election Commission in the guise of democracy when the illegal, corrupted and desperate leaders don’t believe in democracy. Don’t believe the thieves can work for you morally.

I have written a lot more but a change of the illegal governments would be preferred.

I am not anti Government but I am anti ILLEGAL governments.

A lot more are in this blog -

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sabah on impending bankruptcy

JK’s digest 11 of May, 2011- some very important issues on Sabah on impending bankruptcy

It is timely to raise these issues before Sabah and Malaysia proceed to bankruptcy for obvious reasons since 1963.

It did not happen overnight or tomorrow by chance but by every evil deeds of the illegal leaders since 1963. The early illegal leaders looking for self glory were made very rich by raping the pristine rainforests by tens of thousands of acres until today the weather has gone to be so hot daily for long hours. Trillions of Ringgit have gone away and much more into the future as illegal desperate leaders are still very corrupted. Actually we have Ali Baba and more than 40 thieves. Ali is from Peninsula and Baba from Sarawak and the rest are known.

So many evil milestones are stuck in Sabah with all the curses around.

A few months ago, I wrote a digest saying that a Tan Sri also a state secretary was at the Air Traffic Control Tower on 6 June 1976 but it happens we now have at least three Tan Sri still around and it is only fair I now identify the person for a confession before it is too late. Was Tan Sri Richard Lind there? If he was there, please tell us the full story. It is important as our fossil oil reserves was decided soon after that.

There are other reasons why Sabah is going bust is because very precious pieces oil fields Block L and Block M were exchanged with Limbang when Sabah could lose out 5% of the estimated RM300 billions worth of oil in those two blocks. That is RM15 billions. Also how much fossil oil had been extracted from Sabah is also not properly accounted for.

I also sorry for still around in Sabah as a free spirit whistle blower although I left for the UK in 1974 after the unbearable whistle blowing on Tun M earlier. So today, I am around as PM in waiting for the IGGG Malaysia. It has been more than three decades since I came back on my birthday in 1980. A birthday gift for Sabah and Malaysia.

Today we have still so many evil stories to tell in Sabah vis-à-vis Malaysia.

It should be fresh in many minds that Datuk Chong Kah Kiat made an allegation in his Mazu civil suit that illegal Chief Minister Musa Aman would grab all the Government projects also as Finance Minister. This is true as we now hear that most of the major business and realty projects are linked to him. Should he not now declare it publicly?

It was reported that Musa Aman claimed that Federal Government had allocated Billions of Ringgit for Sabah and yet Datuk Masidi Manjun declared that the funds for tourism were too little and too late every year to implement those approved projects. So where have all those billions ringgit gone to?

It was also reported that UMNO strongmen demand to be made Assemblymen to raise many more issues affecting the people even in UMNO constituencies. Why are these issues not raised by the present incumbents also UMNO representatives including Musa Aman who has his hands in many projects big and small.

Now as Security Chief in Sabah, what has Musa Aman to say about the release of Akjan unconditionally? Is he not the same birds flocking together to harm Sabah until it is bankrupt?

Is it not a bad thing that the winners grab all in Sabah especially since 1994’s power grab by UMNO as guided by Anwar?

Is it right that Musa Aman be the illegal Chief Minister and also the Finance Minister grabbing all the ill gotten gains?

It is also timely that a paradigm shift be in place as a check and balance for the ways investment incomes to be handled by the illegal Government for hidden agenda. This should be a national outlook especially when the illegal Federal Government talks of transformation.

So let this be the transformation now.
As we know all the investments of the State of Sabah are nothing to speak of as lots of such investments were just unaccounted for. I wonder if there is a register of all those investments by Sabah Government since 1963? If we add them together, we may see for ourselves that those few dividends declared for the State Government as shareholders are still negligible.
It is only appropriate that those dividends far and little apart – should be channeled to public trust funds to be managed for the people independently of the illegal Government with illegal leaders using those dividends for their pet projects. That is only right as these investments were derived initially from pubic funds. Sabah lost its only bank with Billions of Ringgit gone and yet nothing was pursued in public interest. The dividends from public funds as investments if given to the consumers at large, there would be some multiplying effect rather that the practice of lopsidedness to benefit some illegal leaders and their cronies in nepotism. Have you wondered when Sabah has so many foreign made luxurious sport cars ‘cruising’ in the poor roads of Sabah?

The same paradigm shift in the handling of dividends of public fund investments be also applied in the national context to be distributed equitably rather than to certain privileged group only as in so many bail outs for failed projects.

The other paradigm shift is the tremendous amount of penalties so derived from non compliance to various regulations under all the Acts be applied for the purpose of rectifying such shortcomings. Do the illegal national leaders know how much of such penalties are channeled to the nation coffer? I think it must be billions of Ringgit annually only to be wasted in pet projects of the illegal leaders. I think the purpose of penalties is to find corrective measures for whatever systems for the customers. Such sums collected from penalties should be used for educating all consumers for good governance measures and instead all consumers are penalized to pay their own high fees to attend various forums and seminars. If the penalties continue to be high years after years, it is another indication of the impending bankruptcy as there is a limit as how much any consumer can afford to pay those penalties. Such penalties for non compliance is not the faults of some consumers only and it is attributable to weakness of the systems where human resources failures have arisen. Is it right or wrong, for the Government or its agencies to be ignorant and slack in its business of regulating and then just starting to examine their own failures years or even decades later and collecting arrears in revenue and the penalties thereof? Collecting arrears can be a factor sliding to bankruptcy.

A lot more can be written but a change of the illegal governments would be preferred.
I am not anti Government but I am anti ILLEGAL governments.

A lot more are in this blog -

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG Malaysia.

Halal food is sensitive and a ‘taboo’ topic

JK’s digest 10 of May 2011 – Halal food is sensitive and a ‘taboo’ topic

Despite it is a ‘sensitive’ issue, I am doing it as a ex deputy president of Sabah Consumers Association better known as CASH and now I am chairman of Koperasi Pengguna with the credit of doing business and not voicing out consumers issues.

I am encouraged to do this as Datuk Nazri told us we can handle anything seditious like what Datuk Ibrahim Ali said “jihad on Christians”. Also UMNO Youth leader call for a freeze on halal certificates subject to full audit. Why?

I tell you this halal matter is damn serious issue and need a book of at least 1,000 pages to deal with it to disseminate such public information to all consumers Muslims and otherwise. But who is going to do that? Don’t fault me for trying this short article hence I am going to ask many questions rather than giving my views. My views maybe misconstrued as anti Islam in short while some people accuse me anti Government when I am anti ILLEGAL government. You know all about the ILLEGAL governments installed by the massive corruption of the Election Commission which had rigged most general elections. You many want to lodge Police Report.

The halal issue is always in the lips of most Muslims especially the pious ones. The issue is the greatest challenge to any consumer and consumer group. So I am going to bring you nearer to the edge of this issue as we can fall any time on this topic.

If your heart is heated now and your pulse is pumping very fast, I am sorry for bringing up this crucial and critical issue. Please cool down now and see the simple logic I am going to touch in our practical lives and practical living.

Who say food is expensive? If it is expensive, why is it that a third of the food is thrown away especially in the western world? You mean you are not throwing away foods especially cooked foods? Go to any restaurant and hotels, you can see that. Aren’t these foods halal? Aren’t these foods tasty? Aren’t these foods clean and healthy? Then why throw away so much foods? Are we also greedy even when we are almost full? Why are foods left on the plates? Were some of these foods recycled and recook in another way to be served again? Were some of the cooked foods leftover from earlier meals? So there are bound to be lots of foods to be thrown away only to be recycled in other ways. Whatever it is foods are going to be very expensive very soon as this sector also needs to catch up to the rising fuel costs.

What has this expensive food to do with thrown away foods? I think some people have to do a survey with this problem. As the west is facing more Muslim immigrants (Muslims want to conquer and rule the world) and more eateries are bound to appear in the market place. Due to the choices available to all consumers and some consumers going for the halal items while some prefer to stick to their own ways, surely more foods would be thrown away when supplies exceed demand resulting in stale foods not uneaten leftover foods.

So many may start to query if such eateries of whatever characteristics are really halal especially those who declare themselves “sell no pork”. I think halal foods go beyond the ‘pork’ issue. Chickens or any animals must be slaughtered in the Islamic ways, if I am not wrong. What else are required to comply with the ‘halal’ issue? I should think it is endless for many although some may compromise for the good of society. Maybe Perkasa can tell us in their next outburst.

I don’t want to bring in the religion connection when we are in a mixed group and the equilibrium can be distorted when consumption is concerned as every eatery has to capture a fair share of the market to stay alive. Some people cannot even sit in a non halal shop. So when the magnet of the majority group is applied, more consumers would be directed to go to the halal eateries so as to keep most people happy when the minority has no choice. By the way, are these eateries really halal if the latest direction from the UMNO Youth leader is to be considered valid? I don’t know the real reason behind this latest directive but there are enough reasons known that had affected the halal certification. The knowledgeable ones, please enlighten me. Most people seem to be happy so far and why now? What had been consumed is done and done with? Good or bad reasons for the freeze are open to debate.

To some people the halal issue can be simple but in the practical aspects it can be very complex. Suffice me to say that in today’s marketplace, there are so many daily items local and imported ranging from the raw items to the processed ones so much so how do we ensure that such foods items are halal in the true sense of the word? Goods and bulky ingredients come from all countries of the world daily and how can we check them for its halal properties? Who are going to pay for those auditing/checking of the food and ingredient items both local and imported? For practical reasons, who would wait for the verification before consuming them? Even for medicine, how do we wait for the verification before the patients consume them in time of sickness?

If you just want a halal certificate from wherever the goods originate, you may get them if those countries want to comply with that for formality sake.

The question of healthwise in term of hygiene may arise on any foods be it halal or otherwise. The begging question is that is any halal item a guarantee against food poisoning or stomach ache?

Would halal foods be more expensive as it has gone through a complete process of vetting? Prices are very sensitive to the consumers, and the public response would be interesting for attention. The choice of hunger and halal may pose a great challenge to many consumers.

There are so many ways to maintain our health – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some people may hold strong views against consumption of halal foods and some may care to find that out yourself. That is obvious a sensitive issue.

We need to consume all types of legitimate foods available in the market provided they are nourishing and healthy.

Nevertheless, a review of halal certification would be an exercise to alert all consumers. Is the earth that we live on halal or not after so much pollution of all sort? We are what we eat and so it is important that we pay special attention to our foods especially when eating outside. How would we be assured that foods at the eateries are guaranteed halal? How would we be assured that the environment we live in is halal? That is not my problems but this issue is always raised at meeting of the Sabah Consumers Association.

I hope this article can keep us better informed.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission

JK’s digest 9 of May 2011 – Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission

I would like to call on the YDP Agung to proceed to initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission RCIEC on the law and implementation of electoral system in Malaysia.

This is the most pressing issue as the General Election 13 looms. It has been confirmed by the records of EC that GE 2004 and GE2008 had been rigged by Election Commission.
In any football match or any games if the referee and sidesmen are impartial, how can any league competitions go on?

It has been 50 years of democratic practice only in name and we have is an illegal Government and I am anti ILLEGAL Governments.


So I would like to spell out the terms and conditions of the RCIEC as follows:-

1. The scrutiny of laws and regulations and its implementation including preparation of electoral rolls and the regular delineations of the constituencies and their weightage of area and population density.

2. The related Government agencies dealing with the Election Commission at General Elections such as the local authorities, the Police, the Printers and the work force.

3. The system and records of the ballot boxes and the ballot papers as printed.

4. The process of nominations and campaigns and polling day including transport of ballot boxes and the counting of votes.

5. The regulation of the costs of campaign materials and resources with the prescribed limits for the respective state and parliament seats.

6. The role of mass media of government and private sectors.
Only after a RCIEC and its recommendations and appropriate amendment of the laws and regulations can there be ever an improvement of General Elections in a democratic exercise of fair, free and true elections. Otherwise it is really a waste of public funds of billions of Ringgit in every general election with questionable incoming Governments.

I sincerely think this RCIEC is only possible and meaningful if done under the supervision of an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG Malaysia.

Monday, May 16, 2011

US$20b (RM60b) Petronas Refinery in Johore

JK’s digest 8 of May, 2011 – the massive US$20b (RM60b) Petronas Refinery in Johore

“The Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) will be commissioned by the end of 2016 as Malaysia aims to become a world class integrated oil, gas and petrochemical trading hub.”
So this massive project is to start very soon to be ready in 2016 and it would be very impressive to complete such a massive project in 4/5 years. There have been many projects of much smaller size to have taken much longer time to complete. It is also likely in Malaysia boleh tradition that the cost would be double by the time it is completed especially so with prices of foods and materials going up much very fast.

Nevermind about that RAPID project which may bring the nation into quicker bankruptcy in rapid style. I am not so sure of the impact of this project in our economy but I am going into a long session of Q & A after the preliminary introduction.

I have not been into the Petroleum industry but I had lodged at least two Police Reports on Petroleum Act 1974 Act 144 and the Petronas in 2006 and 2008. Of course these reports fall on the deaf ears of the Police, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and the illegal Government. Like Suhakam’s annual reports since 2000, I think Petronas annual reports are also not debated in Parliament.
This RAPID project would definitely go ahead as it is the illegal Prime Minister who has the final say under the Act 144 without consulting the Parliament and the people especially the oil producing states in Malaysia as it a Petronas project fully self financed in a dream.

It is public knowledge that the crude oil price is dependent on the market and now USA is also going into its own home ground production to bring down the global oil price while Middle East oil producers are mired in political turmoil. Malaysian taxation is also very much dependent on the revenue of Petronas to boost up the annual fiscal budget. How would this project affect its contribution to the annual fiscal budget when RAPID is started? Maybe the illegal Government is trying to balance out the likely deficit with substantial reduction of subsidies and the introduction of Goods and Service Tax GST.
The impact of this shift also needs to be assessed on the costs of living of the people.

While the information on RAPID is sketchy at the moment, here come my list of questions (not exhaustive):-

Project Site:-

1. Where exactly is the project site on 1,012 hectares of coastal land in the state.
2. Is this coastal land somewhere near to Singapore?
3. Johore’s crooked bridge at the causeway has been aborted with much financial loss and would similar fate occur with RAPID?
4. What about the Environmental Impact Assessment EIA be done?

Fund and shareholders
1. Where would Petronas gets its immediate fund for the RAPID project?
2. If it has other shareholders, who are the other local shareholders?
3. Would this project be debated at the Parliament as it is not in the Ten Malaysia
Plan and Government Transformation Programme?
4. If it is to be debated in Parliament, when would that be held before further costs are incurred?

Project’s economic feasibility
Market of the finished products
1. What is the annual value of the finished products to justify such investment?
2. Would Peninsular Malaysia be the major market for these few products?
3. What is the export market like and its competitiveness?

Raw materials and technology
1. Where would the raw materials such as the crude oil come from?
2. Is the crude oil coming from Peninsula states?
3. Is the crude oil coming from Borneo States of Sabah and Sarawak?
4. What is the status of crude oil in Borneo states in term of reserves?
5. In what proportion of the cost of the project is the technology part?
6. Where would the technology come from?

General questions:-
1. Why RAPID cannot be set up in Sabah in desperate need of such mega project?
2. If the crude oils come from Sabah and Sarawak, would there be saving in transit cost?
3. Would it not a win-win scenario that we can do away with the Cabotage policy with much more containers load for the finished products from Sabah as Sabah container port has much unutilized capacity?
4. Why is this proposed project still on the drawing board be a topic for press release prematurely?
5. Is it like another Bakun dam committed suddenly just in time for the Sabah General Election 1994 when massive fund was transferred to Sabah?
6. How would this project affect the livelihood of the people in the decade of development economically and environmentally?
7. How would this project impact the Sabah scenario as far as the accountability of the 5% royalty is concerned when some people is calling for 20%?
8. Would the feasibility study be made public?

If this sudden conceived RAPID project is going to snowballed into double figure like RM120 billions within the decades, it is difficulty for the nation to sustain it. Watch it.

It is public knowledge that Act 144 and Petronas had been treated by prime ministers as pet project since 1974 with untold hardship for the people and no interest/desire to amend the Petroleum Act, it is timely to appoint a new PM under the Interim Good Governance Government so that a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Petroleum Act and Petronas can be established.

Our people needs to rise up to the challenge.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG Malaysia

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A challenge like Goliath and David

Jk’s digest 7 of May 2011 – A challenge like Goliath and David

I am not going to talk about race and religion but referring this incident in the Bible is like what we have today when Datuk Ibrahim Ali DIA is trying to be the Goliath and the Christian at large is the little David.

What I hear about DIA in so many words especially in the Internet, DIA had been challenging non Malays or non Muslims for a few years already in defence of Malay and Malay rights.

Today with the latest alleged episode in Penang of DAP and the Christian pastors in the presence of a Malay recently, it is now very highly charged as far as harmony, peace and personal space are concerned.

Now DIA had focused on Christians threatening a sort of crusade against Christians in Malaysia including myself. I honestly do not understand his modus operandi except he appears to have been given too much space in trouble making stirring whatever he finds in his path. If he was to settle the score with the Penang group, he should only do that and not drag in everyone who is a Christian. It looks like his cable with Utusan Malaysia had misfired and trying to salvage his pride of whatever.

What is his personal agenda as an independent Member of Parliament and President of Perkasa? What is his hidden agenda, may I ask?

DIA had also blamed the infiltration of communists into that Penang scenario but he is not having a crusade against the communists.

May I know what kind of crusade he is going to pursue against the Christians. Is it to be in violent stance? Or is he trying to make himself a very big fool in Malaysia?

If Perkasa is trying to do something untoward and undesirable in Malaysia, Perkasa should be disbanded. As an independent member of parliament he only represents his constituents in his seat in Kelantan. All he can do is to voice out some issues and not threatening anything against any specific group.

Since the group of socalled church leaders that met with the illegal Prime Minister recently did not represent all the Christians in all personal matters, I would like to ask the Prime Minister to clarify the parameters of the official religion of Islam in Malaysia? Najib wants the people to respect Islam, but did he respect Christianity when he was to go to the Bishop’s open house at Christmas last year?

I also know Christians and Christian clergy would not like to step into the threatening posture of the Goliath for fear of embracing known and unknown sensitivity. There is never to be a physical encounter here.

Since DIA is threatening all Christians in Malaysia with crusade, I have to write this one to bounce of him to wake him up to the reality of a multi racial society.

The pulse of the nation is obvious in recent years especially since GE 2008 and the nervousness as exposed since Sarawak General Election has exacerbated the erosion of the illegal Government.

To do justice for the nation, there is no fear to have a Christian Prime Minister. It is just the right panacea after 53 years for the prevailing meaningless politicking at its height towards an irrecoverable slide.

General Election in a democratic system is a welcome but the rigged elections by the Election Commission is a farce to mislead others.

Give the nation a new lease of normal life with the appointment of Prime Minister of Interim Good Governance Government IGGG.

I am ready to helm the IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

the genetic lessons from my dogs.

Jk’s digest 6 of May 2011 – the genetic lessons from my dogs.

I know this is a sensitive issue for many and let it be very many good lessons I have learned from dogs and in some cases also known as guinea pigs.

Don’t want to read this is not my problems but my problems of looking after many dogs for two recent decades have provided the silver lining in my life.

The dogs are very intelligent in many ways which need a book to tell a true story of my painstaking experience. They are the best security guards in my recent years.

They are also very good examples to teach us and in this case a genetic issue.

Concerned about the genetic issue on our food and the genetic crisis in reproduction of animals and our own human race, then read on for our own good.

I have been told by a veterinary doctor than a bitch cannot have copulation with own puppy male. When that happens the unborn puppies would be in danger of survival.

I have this bitch named Euro since 2007 obtained from the jungle where I live. She had been healthy and had given birth to three sets of beautiful puppies since then on 8th June, 2009 (7), 12 February, 2010 (8) and 25 September, 2010 (8) and quite well spaced. On 13 May, 2011, Euro gave a delivery and none of the puppies survived and likely premature delivery.

The reason is obvious. I had observed that Euro had for a long time rejected the advances of her male offsprings but somehow she succumbed to that in March 2011. So it is confirmed of the premature delivery without any living puppy.

I do not know if we accept this lesson or not, genetically, healthwise and sustainability.

If it is a genetic factor, then what is the danger of using commercial genetic mosquitoes to deal with the challenge of dengue and malaria in our midst? The results of the genetic modified mosquitoes had been proven only in enclosed area, and what happen in the wild is anybody guess.

If it is a genetic factor in Euro, then what are the unknown consequences in the foods we eat daily grown modified by genetic manipulation? Many will say that we do not import GMO foods which can be tested if we can afford to that on thousands of items daily. What about those unknown and undisclosed items of ingredients in our processed foods which can be in any forms and any number of imports?

What about the expired food or expired ingredients in our processed foods? I wonder who label the expiry dates of bulky rice, maize etc. Who would label the expired ingredients in our processed foods? I think GMO foods have been considered more ‘sustainable’ in production and hence the expiry date can be longer but is it really healthy for our food consumption? Tell me who have done such researches to decide for us? Some premature food can present problems.

I am not going to touch on the impacts of most human beings where inbreeding is so common. So we have insurmountable challenge in this sector swallowing the precious resources of the earth getting scarcer for an increasing trend of rising people with lots more problems known and unknown.

The answers is for you to think about as I cannot offer good answers as a man in wilderness.

Maybe with me at the PM of IGGG of Malaysia, we can do something together even if this is sensitive until doom of the human race.

There is a misguided concept that some powerful quarter want to reduce the world population to a quarter of the present status. With that self induced reduction, we too would consume so much global resources especially the burial grounds of over 5 billion people in such a short time.

Good thinking for all.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

Of attitudes and philosophies

JK’s digest 5 of May 2011 – some good and very bad attitudes and philosophies

I don’t know how many attitudes or philosophies are there in the world.

There maybe socialism, communism, capitalism, authoritarianism, dictatorism, and whatever.

Some of these attitudes are implemented through what some call democracy or something similar when there are diverse practices around.

Don’t think everything is the same when democracy is practiced.

In every system, there are bound to be cheating.

Killing by the people in power if they cannot tolerate criticism of others. They do it in so many ways known and unknown to society. So when killing fails, what else these sick people do? Rumour mongering and gangsterism would take over the modus operandi. Some people just enjoy such modus operandi to get benefits that may lead to destruction of themselves and others.

Every challenge presents opportunities. Some people just don’t know what is good and what is bad. Every one would think he or she is good.

And again democracy towards a government is defined as a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Very good and high sounding noble and only in some nations.

In some countries, democracy ends with the normal rigged General Elections where some people voted in changing ballot boxes. This is true and confirmed by the documents presented by the Governments concerned. They cannot hide because the figures cannot cheat. Illegal leaders can cheat and then kill others to stay in illegal power.

There is no wondering now as how some people can secure so many official ballot papers to play with to win general elections. Definitely ballot papers are for sale once in a few years and some people can become very rich indeed. What was the going price per piece?

I think a few hundred thousand pieces would be for grab and who can afford them?

Then how would such pieces be sold after the printing? All very discrete and definitely heinous to the people as the Government so elected become Government of illegal people, by illegal people and for illegal people.

I am just beginning to wonder why my friend the Sabah Government printer died so young soon after retirement. I don’t know how many Government printers lived on for long after retirement. Do you have the answer and if so tell me now.

I have proven that the General Elections had been rigged by the Election Commission as in Police Reports and in the High Courts but the illegal Governments would not dare to take up such allegations further. So a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission RCIEC would deal with the electoral system, the registration of genuine voters not illegal voters or phantom people and conduct of fair, free and true elections.

Enough to say so in the rotten system for 53 years.

Without a RCIEC, there is no meaning in holding any general elections to deceive people who believe in democracy.

When that RCIEC does not happen it is more urgent for the appointment of PM of IGGG to bring the nation away from further deteriorating scenario of unimaginable proportions.

So I am ever ready now.

The appointment of Christian PM is already resolved to be OK.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

Important issues

JK’s digest 4 of May, 2011 – some very important issues of crisis proportion - take care.

These issues are very important and I had been writing about them and need to be updated before Friday - 13 May, 2011. These are break or make issues for Malaysia and Sabah in particular. I am anti ILLEGAL Governments.

1. RCI on Project IC in Malaysia.

There are at least 5 millions illegal people in Malaysia given genuine identity cards with 2 millions in Sabah as proven by the confirmed figures of the statistics. Musa Aman has been challenged many times for the issue of Project IC of 400,000 but he remains silent and works more into heinous crimes. Mahathir and Anwar and several other socalled illegal leaders too remain largely silent as I had published 3 editions of Extra People IC or EPIC of Sabah since July 2002. So far no Royal Commission of Inquiry on Project IC despite many calls. These socalled illegal people/leaders should have their titles revoked as treasons had been committed. This treason is still ongoing.

2. Rigging by Election Commission.

There are enough evidence to confirm the rigging of general elections by the Election Commission. So the present and past Governments – Federal and State – are illegal ones favouring all illegal activities and illegalities. So today we face insurmountable crisis and all the rottenness of lopsidedness. A great misfortune has fallen for the nation in profligacy of massive corruption and abuses of power of all sort too many to list. Today it is proven the BN Government has failed miserably for all people who desire justice and fairness. 1Malaysia and transformation are just foolish words to say in the lips of the illegal leaders.

3. The ‘Sulu Sultan’ in dubious Akjan – a sovereignity issue

Like all the illegal Governments and the agencies such as Judiciary, the Police and other implementing agencies, self deceiving and lopsidedness with too many cases daily all written on the walls, the Police is looking for this infamous person who had been declared the Sulu Sultan in Sabah to claim Sabah with its socalled faithful subjects into a million and more. What was the Police doing when it was reported in the local press that a Malaysian residing in Sabah would be made a Sulu Sultan in Sabah soon. What happened to its investigative arm in the Police force? Why the Police did not take action when this event was held in Likas? Why tell the public now that it is searching to get this infamous person to make a Police Statement only after so many Police Reports? So the Police can be selective and bias in its operations to sing to the tune of the illegal Governments. What had the Musa Aman done as the security chief of Sabah? Likas is within Kota Kinabalu City and yet nothing was done. Enough of incredible nonsense.

4. 30 Police Reports worth RM30 trillions

I had done 30 Police Reports all embracing lost resources and yet the Press had been reluctant to disseminate such information for public interests. One of the Police Reports is on the call for RCI on the Petroleum Act 1974 and Petronas. Now the press plays up to stupid people calling for a review only on the same thing –catching the tail of a snake rather than the head. Sure we have lost everything to the illegal leaders/people playing tunes to illegal people too familiar in Sabah and Malaysia when dubious leaders prevail.

5. Christian Prime Minister

Now the dust has settled after countless ruckus of some stupid exposures on race and religions with a silver lining and it has definitely benefitted the nation if we have a Christian Prime Minister to look after the interests of all and NOT a certain privilege group like umnoputra only. Many have spoken and find the scapegoat in the Police as a release medium. So we are now ready to accept wholeheartedly with a Christian Prime Minister.

Why a Christian PM is obvious as we enter into an era of transformation for the nation after 53 years of failed governance. Give the nation a new chance and you would see the difference.

We know the pulse (make or break) of the nation now and should an emergency to be engineered by some known quarters any time now, the present illegal Prime Minister should NOT be retained as the caretaker PM. It was a terrible mistake in 1969, when an emergency as manipulated by UMNO and that Abdul Razak was retained as the caretaker PM. He was benefitting from his own crimes against humanity. Today we know that adverse impact with the emergence of very corrupted PMs in Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib of the sick RAHMAN syndrome. What is happening now cannot fool the people any more in 2011.

We all doubt the transformation of BN or PR as all the worthless quarrels and meaningless squabbles and diatribe including sex videos of CSL and DSAI would go on into the next political development whether BN stays or income PR in Putrajaya. Profligacy towards nihilism is a reality should that happens for sure.

So I appeal to the DYMM YDP Agung and the ruler conference, you can appoint a Christian as the Prime Minister in the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with new workable programme for the nation and for all.

I am ready to helm the IGGG as soon as possible.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia.

Christian Prime Minister in Malaysia..

JK’s digest 3 of May, 2011 – Christian Prime Minister in Malaysia..

What is happening in Penang is unusual as the Police is the focus now.

Why Utusan Malaysia trying to do with such a headline can be indirectly referring to me as the PM of IGGG.

If you ask the illegal Muslims leaders, they will say only Muslim can become Prime Minister in Malaysia. Where in the Constitution that says so?

Some people already have 53 years to prove they had failed to rule the nation for the better tomorrow. What is there to prove that the continuing illegal leaders would transform the nation? We have seen it all and it is getting worst by the weeks. All those cleaning of the filthy linen in public is nauseating indeed. Enough is enough.

Is Utusan Malaysia trying to convey the timely message of an emerging PM of IGGG who happen to be a Christian and find the scapegoat in Penang.

So what is wrong with a Christian who would do justice to the nation of various races and religions? A black or white cat can do the same job of catching mice.

When Utusan Malaysia is responded by emotional outbursts on the grounds by various groups bent on more troubles making, it become such an ugly sights soon getting out of control.

When that happens it is more urgent for the appointment of PM of IGGG to bring the nation away from further deteriorating scenario of unimaginable proportions. Actually when UM starts to publicise this issue, more people would accept this suggestion.

So I am ever ready now.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

Bankrupkt Civil Servants in Malaysia

JK’s digest no 2 of May, 2011 – Bankrupt civil servants

How many civil servants have become bankrupt over the years?

It was reported 1,086 in 2009 and 3,000 in 2010 were declared bankrupt.

How many more in the pipeline? Some may say it is only a small number

consider we have over 2m civil servants in Malaysia.

Big or small may not be issue. But it is a sign of something unpleasant

for the servants themselves and the civil service itself. Who do we blame then?

Blame the BN’s illegal Government which had been slanted into too much

politicking that the Government is incapable to deal with the overall scenario

of the nations in terms of financial, economic and social affairs of the people including the civil servants.

Poverty is on the rise and yet denied by the desperate illegal leaders

because the ill gotten gains of the socalled leaders have covered their own eyes to the reality.

Who want to write about the bankrupt civil servants? If it is not a reflection

of the illegal government so much into dubious wasteful drama,

then tell me what cause the civil servants to be bankrupted.

It is not really these civil servants are unable to service that car loans

but the bigger picture needs to be addressed and such issues are aplenty in this sector of workers.

The level of corruption cannot even address this loan repayment scenario.

We know how corruption at all levels in the civil servants is hitting back on them

so much so that corruption cannot cover up the loan deficits resulting them declared bankrupt.

Yes blame the rising prices especially on those essential items in a

wide range of items such as education, foods, health, housing, clothing,

recreation for the families. Such rising prices are not sudden appearance

but the cumulative impact of years of neglect by the BN’s illegal Government.

We have seen how rising prices in other countries have resulted in change of Governments.

So should we not change the illegal Governments now? Please check out how

our illegal leaders have enriched themselves so much that other people

have to pay a very heavy price for that. The suckers are no good for anyone.

It is all in the writing on the walls.

So official corruption and abuses of power are contagious in the civil service

as each sector competes amongst themselves to enrich themselves one way or another.

In this process, some groups would fall victims to their own games

hence become bankrupt in the process unfortunately. There is no end

in the competition to outdo another in the ladder of vanity and vain glory

in profligacy towards nihilism. Some can ill afford too many wives and mistresses

but still pursue them to their own funerals. There are some lucky men

who can live on the earnings of their wives as more and more women

go to the universities and secure high paid jobs. Most of the bankrupt civil servants are men.

It is indeed a vicious circle aided by practice of bomohism.

Whether the bankruptcy can impact adversely on the civil service is

anyone guess as it has been the same civil service with or without them.

I am wondering what is the stigma of the bankrupt civil servants

who are still retained in the civil service? Do we really know who

they are if they are still retained in the civil service?

Most letters to the civil service are not replied promptly despite a massive setup.

What would happen to the nation if 2million civil servants are tilting t

owards bankruptcy as all are loaded with loans etc?

Corruption bites more and more and demoralized

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (with dead bodies)

from a change of Agency cannot reverse the fortune of the degraded

and deprived nation also tilting towards bankruptcy because of

selective prosecutions and some untouchable stupid and illegal top leaders of the socalled rotten elite.

The short answer is a total change in the system from the present

rotten system in a legacy of the illegal and rotten UMNO

which has done so much internal damages in the nation’s well being

such as illegal people of at least 5 millions given a new dress in illegal

but genuine identity cards and who then become instant bumiputra to

suck the nation unprepared dry. So the bankrupt civil servants

emulate in their work mentality in the foot steps of the corrupted

illegal leaders who favour illegals and illegalities is the instant backlash

of the immoral leaders now further tainting themselves with porn videos

of famous and infamous people. No end to that unless we end the UMNO and BN era in Malaysia.

So Interim Government for Good Governance or Interim Good Governance Government

under the willing waiting and sustainable leader Joshua Kong so long in wilderness

of suffering to give the nation and the people a chance. IGGG is the answers.

Joshua Kong has survived decades of bomohism when it is made public that in

Malaysian politics, bomohism is the ingredient of maintaining the illegal power of the few.

We need to set up the IGGG cabinet now and it is a must.

Not funny as some dubious foreigner could declare himself Sultan Sulu

in Sabah and claim Sabah as well. So what is wrong when genuine Malaysians

in Sabah do that to rotate the Federal Government to Sabah when

Sabah state Governments had been rotated by the “head hunters” from Peninsula Malaysia.

Kind beget kindness. IGGG is the kindness we need now.

Take care with IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

Najib to resign

JK’s digest 1 of May 2011 – how the poor people can be poorer still?

For whatever problems in the nation after 53 years, the easy solution is for Najib to resign as the illegal PM who won the seat of Pekan in 1999 with very slim majority after an electoral scam, then GE2004, there was a tremendous swing of 22,000 when the Pekan seat was rigged by switched ballot boxes as proven by the figure of ballot papers issued with big discrepancy. Overall GE 2004 and GE 2008 were largely rigged to keep the illegal BN in illegal power.

All illegality governments have no political will to resolve the people’s problems and they dwell into more illegalities resulting in the people getting poorer and the nation sliding into profligacy and bankruptcy.

The illegal BN cannot solve some of these issues of the people as listed below and no longer has credibility to stay in illegal power. The latest Sarawak verdict is obvious rejecting the illegal PM who spent weeks unusually in the state elections.

There are many hundreds of ways the illegal Governments – Federal & State can skin the poor people to stay alive in Malaysia and I want to list some of them here.

These are the main election issues for the voters if there is true, fair and free General Election to consider:-

1. Petronas

1.1 This is an old story since 1976 and you know how much can 5% buy for the people in their basic needs.

1.2 Block L and Block M handed to Brunei.

How was this deal concluded in shadowy scenario? Can the Government prepare a White paper and failing which a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Sabah is the biggest loser in this deal and I believe Sabah is not even consulted.

How much money actually changed hand when Limbang was the exchange for the deal.

Limbang belong to Sarawak while the Blocks L & M belong to Sabah. Was the deal sanctioned by the State Assembly and TYT?

To illustrate the losses as follows:-

How much is Limbang worth ? How much is Block L and Block M worth? I think the gap is very big.

So how was the difference settled? Where has the money gone to if financial settlement was done?

If the oil is worth RM300 billions at today high price, then Sabah has lost RM15billions at 5%.

Although the fields are handled by Petronas for extraction, I hope Petronas would still give 5% to Sabah.

What happened to the guarantee of Bank Negara of US$50billion foreign loan approved by Abdullah Badawai which turned out to be a scam as per my Police Report. I think this deal is linked to the Block L and Block M and can anyone to confirm this?

2. Rigged General Elections by Election Commission

This is making the people poorer as almost every general election had produced illegal Governments with the massive public fund diverted to conduct the election campaign and the electoral operation.

I have personally become poorer by pursuing the two High Court cases on GE2004 and GE2008 which were struck out by defining the dates of the cases. . The High Court abused the justice it was supposed to dish out. Those commentators make a mockery themselves by making stupid comments of the rigged election as if those results were genuine.

3. Corruption and subsidies

Corruption in official matters is not an issue while subsidies are reduced to hit the wage earner harder in an already difficult time. With the subsidies gradually reduced, cost of living and costs of basic items have escalated while wages are largely stagnant for decades in many sectors

4. Costs of whistle blowing

It is very time consuming and costly to do whistle blowing. Whenever such a case appear in Courts, the whistle blowers have to bear own legal costs while the Government has access to public fund. In such processes at times inevitable, the whistle blowers would lose in term of resources and cash. I have survived several such major challenges and has enriched spiritually but material setbacks.

5. Land issues

There are so many land issues that the poor people have to go to the Courts for solutions which can go on for years. Consider all the opportunities lost in the ensuing years both during the litigation and the post judgement years.

6. Calling for Royal Commissions of Inquiry

Petitions after petitions have not seen any breakthrough for such RCIs to be initiated. All these major issues have become so rotten that the nation would sink under their weights.

All these pressing issues are some of the many items that can cause deprivation of the people.

If the DYMM YDP Agung can appoint Najib to be Prime Minister and NAR did not go for fresh elections within a short time to confirm his position unlike Abdullah Badawi who went to the polls in 6 months, Najib should resign now, then DYMM YDP can appoint me too to be next PM. [don’t worry about the spent force of Anwar mired in so many stupid wasteful and immoral dramas in and out of Courts, Police Stations, newspapers] Then we can arrange for an Interim Cabinet of IGGG.

Pass this on.

Thank you,

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Prime Minister of Interim Good Governance Government of Malaysia.