Friday, November 21, 2014

Fresh air saves Malaysia and the world

Why I chose such as title is from God to save Sabah, Malaysia & the world.

0:11 Some 17 years ago, I became allergic to Delhi's air. My doctors told me that my lung capacity had gone down to 70 percent, and it was killing me. With the help of IIT, TERI, and learnings from NASA, we discovered that there are three basic green plants, common green plants, with which we can grow all the fresh air we need indoors to keep us healthy. We've also found that you can reduce the fresh air requirements into the building, while maintaining industry indoor air-quality standards.
0:47 The three plants are Areca palm, Mother-in-Law's Tongue and money plant. The botanical names are in front of you. Areca palm is a plant which removes CO2 and converts it into oxygen. We need four shoulder-high plants per person, and in terms of plant care, we need to wipe the leaves every day in Delhi, and perhaps once a week in cleaner-air cities. We had to grow them in vermi manure, which is sterile, or hydroponics, and take them outdoors every three to four months. The second plant is Mother-in-law's Tongue, which is again a very common plant, and we call it a bedroom plant, because it converts CO2 into oxygen at night. And we need six to eight waist-high plants per person. The third plant is money plant, and this is again a very common plant; preferably grows in hydroponics. And this particular plant removes formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals.
1:51 With these three plants, you can grow all the fresh air you need. In fact, you could be in a bottle with a cap on top, and you would not die at all, and you would not need any fresh air. We have tried these plants at our own building in Delhi, which is a 50,000-square-feet, 20-year-old building. And it has close to 1,200 such plants for 300 occupants. Our studies have found that there is a 42 percent probability of one's blood oxygen going up by one percent if one stays indoors in this building for 10 hours. The government of India has discovered or published a study to show that this is the healthiest building in New Delhi. And the study showed that, compared to other buildings, there is a reduced incidence of eye irritation by 52 percent, respiratory systems by 34 percent, headaches by 24 percent, lung impairment by 12 percent and asthma by nine percent. And this study has been published on September 8, 2008, and it's available on the government of India website.
2:59 Our experience points to an amazing increase in human productivity by over 20 percent by using these plants. And also a reduction in energy requirements in buildings by an outstanding 15 percent, because you need less fresh air. We are now replicating this in a 1.75-million-square-feet building, which will have 60,000 indoor plants.
3:24 Why is this important? It is also important for the environment, because the world's energy requirements are expected to grow by 30 percent in the next decade. 40 percent of the world's energy is taken up by buildings currently, and 60 percent of the world's population will be living in buildings in cities with a population of over one million in the next 15 years. And there is a growing preference for living and working in air-conditioned places. "Be the change you want to see in the world," said Mahatma Gandhi. And thank you for listening. (Applause)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Malaysia Day Message 2014

Malaysia Day 2014 message from PM of IGGG

This very important message for 2014 is likely a re-enforcement of putting our human rights in Sabah into proper perspectives based on facts and not on disillusion of largely untrustworthy people holding some positions in the nation but irresponsible to make immediate correction of errors – true and fake – in the past.  Don’t be deceived by lies of illegal leaders when repeated for 51 years have become the truth especially about the existence of “Malaysia” when such nation does not appear in legal paper or legal constitution.  Who want to accept the argument that there are things that are not in written form in the Constitution or the unwritten portion in the Constitution?  I would consider such statements would come from the CRIMINALS in Government.

1.         31 August and 16 September

The argument that “Malaysia” can emulate the USA style of Federation is based on a deceit as it is comparing an apple [Malaya] with a pear [Malaysia].  “Malaysia” – proper or not – was assumed to be in existence after a series of illegalities in the written agreements now under close scrutiny.  What is the status of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 is now exposed as simply invalid.  The position assumed was that Sarawak [S], Sabah [S], Malaya [M] got their independence from the common colonial master – the Great Britain – on 22 July, 1963, 31st August, 1963 and 31st August, 1957.  There was nothing about independence when “malaysia” was formed on 16th September, 1963 by the S,S,M together with Singapore which later “left” “Malaysia” on 7th August, 1965.  So 16th September, 2014, the 51st anniversary has nothing to do with independence.  “Malaysia” or rather Malaya had just celebrated the 57th Independence Day [red herring] on 31st August, 2014   Can we get this clear now?  If anyone is not happy about what I write based on the history, then I would call the 16th September, 2014 as a “slavery” day of “Malaya” as far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned.  If we are not in slavery of the “Malaya” whose people call themselves the Malays and Tun Dr Mahathir call them as “thieves”, then why are we so much behind Singapore with scarce resources to start with when the GB just wished to ‘abandon’ Singapore in the mid 1950s as Singapore was ‘independent’ in July 1959.  Singapore GDP per capita in 2013 was USD50,000 while SSM with vast natural resources was only USD11,000.  I think as far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned our GDP per capita is much less at about USD3,000.  I hope you can prove me wrong if we are not in “slavery” of sort.  Much of the GDP in Sabah is allocated to foreigners.  So my wish for 51st “Malaysia” day is for Sabah to be set free from such bondage and image of “slavery” before it is really too late for the fate of 28million people in the nation.  There is a lot of hard struggle to do this now.

2.                  Malaysian or 1Malaysia as pure slogan

I am not going to write much about this as there is no sincerity on the reality of the perception.  We all know in our hearts, minds, souls and spirits, such thing as 1Malaysia does not prevail in reality and it is a slogan forever when the existing dubious Government has a different perspective.  Similarly slogans in the past like Amanah, Bersih, Cekap  and Cemerlang Gemilang, Terbilang and ….have largely been for show only to feel good by some people.

3.                  Isaiah organic mattress

Who would we expect that such a special product with a Biblical name has come to the nation?  So what does it serve as an indicator?  Isaiah is a name of a chapter/ book in the Bible, organic is a special concept of well being, and mattress is what we sleep on it daily for comfort.   Every book in the Holy Bible has messages for all human beings and so is Isaiah in its prophetic message.  In 1998, God reveals to me Isaiah 45, 46, and 47 for the nation.  Then I forwarded this timely message to the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir on the indicator of the direction of the nation.  I will post this brief booklet on my blog later.  As you know, ‘Malaysia” was in financial turmoil and the losses have not been recovered till today.  So we should find comfort in the message of Isaiah for Sabah especially as Sabah like Sarawak have been largely a Christian country until gradual erosion after the contagious effect/impact of Malaya..

4.                  Flags –Jalur Gemilang

Over the recent years, the zeal of the people in Sabah to fly the national flag – Jalur Gemilang has waned.  The message of physical manifestation is clear as it is in the hearts of people where we belong.  The flag is symbol of truth, and when that is not the “truth” people can see through it.  So let it be when “slavery” of sort is unbearable..

5.                  Important matters – MA1963, Oil & Gas, Bank Negara’s printers; Security,

These are important matters that must be addressed accordingly and come up with solutions for the well being of all.  There is no justice in the way “Malaysia” has handled in 51 years where legality, wealth sharing, robbery can affect everyone as far as security is concerned.

6.                  Report of RCI IIS

Where is the much expected Report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants Sabah long delayed for almost a year?  As it is a Royal Commission, who can block the emergence of the said report which is so essential for the security and justice in Sabah?  Does it imply that the King has a hand with such regression?  Do we need to call another RCI to establish the truth of the suppression? If such published Report can very much disturb the security as perceived by some quarters, such people should not be in high office any more.  Such entanglement was the “creation” of such people in the first place especially it is known beyond any grain of doubt that Musa Aman and his small committee still holding top positions in Sabah had issues 400,000 blue identity cards to illegal people for their selfish gains –financially and politically with rampant consequences of “ethnic cleansing and apartheid” in Sabah and beyond.  It is also a scam of Malaya to harm Sabah.

7.                  MAS, Proton, Khazanah, EPF (Battersea), Petronas etc

Does the nation have any sovereign fund to ensure the well beings of the people in years to come as the global challenge bites in the communities in the nation?  What we know and what we can see is that the nation has already over committed to various major adventures and misadventures – locally and globally- resulting in inevitable financial strains and crisis of unacceptable economic proportions in the near terms.  We are selling our raw commodities at floor bottom low prices when we should deal in value-added items especially in the food industries. Why Petronas invested the fund largely derived from Sabah and Sarawak into foreign projects and very little returned to the two states until recently?

8.                  Environment – Concrete Jungle and TAB

Does that really mean progress when some quarters only concentrate on more concrete buildings in already congested areas such as Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?  It is replacing a once  friendly environment with much concrete jungle causing much disruption in communication when there are not enough roads and car parking especially in already built up areas in Kota Kinabalu.  Consumers and residents would soon find it very difficult to get in and out of Kota Kinabalu’s Central Business District especially when public transport is largely inadequate and unreliable. The uncontrollable taste for concrete jungle has also gone beyond Kota Kinabalu city proper so much so that Tanjung Aru Beach [TAB] away from the city would never be the same when buildings of all sorts would rise up from the pristine beach once white and sandy.  The evil pretext to improve the much neglected eco status of TAB by design of the CRIMINALS in Government for decades by DBKK is to totally destroy the natural place for personal gains given the sky rocket prices of prime land in Sabah especially in Kota Kinabalu.  When finally TAB faces its fatal fate, where else would there be untouchable in Sabah?  So we must stop TAB by TAEDSD at all costs as the likely destruction with much reclamation of the seashores is irreversible by whatever human intervention.  What is more beautiful if it is not God’s Creation?  Who want to claim that they can do better than God?

9.                  Goods and Service Tax (GST)

What is GST really when it is implemented in “Malaysia” when her threshold to prosperity is questioned?  With GST, it is a totally different game in the economy.  Is “Malaysia” prepared for that?  From all the recent press releases and press conferences, I think many do not know what is GST when it is implemented especially in corruption riddled administration?  Even the preliminary stage of registration has already exposed the weak points of GST in the context of acceptance of the people especially the business community and the consumers at large.  Does the administration know how many would be eligible to be registered?  Why it is only twelve weeks away that less than 15% is registered? Would this be a “last minute” effort?  Would the whole process be meaningless as initial costs are too much for the business community? The illegal PM had declared BN/UMNO with the endless possibilities.  So what are the possibilities with the event on 1st April, 2015? Would those foreign speakers coming with arm chair - lack of hands on - experience really motivate the business community with the registration where costs of implementation can be quite hefty.   Business people spending their own hard earned money would like to see through the process counting the costs involved. That would not be a problem for the public listed companies and Government linked companies to incurred such preliminary expenditure in relevant costly items.  If BN/UMNO have endless possibilities, the hard pressed business community would also have to weigh all the possibilities including the acceptance of the consumers at large in many scenarios.

10.              Rigged GE and Pakistan

It is beyond any grain of doubt that General Election 2013 was again rigged heavily in favour of BN/UMNO by none other than the Election Commission of Malaysia (ECM).  This is also confirmed by the attitude of Malays by Tun Dr Mahathir as money is too tempting.  Rigging has been going on for decades and how can ECM be absolved of the crime against humanity? Yes, the opposition did win more seats in GE13.  If not for the repeated rigging or “raping” of the voters, Pakatan would be in Putrajaya like it or not.  My views on the rigging have been confirmed in GE2004, GE2008 and GE2013 in meticulous scrutiny.  I went to the High Court over GE2004 and GE2008 but were simply struck off by the questioned/conditioned judge even when there was a “walkover” in early hearing for me to proceed to full trial when the defendants for GE2008 did not appear before the early bias Judge.  ECM denied everything but it realized its crimes and when GE2013 came about, ECM did cover its tracks by two steps namely an important item was omitted in the official Gazette when compared with early GEs and the correction of discrepancies by publishing a second edition of the Gazette.  With two editions of the Gazette on GE13, it confirmed rigging.  Pakistan is at the present embroiled in a tussle of rigged General Elections with civil disobedience, and where would it be heading for?  Similarly, the CRIMINALS in Government in Malaysia are so happy to be warming the seats with all sort of threats using now the possible defunct “Sedition Act” of 1948 to cover their tracks.  So I had proposed since GE2004 for an Interim Good Governance Government Malaysia or IGGG M as a solution to the impasse of illegal Government with all the illegal authority to destroy the nation with a possible Bada bing for “Malaysia”.

11.              Race & Religion???

Where on earth can a religion change a race?  Did God say that?  Why is it seditious?  Is it seditious to comment on the Federal Constitution which is no longer “sacred” with so much dubious and genuine amendments over 51 years?  Isn’t it very strange that the Federal Constitution states Malay =Muslim= Malay?  Why strange if Arabs also Muslims are not Malay?  Why so special about ‘Malaysia” when its legality is questioned? Sabah was never a Malay=Muslims=Malay in 1963 if its independence is to be respected.

12.              Secession?, separation?, leave?,  kicked out?, divorced? or simply abandoned???

This is seditious matter and it is a Federal Constitution item. We cannot talk about a legal item be it in the Constitution or otherwise?  So far so good, we have been intact for 51 years of “neglected” marriage but “Malaysia” never talked of love.  Was “malaysia” thing a love at first sight or Sabah was betrothed by arranged marriage of the British Empire disintegrating like a “big bang” or a “big divorce” or forsaken children as orphans? Or was “malaysia” a new family in 1963 after a rare event somewhere?  Now after 51 years, the theme for celebration on 31st August, 2014 has finally emerged to express LOVE for Malaysia, LOVE in Malaysia.  Was Singapore “kicked out” of “Malaysia” in 1965?  We know many married couples once in love were then divorced with great responsibilities subsequently for the wife or wives.  So when some illegal leaders come up with LOVE for Malaysia in 2014, can we not talk of “divorce” or face seditious charge?   So is this theme on “LOVE” another indication for the nation in the face of disparity, oppression, lopsidedness, injustice, neglect, ab initio and now much aggravated and exacerbated by endless possibilities of BN/UMNO.  Can we cry over LOVE meaning “Leave Over Very End” or “Leave Out Very End” as really intolerable now as the last resort?  Can we see some sense in this as in marriage it is “till death do us depart”?  Can “Malaysia” as a questioned marriage for its legality be facing any real “death”?  So it is DEATH for “Malaysia” when Sabah, Sarawak & Malaya do depart which should have taken place in 1965.   If Malaya could not hold on with Singapore for whatever reasons, can you sincerely believe that Malaya can still hold on to Sabah and Sarawak when all the signs are already there for a bada bing divorce.  Under Act 750, our oil wealth already taken geographically.  If we want to debate on this “bada bing” of “Malaysia” to prepare ourselves for such an eventuality, it is a totally different forum.   We all know that in good times of the nation, Sabah and Sarawak had been largely left out in the main stream of development as Menteri Besar of Kedah Datuk Mukriz Mahathir had said “Kedah would not be today as developed if not for the wealth and resources of Sabah.”  I think all the states in Malaya can say the same.  So when bad times come to the nation inevitably, where would Sabah and Sarawak be?

So mulling over LOVE as “Leave Over Very End” or “Leave Out Very End”, as the cry is getting more intense and loud as far as in the Great Britain, are we in better position to prepare that day when LOVE is the deciding factor in the nation?  We know Sabah and Sarawak were ill prepared to go the “Malaysia” way in 1963 but hard scenario present tough decisions even after a process called IGC, Cobbold commission, 20/18 points with UN intervention?   In 1963, there were sudden confrontations from the neighbours then and somehow they were ‘weathered’ over 51 years despite the unending challenge. Today, Sabah is still in similar scenario of that unending challenge and life and fear go on hand in hand.

In 1963, there was the Azahari that broke up the intended 5 nations in “Malaysia” and today “Malaysia” can only go wayward bada bing and who is there to seal the final chapter of “Malaysia”?  Would it be DJ?

13.  Conclusion

  An Interim Good Governance Government would be in order to work for an appropriate solution rather than a bada bing for “Malaysia” and no ensuing violence of any sort within and without. We come in peace and we go in peace once and for all.  Fear not what is ahead as it was in 1963.

God bless all.

Joshua Y. C. Kong PM of  IGGG  16 September, 2014   6013-8394513

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Message of PM of IGGG M

MESSAGE of Prime Minister of IGGG M on Agung’s Birthday 2014

This is a very sincere and hard message for all in Malaysia to address today woes in the nation.

NO soft talking as it is useless and meaningless to do that to cover the doom of the nation.  Everyone should be informed of the truth nothing but the truth to set the nation free irrespective of the religious and race.

Is the nation already bankrupt ?  Is the expected Foreign Direct Investment coming to the nation to help build the nation for all?

In Malaysia we have lots of oil and gas revenue plus other major commodities but how much is Sovereign Fund Malaysia?  What we know we have substantial poverty in the nation especially in Sabah and Sarawak being half of the nation if ever Malaysia exists legally or rather a sham.  A big number of citizens in urban and rural areas in Sabah have next to nothing.

If I write too long a message, many may not bother to read it.

So I would dwell in some key areas namely autonomy since Malaysia Agreement 1963 for Sabah and Sarawak, the wealth of Sabah & Sarawak, the human rights of genuine people in Sabah and Sarawak  In this message I would relate more of Sabah vis-à-vis Sarawak and Malaya wherever relevant and important.

As a nation for 50 years, there is no excuse there is such a lopsided scenario in all aspects of the nation in relation to the economy, financial capabilities, development in infrastructure and security  in the context of Vision 2020.  

In 50 years, much fund from Sabah and Sarawak had been diverted elsewhere for the national needs especially in Malaya.  It is timely as an initial effort to pay back to Sabah and Sarawak what had been siphoned off for other priorities in the nation then and now it to address the lopsidedness in Sabah and Sarawak as in the process of Interim Good Governance Government (IGGG) Malaysia to make national transformation more focused and positive.

In this message, we cannot avoid the related issues such as the Double Six tragedy in Sembulan on 6th June, 1976 which could not be an accident of the incoming plane at Kota Kinabalu airport; the Petronas Agreement signed on 12th June, 1976 ; now the Agung birthday and the same Agung was also the head of nation in 1976; the autonomy of Malaysia Agreement 1963.

First does the Malaya’s Federation really recognize the Malaysia Agreement 1963?

About the Double Six Tragedy, some of the people still living to tell their knowledge of the crash which I strongly believe was caused by a bomb – a timed bomb – which did not go off in time when the plane is still in mid air.  So there was intervention of the landing by someone known to everyone at the air control tower and the officers at the Civil Aviation Department should know who that person is.  When this person always writing in Daily Express passes away, the whole story would explode and the surviving family would have to face the wrath of some people unless this infamous person now apologise to the public for his knowledge of the landing.  Today is the best time to do that or he leave the details in the Will.  A bomb was obvious because the terrible twisted wreckage cannot be a normal fall from such a low height in Sembulan landing on the low water.  The pictures are available.

After this wreckage, came the wretched thing the Petronas Agreement which is in principal against the spirit and letter of the autonomy of Malaysia Agreement 1963.  Sabah was in need of all the available resources after the timber to develop Sabah but we got was a pittance.

The voice to get back our oil and gas wealth is getting louder with Najib’s latest promise to review the level of the oil royalties for Sabah.

In the spirit and letter of autonomy for Sabah, it is 100% of the oil and gas to be returned to Sabah.  If that is not possible for all the Petroleum Sharing Contracts had been signed away under Petroleum Development Act 1974- Act 144, I am demanding RM100billions since 1976 to be maintained as the Sabah Sovereign Fund.

So why RM100billions for Sabah and another RM100billions for Sarawak?

  1. The exploitation of oil and gas in Sabah had been done without transparency and actually excessively done and Sabah has not been given the supporting basis for the payment of 5% since 1976.

  1. There is no monitoring body and the Council for PDA may be non existent.

  1. The successive Prime Ministers must come up with a document to show how much of Petronas money had gone into terrorism and other illegitimate expenditure?  The Petronas accounts and activities are questioned.

  1. The oil and gas of Sabah could be sold under forward contract at artificial low prices not revised by hefty rise of the global price trend.  This may affect the 5% paid and payable to Sabah.

  1. If for 38 year at RM4billion, it would work out to more than RN100billion and not include the accrued interest for the said period and if interest is compounded it could be at least RM300billions to Sabah and another similar amount to Sarawak.

If Malaya is really sincere in 2014, would not RM200billions or RM600billions bankrupt the nation.  Who cares if the nation is bankrupted by their own faults so deep into coveted ness, corruption, graft, embezzlement, wasteful spending or profligacy with irresponsible and  non transparent administration.   One very obvious expenditure as alleged is the RM100m allocation to the socalled first lady office for an authorized appropriation.  Isn’t it true when the socalled PM never disputed this? It was revealed a few year ago, but he now decide to sue Malaysiakini for some similar allegations of his mismanagement.

If Malaya had been fully developed using resources from Sabah and Sarawak, those investments should have earned enough to pay back to Sabah and Sarawak of the money so demanded now so that Sabah and Sarawak can be similarly developed albeit belated to catch up with Malaya for vision 2020 as developed status as 1Malaysia.  Can Sabah and Sarawak catch up in 5 years?

If Malaya cannot provide the much desired fund, then the nation is bankrupt now and Malaysia would not exist in 2019.

 Sabah cannot be the fixed deposit state / nation of BN/UMNO if such fund as demanded is not forthcoming because it would be bankrupted in 2015.

We either have a bankrupted nation or be saved by IGGG M  with a well balanced nation in all aspects.  BN/UMNO is at the end of the road of endless possibilities since 1946/1957/1963.  There is no other message to the nation now.

BN/UMNO, Do or die now, and it is better to do first and die to allow the nation to live on.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG M since 2008.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NOW - OPEN message on IGGG M

OPEN LETTER to all the socalled leaders

This is indeed an important letter on old and new issues faced by Sabah since 1963.

What has gone through in the History of Sabah cannot be undone but should be reviewed accordingly.

What is still going on in Sabah needs to be addressed accordingly.

What I am writing is about the terrorism still ongoing in Sabah arising from the neighbouring countries namely Philippines and Indonesia.

We know of the many issues since 1963 and obviously still unresolved.

The major one is the very old claim on Sabah by the Philippines which has sort of become academic relevance.  Although it is a dead claim but some people still want to use that as a punching bag against Sabah.

Also Sabah is also entangled by some past and present socalled leaders in dealing with the neighbours for known and unknown agenda.

It is known as how Tun Mustapha had entangled Sabah with Manila and the Southern Philippines and the bitterness thereof is still prevailing in some quarters within and without Sabah. 

While many old issues have not been resolved, new issues had surfaced in recent decades.

Some people prefer to settle such issues by way of terrorism including kidnapping and shooting of people in Sabah.

While such instances could have the motive of financial demands, there can be other reasons privy to those who had committed such heinous crimes in Sabah in recent decades.

I do not have the privilege to handle such heinous crimes and the people involved in these high profile crimes but some people who have access to such scenarios had written about some of them.

In the case of the dead Sabah claim, there are people who continue to pursue such claims privately to the leaders in Malaya and elsewhere.  Obviously such claims are really too much and are not entertained up to date.  Such dubious claims do not give anyone the right to resort to violence and terrorism especially to what happened in Tandauo in Lahad Datu area deemed to be an armed invasion or intrusion in early 2012.

Apart from the dubious claim, there maybe a few more recent events or incidences of discontent arising from dealings by recent socalled state and federal leaders.

Unfortunately, whatever Sabah had done in dealing with such neighbours had not be reciprocated by sort of mutual kindness.  Instead, Sabah had encountered the blunt of such concessions given to the neighbours in terms of aids, job opportunities, shelter from crisis in their homeland etc.

The illegal concessions of IMM13 and Project IC to the foreigners definitely brought a lot of heart breaks to Sabah and Sabahans and beyond.  A foreigner with Project IC was employed by a bank in Kuala Lumpur as security guard who one fine day shot a bank manager and got away with a loot of almost half a million Ringgit Malaysia.  Many such heinous crimes have happened reported or unreported.

It is also reported that Project IC in the late eighties and early nineties where the socalled leaders from the State and sanctioned by the prominent leader Mahathir in Kuala Lumpur all told in the recent concluded Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants Sabah (RCI IIS) has brought about a long string of endless terrors in Sabah and beyond.

It is also reported that the kidnap of 21 tourists in Sipadan Island in April, 2000 was mainly due to unsettled debts from getting foreigners to come to Sabah in a million to enable them to be given Project IC.  Our own Sabah “leaders” or traitors should now confess to the cause of this heinous crime which had since affected Sabah adversely very much.  I hope Musa Aman can tell us the full story of the Project IC leading to that kidnap.  Has it ever being resolved?  I also hope the report on RCI IIS as delayed but due any time now would bring out more details.

While the Project IC under the care of Musa Aman will never be resolved peaceful, Sabah and Sabahans would be forever under that endless curse.

With that endless curse in our midst, yet another curse has surface with the name of Aman Futures Philippine Group (AFPG) and somehow this 12 billion peso alleged scam is connected to Sabah possibly with the word “AMAN”.   Where would the convincing “resources” of AFPG come from if not from some connections in Sabah?  Would this story be fully told when the brain behind that alleged scam have been arrested in the reported persons of Abigail Pendulas and  Manuel Amalilio with “dual” citizenships?

Can this alleged Aman scam give rise to several kidnaps and heinous crimes in Sabah in recent months?  It is obvious that some people having lost so much money as much as 12 billion peso or 1 billion Ringgit Malaysia in a short period could resort to other tough methods to recover the losses in other ways.  Who can stop them using “mercenaries” to re-coup their losses?  Ultimately, it is Sabah, Sabahans and Malaysians who lose out in such apprehensive scenario in Sabah’s east coast.

Sabah has been victimized by all things done by the nation and the nation’s socalled leaders in so many ways.  When would such victimization be ended?  Can such socalled leaders who have entangled themselves in such heinous crimes loose them from such entrapment when they remain in office as great liars and hypocrites.  I have always written we have too many CRIMINALS in Federal and State Governments.

I would call on these socalled leaders installed by the rigging of the Election Commission of Malaysia (ECM) as confirmed by the two editions of the Government’s Gazette for the General Election 2013 and other similar rigging by ECM for GE 2004, GE2008 with the records all laid before the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak in 2008 and 2009.  What the ECM did with the two editions of the Gazette in GE2013 was actually trying to correct the discrepancies I had identified as fraudulent/manipulative practice or rigging of ECM in GE2004 and GE2008.  So what was in the two editions of the Gazette in GE2013 was guilt as charged by me in GE2004 and GE2008 and shaming the Judiciary which simply found the easy way to strike out my two laborious cases with total evidence.

All the issues faced by Sabah can be brought to live with a book as large as a few thousand pages. 

It would be another great sacrifice to present such a massive book while Sabah, Sabahans, especially half of Sabah in the east coast would be in strife for a decent living when curfew would be enforced.  Such curfew would also not solve the crisis of terror as long as the socalled leaders do not come clean with their own heinous crimes.

Every Sabahan deserve a better deal with Malaya, Philippine, and Indonesia and not live in the shadows of the own leaders in crimes.

In conclusion, do not blame the release of the full report of RCI IIS for fresh terror in Sabah and beyond for the unclean hands of people cannot remain in the positions of power.

Enough is Enough, a total change in Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak with the Interim Good Governance Government Malaysia (IGGGM) is the only option left now for a new beginning to stop the rot getting worst.  

Let God be God in Malaysia.

Joshua Y. C. Kong    8th May, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

58. Clear message over MH370

Withered MH370?  (a positive write up after 7 days of fruitless SAR)

There are many theories but did the plane crash? If not, why not?  Still looking for evidence of the crashed debris?  Even the Australian women came out with pictures of the “playful” pilot on board once which could imply that the plane crashed due to sort of negligence?.  Where is the black box?

So with the missing plane MH370 when I secured 37 votes in Api-Api 1986 and when 239 is my birthday 238 +1, and such figures really tickle my mind to say something rather than nothing as I strongly believe that Interim Good Governance Government in Malaysia (IGGG M) be installed now with Joshua Kong as PM to sort out the mess of BN/UMNO for 50 years and more.  Why 370 and why 239?  Numbers are symbolic of events past and present and days to come.  Not numerology but they do convey Godly messages like 7 is the number of completion. Now the numbers of the flights such as 371, 372 etc have been changed to 318, 319 hopefully can find the plane with the changes of numbers and 239 ?
So much for the brain teasing.  Raja Bomoh like it or not - be it Black or white- is very part and parcel of the real life in Malaysia and beyond.  What is the difference between Bomohism and Clairvoyance? Most politicians use them. Raja Bomoh in his first statement was eagle caught hold of the plane and how can an eagle catch hold of a plane?  That is symbolic in a vision and it is held in mid air meaning a nation in the north likely Russia, Mongolia, Korea (North & South) ??? and which nation looks like Korea ???  Has South Korea comes into the SAR?

Najib came out with a RM1 dressed chicken lifted into the air despite the “Billion Ringgit as per estimated insurance claims and still counting” MH370 missing?  Why?  Who was killed naked by C4 ?  Was that also a “chicken” who was rumoured to be pregnant???

Like any disasters, the spiritualists are used for unknown normal information as spiritualists can have “access” to the people on the other side?  Has any spiritualists already consulted if what Christians may say would not matter?  Ask Doris Stock of UK.

The ringing but an unanswered one of handphone is also relevant and so is the Royce Engine could be active to send the “DNA” message to some sensitive monitoring equipment including the satellites in today’s high tech society albeit denied by the acting Transport Minister?

Like any hijack as in 911, fake or stolen passports were reported used.  So it is so in MH370.

If it is hijack and the victims handed over to the kidnappers for ransom and if this is the case, it would be to the tune of Billions of Ringgit for MAS (on the way to bankruptcy) or Malaysia (also on the way to bankruptcy).  If it is an international hijack, it is very important to keep this secret especially it is a USA’s aircraft involved as US could bomb the target be it held in which country?  So the choice is for MAS and Malaysia to pay or not for the ransom demanded?  So it is likely a bankruptcy getting nearer for MAS and Malaysia if indeed a hijack is disclosed to the world.  If it is known that a hijack is related to vendetta of sort, then who would fly with MAS again internationally?  You all know the evils of BN/UMNO especially of the socalled leaders symbolized by the two green coconuts of Raja Bomoh plus the magic flask (pulu) in its team to capture the active spirit

Also don’t ignore this point that the plane diverted 40% prior to Vietnam and possibly to avoid all the top monitoring equipment on the coastal areas of China as any unlit and non responding aircraft would be forced to land by military jets.  So did the plane take the route of wilderness (once also the silk route) to avoid military responses in the air to reach the destination in the North for this well planned hijack?

So I hope the crash whether confirmed or otherwise, the basis of rumour would go on over the restive spirit which was cleared as missing in the Immigration Records.

So the kidnappers or hijackers would want the money and so they just keep quiet to the outside world and some few people would know it.   With a Boeing 777-200 and 239 persons missing, the whole deal is worth a lot of money reaching into billions of Ringgit.  The plane itself would be worth a lot of money if ransom not paid.

So with the mysterious plane missing after 7 days, it is as good as gone with those lives?
If it is sitting somewhere in the wilderness, would such people survive the harsh conditions?  If the location of the plane is identified, what can Malaysia do if it is really a hijack to rescue the hostages?  Only Isreal could do it like in the Entebbe case in Uganda?  If USA is involved, it would be very costly exercise too as lives would be in terrible jeopardy.  Any known or exposed negotiations would place Malaysia in very bad light too if only we know why such an incident can happen?  Even the very expensive costly submarines are possibly lying “idle” similar to missing in action.  Silence is bliss to some.

So like someone also blame Najib but I need to go further to blame BN/UMNO for the total imaginable malaise in Malaysia and MH370 has been waiting to come to pass.  So the evils of BN/UMNO has come full circle in the international arena.  Now Peninsula is enveloped with terrible haze in many parts as high as over 300 in the haze indicator readings today.  God bless all Malaysians as we pray for the nation for those in the plane.

IGGG M is the solution.

Joshua Kong