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Joshua Kong’s New Year 2013 message 1-1-2013

Joshua Kong’s New Year 2013 message 1-1-2013

We all have been struggling for every good reasons to come to this new year.
What do you want to hear from me when you see 2013?
Wish every one a very good year and beyond.
But this message can be based on rahman PUTRA.
After NAJIB, who is next?  It is less clear until last night in the Dataran Merdeka in the welcome of 2013.
Najib was not there but although Muhyiddin was there, he is not to succeed Najib, as Muhyiddin is nowhere there after 12 midnight when the TUDM band turned up on the stage to entertain thousands of 1Malaysia people.
Why TUDM?  What was the music played?  Although plenty of movement, the sound coming from the military band gave the impression of marching tune.
There are two possibilities now- either an anarchy after 28th April, 2013 when BN is done with automatically or BN or PR wins or a hung Parliament, troubles already brewing.  So it is likely whether the armed forces like it or not, emergency would prevail with the army in control as the Police already too overloaded with Police Reports when lodging  of Police Reports go online.
Then we had a folk song after the presenters said “miskin” and the bad omen when the happy singer of the second song was “miskin”.  How can we talk of “miskin” in new year 2013?  The country in sort of confusion and miskin (poor), when in anarchy and under emergency rule by the armed forces as no choice, is sure to be miskin because of the crimes of profligacy of BN leaders and BN Government into nihilism when !Malaysia has never been 1Malaysia since 1963 but 1UMNOcronyMalaysia.
The next presentation was indicative of what we expect from Malaysia when the drummers were beating on wood which although make wonderful endemic, original and naturally sounds from the forest in new deserving inventions  (I had advocated for such instruments for some years and I see it now).  So in 2013 and beyond we have to go back to basic beating on wood and metal panels always treated as waste to find a new beginning in Malaysia.
So people of Malaysia, be encouraged that I would like to be waiting for the call to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Just a flash back to Sabah since 1967 and the 13 in our midst in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 and now 2013 and GE13 if ever be possible after the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants RCI II on 14 January, 2013.  The consequences of RCI II of whatever dimension would be deemed like a TSUNAMI in the 50 years of Malaysia.
Every thing since 1963 had been dominated by Peninsula Malaysia and its time to rotate the PM position to Sabah as sort of reconciliation within Malaysia.
Go For it, my friends and pray.
God bless you for reading this and keep on praying.
Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM to be for IGGG Malaysia after/with army
PUTRA =  Pakatan Umno Tentera Rakyat Army/Aman/Amen. (very fast)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

20 points that GE 13 is not to be held?

Why there are 20 points that GE 13 is not to be held?

1.                  BN is scared to lose in GE13.
2.                  BN is infighting within.
3.                  BN especially Najib is faced with more exposures of his skeletons.
4.                  NKRA = Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah hence the lame duck.
5.                  There is no really democracy in practice.
6.                  BN does not believe in the Parliament as very few attend Parliament with no quorum today at the start on 29th November, 2012 too busy to find sexy trysts.
7.                  BN only dream of May 13 as Syarizat reminded the leaders at UMNO assembly.  That would allow BN to stay on in power for longer period.
8.                   Project IC is being challenged in Sabah and elsewhere.
9.                  The electoral rolls are contaminated with phantom voters as in all past GEs.
10.              BN still wants to spend more public fund until the coffer is empty.
11.              BN especially Najib continues to play the Snap General Election cards to weaken the opposition with campaign funds.
12.              The illegal Governments of Najib continues to do all things illegals spending public funds like there is no tomorrow.
13.              The BN Government continues to burden the people with many questioned projects and land grabs so that the Rakyat would become so poor with all the Court cases so poor so that the voters can be bribed with small money for votes.
14.              BN still waiting for massive demonstrations to arrest all the possible candidates from the oppositions and burden such leaders with legal cases.
15.              Najib and Rosmah want to stay in office as long as possible without actually dissolve the parliament until it is past the dateline resulting in anarchy.
16.              Najib thinks his father case would be repeated with the emergency after May 13, 1969 but this time round the incumbent should be removed as the whole scenario of anarchy and national crisis is caused by BN and the leaders largely illegal.
17.              Najib has tasted the water that he needs not actually call the elections despite many speculations of snap elections since he assumed power from the last PM in RAHMAN. He found it worthy to remain an illegal PM without mandate as long he kept his hope alive by speculations of General Elections.
18.              When the RCI on illegal immigrants is under way, there will be so many exposures that would really embarrass BN.
19.              When RCI on illegal immigrants are not completed properly and implemented accordingly with the clean electoral roll, how can GE13 be done before 28th April, 2013 – the last day of present Government?
20.              All those explosive fallouts from RCI II  would also impact the whole nation so much so that it may be a security issue for the region hence emergency for Malaysia is likely to be declared.

Whatever Government to be installed in the interim cannot be from BN or PR and someone like myself should be appointed the interim Prime Minister.
Joshua Y. C. Kong   29 November, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Avoid a bankrupt Malaysia

Support Joshua Y. C. Kong for PM to make this happen when the CHANGE OF BN as government is needed now.

<><><><><><>   read on please

Master Koh.... Finally voice out!!!!!!!!!
The time has come......

At long last someone from MCA has got the brain and more important the courage to pen it down what every poor rakyat knew for a long time.

Surviving the Coming Hard Time !

By Stanley Koh
Stanley Koh was the head of research unit at MCA. COMMENT
It turns out that the government you voted in will not hold your hand to see you through hard times. Instead, it will make sure to add to your suffering because that is the easiest way it can avoid going bankrupt.
Barisan Nasional has apparently decided that the time has come to remove or cut subsidies — the kind of subsidies that poor people depend on, not the kind enjoyed by big corporations and monopolistic suppliers of utilities and infrastructural support.
So what is the use of a government that will eagerly shake your hand during election time but will not hesitate to pull the rug from under your feet when it needs to save itself? Few believe that the removal of subsidies on essential food items and fuels can save the Malaysian government from possible bankruptcy. If it does go bankrupt, it will be because it has failed to cleanse a corrupt system.
It is better for Malaysians to be rich and to control a bankrupt government than to be poor and controlled by a corrupt government. Many countries have rich citizens with bankrupt governments.
You do not need an economist to tell you that RM100 in Malaysia today does not buy as much as it did last year.
In what we may call the Malaysian Misery Index, we can see that food prices have been spiralling upwards for years. For example, fresh tenggiri, which was RM13.23 a kilo in 1997, now costs RM40 a kilo. A roasted duck cost RM13.47 in 1997, but is now at least RM38. And Malaysians have become used to the doubling in price of some food items during festive seasons.
Most Malaysians do not expect the situation to improve. Food prices will continue to go up and there is little hope that they will come down again. Two years ago, the BN government announced that it had set up a US$1.25 billion fund to increase food production and that it was targeting 100% self-sufficiency in rice consumption. What has happened to the fund and the target?
Double whammy
When the GST (goods and services tax) is fully implemented in 2011, it will be a double whammy for poor and middle-income households, pensioners, the unemployed and single parents.
Some have argued that imposing GST on Malaysian does not make much economic sense when only 6.8% of the population are taxpayers and a large majority earn low incomes. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that most of us are paying hidden taxes in highway tolls and electricity tariffs.
Indeed, the future looks bleak. Yet, quite a number of us are gullible enough to think that the government will protect consumers. Are we not being stupid? Isn't it better to be wiser and brace for tougher times ahead?
Instead of believing the promises of a government that has a dismal performance record, we should believe the law of inflation, which says, “Whatever goes up will go up some more.”
Ronald Reagan once described inflation as a violent mugger, a threatening armed robber and a deadly hit man. In the Malaysian context, that is an apt description not of inflation, but of the BN government’s behaviour and policies.
So how do we fight the inflation of food prices?
Economists generally agree that the average Malaysian household spends about 75% of its income on food. Food price hikes will therefore have an adverse impact upon disposable income and force us to make a lifestyle change.
To fight inflation Here are some of the things we can do:

- Stop eating at expensive restaurants.
- Boycott traders, hypermarkets and hawker stalls that charge unreasonable prices.
-Shop intelligently for value and do not be too impressed by branding.
-Work out a budget before buying. Look out for special sales.
- Prevent wastage by not buying more than you can eat.
- Tell friends and acquaintances about shops that charge excessively.
- Avoid buying expensive beverages or foodstuff and find alternatives for nutritional value.
- Boycott chained markets and fast-food joints. They are monopolised by a few large companies and can therefore raise prices at whim.

Perhaps economist Milton Friedman was right when he said, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert, in five years there will be a shortage of sand.”
Malaysians do not take the official Consumer Price Index (CPI) seriously. They know it does not accurately reflect price rises in essential foodstuffs.
Many suspect that the government uses it as an instrument to deceive the public into thinking that things are hunky-dory when they are not. The government develops statistics so that the inflation-weary public would direct its hostility towards businesses, and not blame official mismanagement.
The average household consumption expenditure over the last 20 years has increased by 181.8%. In 1973, it was RM412. By 1993-94, it had gone up to RM1,161. In 1999, it touched RM1,631.
According to Prof Lim Teck Ghee, real household income has been growing, but at the snail-pace rate of 0.9% per year. More than half of the population are in the low-income category.
Today, a family of five spends 50% to 60% of household income on food compared with 20% in 1998 and 15% in 1988.
Not long ago, there was official acknowledgement that 95% of families are finding it hard to cope with the rise in food prices.
In fact, the biggest failure of the Ninth Malaysia Plan is that it did not help Malaysians improve their quality of living. Inflation, whether it is imported or locally generated, raises the cost of living and lowers the quality of living.
'Why not change the government?' In 2006, when Najib Tun Razak was Deputy Prime Minister, he asked Malaysians to change their lifestyle in the face of the rising cost of living.
A blogger by the name of Chong wrote in response: “Perhaps, the prime minister should have done some simple calculations himself. People like us basically have no lifestyle, just merely surviving with our earnings. So how are we going to change (our lifestyle)?
“Inflation has gone up 4.5% (and above) and the government is pushing the cost of living higher by increasing electricity tariffs, but our income remains the same.” Others felt it would be easier to change the government than to change a non-existent lifestyle.
“Instead of listening to Najib asking us to change,” one critic remarked, “why not we change the government at the next general election?” To me, that makes a lot of sense. Any government that is willing to build air-conditioned toilets around a city at more than RM100,000 each has no business planning a national economy.
When such a government decides to cut subsidies, many of us will wonder whether the so-called “savings” will instead go towards more majestic arches, fanciful lampposts, refurbishments of VIP residences, luxurious government bungalows and fruitless overseas trips by ministers.
Any government that stands accused of having wasted RM320 billion in 20 years — through corruption, wastage and mismanagement — definitely does not deserve to be re-elected.
Stanley Koh was the head of research unit at MCA.
                                           !**** L ****!

Please help to spread the message if you wish to see changes for a better
Malaysia. Forward to everyone in your email contacts list, asking them to send out via their email list too, so that more people will come out to vote wisely in the 13th General Election for a better Malaysia for your children and their children too.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wake up after the earthquake in Kudat

 What Najib wants to build a coastal highway to Kudat during his first visit there?
How much would that cost?  With all the land acquisition, it would take a long time.

What about improve and enlarge the present road to Kudat from KK?

Even the boastful state BN can spend RM14m for the second road (possibly unnecessary) to the Legislative Assembly Building from Yayasan Sabah Building.

Even the said Government cannot provide a decent central bus station in KK. (see the story below).

So the earthquake in Kudat recently.

 Now there is a new book on a Christian PM .
Query over entrance fee at Warisan Bus Terminal
Published on: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Kota Kinabalu: The 50 sen entrance fee imposed on bus operators at the Wawasan Bus Terminal here has raised questions from the Kota Kinabalu Public Transportation Drivers and Operators Association.
Its Chairman, M. Yunus Muhiddin, on Monday, said bus operators are in the dark over the viability of those collecting the entrance fee because no receipt is issued whenever payment is made.
"We do not know whether those collecting the entrance fee are private owned companies or City Hall because no receipt is issue upon payment.
"We're also in the dark as to what has happened to all the money collected because nothing seems to be done to upgrade the terrible condition of the bus terminal which is in much need of repair," he added.
"It's high time for us to have a proper bus terminal in line with the city's rapid development and a proper bus terminal should come with a proper waiting space for commuters, bank facilities, clean toilets, eatery and a systematic bus schedule for the convenience of the people.
"Last year, there was news on a bus terminal to be built next to the existing one but until today the bus terminal we have is full of dust during the hot season and very muddy during the rainy season," he said.
"People have endured this terrible condition for so long and it's time for us to stand together, be united and fight for our rights for a better facility," he added.
On another note, he said, his association had sent a formal letter to City Hall on Jan 6, 2011, relating to the upgrading of the Wawasan Bus Terminal and their intentions to take over the bus terminal management.
"We have also sent a proposed bus route to City Hall which I think would make it easier for the people but until today I not received any feedback from them. "I have lodged two police reports relating to this matter, one on Nov 21, 2011 and another on Dec 19, 2011," he said, adding that both reports were lodged at the Karamunsing police station.
He said he decided to seek help from the media since nothing seems to be done on upgrading the bus terminal.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comments on Budget 2013's speech

LIVE: Budget 2013 speech - salient points
4:10PM Sep 28, 2012

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is reading his fourth budget speech which is aimed at shoring up support before the 13th general election and rein in the deficit.
"Since the last 55 years, Malaysians have placed their trust in the same government at every stage of the nation’s development. We thank you for your trust. We have never betrayed the people. Instead, we have repaid the trust given to us manifold," said Najib.

[JK’s comment –BN has made the people in Sabah and Sarawak – politically poor as voiceless; down trodden economically by grabbing most of our resources or turn blind eyes on so many Police Reports lodged by me worth up to RM30 trillions decades past and into the future; if it is not betrayal, it has been too much of a struggle for most people to use own dwindling resources to struggle against the people in power who operate through proxies very much rewarded by those in power disposing such challenges with taxpayers money and you don’t realize that it is indeed a real betrayal- a glaring  example is myself as Plaintiff in two High court cases against the Government, The Prime Minister and the Election Commission, and I incurred my personal money and ‘cheating’ at the Court to strike out my case and not interested in the merits of the cases which expose the massive rigging of the BN Government to stay in power.  A sincere Government would hear me out and reward me as a whistleblower but instead I was penalized by a hjardcore corrupted Government.  Najib calls that repayment of trust given to us manifold in the opposite direction.]

"This government has never promised the moon, the stars or the galaxy. We have never painted a pretty picture based on wishful thinking. As a responsible government, we continue to speak the truth even though it may be unpleasant.
[JK’s comment- Who expect anyone to promise the moon, the stars or the galaxy?  A public apology is now required from the Prime Minister.  If the Government is indeed responsible, it is timely that the Government albeit illegal repeals the Petroleum Development Act Act 144 now as that act alone had degraded Sabah and Sarawak with people who are begging daily.  Give us back the oil and gas as it is after 30 years of naked exploitation of colonialists.  That would be a good sign to the truth of our independence in 1963 with the formation of Malaysia to share the resources not to be robbed until today.  Get those national robbers into the prisons].
"We have never misled to the rakyat with tall tales. On the other hand, we have always offered solutions and provided good leadership to every problem faced by the rakyat.

[JK’s comment –every day in the press we read about so many misleading schemes by the Government for a selected group only and we do not know how many more are skeletons in closet like the triple 6 fatal incident in 1976.  What solutions is Najib talking about when the long overdue and much promised Royal Commission of Inquiry is still to function]

"Managing a complex multiracial country like Malaysia is not easy. It requires sincerity and intelligence because Malaysians are a discerning lot. In fact, the rakyat has given the mandate to the same Government 12 times since 1959, indicating that this Government has done the right thing.

"The trust that exists between the rakyat and the government cannot be broken no matter how strong the lies. In this regard, the Budget that I am tabling is in appreciation of all Malaysians who have placed their trust in us all this while."
[JK’s comment -The BN Government has been so long in power mainly doing the right thing by massive rigging of most General Elections with impunity.  I had brought two court cases on rigged General Elections 2004 and 2008, the illegal Government is so scared to look at the merits of the cases and simply struck them out.]

Contributed by Joshua Y. C. Kong

Friday, September 28, 2012

What is holding up the RCI on Project IC?

What is holding up the RCI on Project IC?

Some people are waking up to the reality.
ACT 1950 Act 119  Incorporating all amendments up to 1 January 2006, the commissioners has to call  those involved with the Project IC including those authors of books to give evidence.

Since the RCI was formed on 11 August, 2012 and the Commissioners receiving their letters on 21st September, 2012.  The panel needs to be in the gazette before it can function.

So who would on the list to be called to give evidence at the hearing?

The lists of those implicated would be still some prominent leaders still alive.

So it is not like a Parliament Select Committee where anyone can give their views.

So amongst those always implicated are some top state leaders including Musa Aman,  Yahya Hussein.

So the drama would soon unfold and would even cause the collapse of the State and Federal governments.

Without RCI on Project IC as completed and implemented, the GE 13 to be held would be meaningless.

I hope I can be called to give evidence as author of three books titled “EPIC OF SABAH’ in three editions since 2002.

Concerned citizens, please press for prompt action.

Joshua Kong