Monday, February 25, 2013

why hide this double six?

 BN had hidden the skeletons for too long - sure got 'bomb'.  Joshua
SAPP will demand Double Six findings
Published on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: A test pilot here said if the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is voted into power in the coming general election, the new State Government of Sabah will demand from the Australian Government the release of its forensic findings on the air plane crash in the Double Six tragedy. Captain Joseph Lakai said plane crashes such as the Double Six tragedy that claimed the lives of former Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens and 10 others should be made public.
He said reports of such air crashes are useful in research to find out what went wrong whether it was due to pilot error, ground engineer errors, technical fault, air design fault, bad weather or other unexplained causes.
The former flight test engineer and test pilot in Royal Malaysian Air Force said the reports are also necessary for victims' families to pursue insurance and negligent claims against aircraft manufacturers and airlines.
"To keep the June 6, 1976 crash report continuously away from public sight, especially after 37 years, is completely unacceptable and unimaginable.
"The circumstances surrounding the air crash and the secrecy of the report into it can give rise to suspicions and speculations.
"As a patriotic Sabahan, an aviation consultant and a mechanical engineer, I fully agree with SAPP's efforts to uncover the truths behind the air crash by first getting the 1976 report released," he said.
He said SAPP's MP for Sepanggar, Datuk Eric Majimbun, had posed this question to the Federal Government in Parliament but to no avail.
He said the Double Six tragedy that took place on June 6, 1976 at Sembulan involved an Australian manufactured GAF Nomad N-22B type twin engine turboprop passenger aircraft operated by Sabah Air.
The then Sabah's Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens perished in the crash, along with Datuk Salleh Sulong, Datuk Wahid Peter Andu, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Datuk Chong Thain Vun and Datuk Darius Binion.
The other victims were Fuad's son Johari, Dr Syed Hussien Wafa, Ishak Atan, Corporal Said Mohammad and pilot Captain Nathan Ghandi.
"Immediately after the crash, there were allegations of foul play due to the political circumstances at that time," Lakai said.
He said the Australian government sent a team of four investigators to assist in the investigation of the crash.
He said preliminary investigations indicated overloading was one of the contributing factors.
"However, the real reason remains a mystery and the air mishap surrounding is still unexplained and this had haunted many who tried to seek the truth behind the tragic incident, while the original report on the incident remains classified until today," he added.
He said the people of Sabah want to know why the 1976 report remains classified and not allowed to be published.
"Now we Sabahans want and should know the truth about what really happened on June 6, 1976.
He concluded that according to the National Archives of Australia record series B5535 Annexure 1S33(1)(a) - Reason for decision (not to make public the findings) were because;
- Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation - Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation requires that a participating state in an investigation not release details of the investigation without the permission of the main investigating state.
- Malaysia has not as yet publicly released their final and full report of the investigation.
- The Australian Transport Safety Bureau undertakes investigation of aircraft accidents under Annex 13. The public disclosure of this information would lessen the confidence of foreign governments in Australia's commitment to meeting the requirement of Annex 13 and compromise the future activities of the ATSB and impair its ability to carry out its statutory function.
- Release of the information could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the international relation of the Commonwealth.
Annexure 1 S33 (1) (b), he said, stated:
- The information was of an inherently confidential nature when communicated to the Australian government.
The information is still afforded security protection by the foreign government and it has asked that the information not be disclosed to the public.
- The disclosure of this information would therefore constitute a breach of confidence owed of that foreign government.

all 'rubbish' of illegal UMNO/BN

 We don't want the illegal UMNO /BN (including past of UMNO) to dominate the nation with this kind of 'rubbish' with FRESH-AIR in IGGG now.  Joshua



Dr M: If Anwar's family can be politicians, why can't my children be in business

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he has nothing to do with Petronas's decision to award contracts to any of his children.
He said he was only informed about the contracts by the Petronas president after they were awarded and that he was willing to swear in a mosque and by the Quran about it.
"(Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim accused me, as Petronas advisor, of having been involved in awarding Petronas contracts to my children.
"For Anwar, this is a normal practice if he's in power.
"When he held the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance minister, he awarded so many contracts to his political supporters and family members.
"The ministry, during an Umno assembly, had presented the names of those awarded with contracts during his tenure. Included in the list were the names of his supporters and family members.
"None of my children's names were ever listed," he said in his latest blog entry at
Dr Mahathir said although he was appointed Petronas advisor, he had very little to do in terms of advising the company in its decisions.
"Petronas reports only to the Prime Minister and it is the Prime Minister who can make any instruction to Petronas. When I was the Prime Minister, I did not give any aid to my children," he said.
In fact, he said none of his children held a post in the Cabinet or in the party during his tenure as Prime Minister and Finance Minister.
Dr Mahathir explained that although, on several occasions, his children were nominated to hold government posts, he personally rejected them until he retired.
"If they are successful today, be it in business or politics, they did it on their own. Moreover, Their success came after I stepped down as Prime Minister," he said. Dr Mahathir said Anwar, on the other hand, had set up a party with his wife as the president and as the candidate contesting for Permatang Pauh seat.
"When his wife won the election, he told her to quit so that he could contest for the seat.
"There is no evidence that there exists a competition for the party advisor's post which he currently holds. He had also selected his daughter as a candidate in the last general election.
"Now, his wife is the party president, his daughter is the vice-president, his friend is the deputy president. Anwar Ibrahim owns Parti Keadilan Rakyat.
"If his wife and daughter can become politicians, why can't my children venture into business?" he added. - Bernama

can this be done for Malaysia too?

We know who are very corrupted in Malaysia and let the same spirit of punitive measures be done on BN and those few very corrupted all in Police Reports sort of dormant.  Joshua


Learning from recovery of Marcos assets
 0 7 0 7

Confetti rain down on thousands who attended the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolt. The Monday’s event was made memorable with the signing by President Benigno Aquino 3rd of the Human Rights Victims Reparation Act. PHOTO BY MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

On January 28, 2013, the Philippine Congress, wrapping up a thorough and inclusive legislative process, passed the landmark law on the reparation and recognition of victims of human rights violations during late strongman Ferdinand Marcos’ regime. President Benigno Aquino 3rd brought the compensation act into force by signing it on February 25.

The passage of the act reflects the high importance the Philippine government is devoting to the promotion and protection of human rights. It helps ensure that gross human rights violations under a dictatorship will never happen again in the Philippines.

This widely supported legislation puts an end to the long quest for justice for many thousands of victims of the Marcos regime. It is one of the first and most prominent cases where assets looted from the state have been returned to the rightful owner in a fair manner through the funds recovered from a corrupt dictator. It also sets new standards for the future restitution and use of illegally acquired funds. It is difficult to find a better example of retributive justice.

The peaceful People Power revolution of 1986 was a turning point in Philippine history. Filipinos were galvanized by former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino, the mother of the current Philippine president, and ousted the corrupt Marcos regime. The uprising returned democracy to the country after years of martial law, political aberrations, economic mismanagement and egregious human rights abuses.

Indeed, the severity of these human rights violations was only matched by the excessive greed of the dictator and his cronies. The act finally recognizes the plight of the many thousands of victims of the Marcos regime and awards them long overdue financial compensation, legal recognition, their individual acknowledgment on a victims’ honor roll and a moral tribute to their suffering.

The law also marks an important stage in a remarkable joint effort between two countries to right the wrongs committed by the Marcos regime.

Only hours after the ousting of the dictator in February 1986, the Swiss government imposed an unprecedented governmental freezing order on all Marcos assets located in Switzerland.

It did so after being informed by a Swiss bank that a representative of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos had requested the transfer of assets out of Switzerland.

Soon after the freeze, the Philippine government filed a request for mutual legal assistance with the Swiss authorities, thereby setting in motion the process to repatriate the assets stolen by Marcos. A number of legal hurdles had to be overcome in these novel proceedings before $684 million could be transferred to the Philippines.

In 1997, the Swiss Supreme Court issued its final ruling enabling the funds to be legally moved out of Switzerland. After being held in escrow, the money was finally released to the Philippine Treasury in 2003, following a Philippine Supreme Court decision ordering the forfeiture of the Marcos assets. This restitution marked one of the largest sums ever returned by any government to a country formerly ruled by a kleptocratic regime.

The successful process of returning the Marcos assets to the Philippines has been a formidable learning experience for both our countries as well as for the international community. Prior to the Marcos restitution, no other case involving similar amounts of money had been brought to a successful conclusion—and not many since.

The close cooperation was clearly beneficial to the Philippines and Switzerland. First and foremost, the Filipino people regained hundreds of millions of dollars that had been stolen from them. Moreover, it contributed to bring closure to a difficult time in their history. Switzerland also profited from the experience.

By freezing the Marcos assets, the Swiss government manifested its political will to prevent its financial center from being abused by dictators and autocratic regimes. The message proclaimed was clear: Switzerland is a high-risk place for illegal funds.

Building on the Marcos experience, the same powers to freeze dictators’ funds have been reapplied by the Swiss authorities repeatedly, most notably in the wake of the Arab Spring of early 2011, when the assets of three former regimes were blocked.

Since 1986, Switzerland has returned over $ 1.7 billion of assets stolen by politically exposed persons and their cronies to their countries of origin, more than any other financial center in the world has ever returned. Today, the Swiss expertise and commitment to asset recovery is recognized internationally.

The Philippine-Swiss cooperation made a significant contribution to the international debate on the handling and restitution of funds illegally funneled abroad by politically exposed persons. Thus, the Marcos restitution has become a model for the recovery of stolen assets, an issue of increasing importance in the global fight against corruption. It also had a direct impact on the negotiations of the UN Convention Against Corruption (Uncac), which devotes an entire chapter to asset recovery.

President Aquino’s steadfast efforts to promote good governance, to curb corruption and to end impunity are bearing fruit. The recently signed Involuntary Disappearance Act and the passage of the compensation bill further advance this agenda.

The Swiss government’s determination to prevent illegal funds from ending up in its financial institutions by tightening anti-money laundering provisions and advancing the restitution of assets of corrupt officials resonates to the same tune.

Indeed, our countries’ joint efforts go beyond the specificities of the Marcos asset recovery. Cooperating in the struggle against corruption is as much a moral necessity as it is a legal obligation, explicitly stated in the Uncac.

Yet, in the end, success also depends on the ability and willingness of the involved states to work together in a spirit of cooperation and trust.

The Philippine-Swiss experience clearly underscores this fact. If the cooperation between our two countries has contributed not only toward bringing closure to a painful chapter of Philippine history, but also helped to emphasize that progress in the fight against corruption necessitates determination and close cooperation of all parties involved, it will have served an important goal beyond the specific case, or the testimony to the excellent bilateral relations between our two countries.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meaningless polls integrity pledge

 Meaningless  polls integrity pledge because the HighCourt of Kota Kinabalu are scared to trial my two General Elections 2004 and 2008 cases and instead just strike them out. The cases can still be refiled by any concerned citizen, Joshua


Najib, BN leaders sign polls integrity pledge
UPDATED @ 05:55:30 PM 20-02-2013
February 20, 2013

Najib and Low (right) hold a copy of the integrity pledge during a signing ceremony in Putrajaya, February 20, 2013. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng
PUTRAJAYA, Feb 20 ― Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak and component party leaders signed today Transparency International Malaysia’s (TI-M) Election Integrity Pledge, a move seemingly aimed at showing the ruling coalition’s seriousness in playing fair at Election 2013. The pledge was introduced as part of the graft watchdog’s campaign to promote clean elections amid allegations of vote-rigging and widespread bribery during polls. The opposition has accused BN of maintaining its grip on power through such tactics.
“The issue of integrity is extremely important, and we would like to see candidates who stand in the next general election uphold this principle regardless of their political affiliation. This is imperative as a corrupt political system fundamentally undermines all other anti-corruption efforts.
 “It is a commendable effort for [the prime minister] to ensure all his political nominees are screened by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and, now, taking this a step further by encouraging them to make a public commitment for clean and fair elections.
“Should [the prime minister] be successful in ensuring all his candidates become signatories of the pledge, Malaysia will be the first country in the world to do so,” said TI-M president Datuk Paul Low,  in a statement released after the signing ceremony held at the prime minister’s office here.
Late last year, MACC Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel chief Datuk Johan Jaafar proposed that the government make it compulsory for all political parties to submit their list of candidates to the commission for vetting to ensure that they were “clean”, besides avoiding any undesired allegations.
Najib, who is also prime minister, threw his backing behind the suggestion by announcing last year that all BN candidates for the next general election must be vetted and cleared by the graftbusters.
The idea, however, met resistance from opposition leaders who said the MACC had no jurisdiction to vet potential BN candidates before the general election, which must be held by mid-year.
Leaders from the federal opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat insisted that only a public declaration of assets would ensure candidates are not corrupt.
Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony, Low said those who signed the pledge will not be accountable to TI-M but to the public.
The TI-M president said the NGO will set up an email forum where voters monitoring the candidates can continuously give feedback or report violations at its website.
“It is now up to members of the public to be the eyes and ears to monitor their elected representatives’ adherence to these standards,” Low said.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Third force for Malaysia and Sabah

JK – digest 4/ February 2013  Why a third force needed in Malaysia?  (16-2-2013)

I think most people believe the battle line as continued from GE2008 between BN and PR has been drawn for a second episode in Peninsula Malaysia as it is to be in GE13 or 2013 which is ultimate on
28th April, 2013.

I also think 13 may sound a fatalistic note to some people.

So it is to be worst in Sabah to see a 13 so prominently in Sabah’s political history.

Can it mean the same for the nation in term of CHANGE, UBAH or ABU?

In Sabah, State Governments were changed naturally or by manipulations as in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, where the last two digits in them were added up to 13.  Since  1994, Sabah had General Elections in 1999, 2004 and 2008 where 13 had not been featured except now GE13 in 2013.

Ever since Najib was illegally appointed PM in 2009, there have been many times of SNAP general elections as Najib needs to have mandate as PM.  In 2012, I think at least six dates were speculated in vain for GE13 possibly to avoid 2013.

So let God’s judgement flows in 2013 for Malaysia.

GE 2013 if ever held is the defining moment for the nation.  If GE 13 is not to be held for many reasons as per 20 issues raised by me why GE13 would not be held until 28th April, 2013.  The important issue is that the GE 13 must be clean, fair and TRUE and in the present scenario of continuous cheating by none other the Election Commission as already proven in GE2004 and GE2008, GE13 would be the most DIRTY and costly events, we cannot forget ever.

This is my whistle blower on both BN and PR to be blown away as both sides are hopeless for the nation as they are the products and byproducts of the illegal UMNO loading with many hundred thousands of ILLEGAL members with project IC.

With the spending sprees of BN to trap voters into their camps, it is ruinous for the nation’s financial system bursting at its beams and if it ever comes back to power by cheating, the public would be forced to make good all those financial malfunctions prior to the GE13.  Citizens of Malaysia, would you want such a Government robbing the nation dry?

With the spending sprees of BN now and if ever PR comes to power for a no-choice stance, excessive financial commitments can be very difficult for the diminished financial system to cope with plus other financial strains especially the Bursa Malaysia (Stock Exchange) could collapse with BN’s wealthy cronies selling to destroy the incoming new Government. The herd mentality knows no boundary.

Why are we into such a terrible dilemma at CHANGE, UBAH, ABU in 2013?
It is indeed the curse of the demise of UMNO which just refuse to die despite it was de-registered in 1988.
So the best choice for the nation is the third force – free from vendetta (personal or otherwise), no more stone to grind since 1998.  Who want to pay people to dwell in all sort of rottenness of personal nature while ripping the nation apart into poverty.

Concerned citizens of Malaysia, the fact that GE13 is so long in coming is because God is waiting for a kind solution for Malaysia especially Sabah.  Sabah is at the threshold of CHANGE in the Golden Jubilee year of independence of  2013.  Peninsula Malaysia or Malaya in 2008 also in the Golden Jubilee had its CHANGE when BN lost five states and the two third majority in the Parliament.

The much desired CHANGE is now in our own hands in Sabah and Sarawak. How would this happen?  In Sabah, we cannot trust the Election Commissions to do a proper decent job as cheating is the blood veins of the officers. If the BALLOT box is out of the equation in Sabah, what is the avenue for CHANGE?  No rotten and expired incumbents allowed to stay on in office to ruin the nation further. .

What is the CHANGE to be in the nation?

A good CHANGE for the nation is to have a break from the curse of UMNO and its split groups.

Interim Good Governance Government IGGG would be the ideal solution and I am prepared to assumed the very challenging position of PM by appointment of the DYMM YDP Agong.
We will see a totally different atmosphere for Malaysia -  a people of new direction to move on.

God bless my homeland Malaysia especially Sabah.  Love Malaysia Love Sabah.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lok Kawi - Papar Road To Be Widened In Stages - PM

 After 50 years still not build good roads for Sabah, but most money gone into the pockets of most leaders...don't   shxt any more... Joshua

February 14, 2013 15:48 PM
Lok Kawi - Papar Road To Be Widened In Stages - PM
PAPAR, Feb 14 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today announced that the Lok Kawi-Papar road would be widened in stages.

He made the announcement after hearing grouses from residents in the area about traffic congestion along the 30km stretch of road between Lok Kawi and Papar town.

Hence, he called on the people, particularly those in this district, to continue supporting the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government to ensure the continuity of such development efforts.

"I know you love me, but my name is not on the ballot paper.

"Therefore, please vote for BN. Ensure that you cross for BN (on the ballot paper)," he said at a gathering with Papar constituents, here, Thursday.

Najib said various forms of aid such as the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) and early schooling aid would be continued if the people again gave their mandate to BN.

He said these efforts proved that BN really helped the people and would do anything possible for their own well-being.

"We have given BR1M 1, then BR1M 2.0. If you choose BN, we will give BR1M 3, BR1M 4.....

"But we don't do Bersih 1, Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 because we don't do things that will waste the people's time," said Najib who also assured the people of Sabah that development efforts would go on in the state.

However, he hoped that those in the remote areas would be patient as development in these areas would be carried out in stages, considering their expanse and geography.

"Sabah requires huge costs for development to continue to be channelled to the people throughout the state.

"That is why BN needs a new mandate from the people to implement everything possible in their own interest," he said.

Najib also expressed confidence that BN would retain the Papar parliamentary seat and its two state seats, Pantai Manis and Kawang, in the upcoming 13th general election.

He regarded the spirit shown by the 10,000-strong crowd at the event as extraordinary and believed that Sabah would continue to develop in tandem with mainstream development under BN's administration.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Questions over validity of Najib’s oath-taking ceremony

 We should remove all the illegalities including the illegal UMNO with many illegal members of Project IC, hence a BIG headache is gone - JK


Questions over validity of Najib’s oath-taking ceremony

As the nation awaits Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s decision to dissolve parliament, a former top cop has spotlighted a discrepancy in Najib’s oath-taking ceremony three years ago, which results in questions being asked on its legality.
Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim pointed out this discrepancy in one of his open letters to solicitor-general Idrus Harun today, following Najib’s oath-taking ceremony held on April 3, 2009, to become the sixth PM of the country.
US president Barack ObamaUnited States President Barack Obama had also made a mistake when reciting his oath in taking office for his first term in 2009. However, in Obama’s case, before he began work the next day, he took the proper oath.
Mat Zain said the oath of the executive and others is listed in schedule six of the federal constitution.
Saya…, setelah dipilih (atau dilantik) memegang jawatan… dengan sesungguhnya bersumpah (atau berikrar) bahawa saya akan dengan jujur menunaikan kewajipan-kewajipan jawatan itu dengan segala daya upaya saya, bahawa saya akan menumpahkan taat setia yang sebenar kepada Malaysia, dan akan memelihara, melindungi dan mempertahankan Perlembagaannya.”
Vouch of secrecy
Saya… dengan sesungguhnya bersumpah (atau berikrar) bahawa saya tidak akan memberitahu atau menzahirkan kepada mana-mana orang sama ada secara langsung atau secara tidak langsung apa apa perkara yang dibawa untuk pertimbangan saya atau yang akan saya ketahui sebagai seorang… kecuali sebagaimana yang mungkin dikehendakki menunaikan dengan sewajarnya kewajipan-kewajipan saya sebagai yang demikian atau sebagaimana yang mungkin dibenarkan dengan khas oleh Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.”
Changes in structure
However, Mat Zain said a perusal of the recording of the oath-taking ceremony revealed that the words “dengan jujur” (with honesty) is only said after the words “menunaikan kewajipan-kewajipan jawatan itu”.
NONE“Najib has also added the words ‘kepercayaan dan’ (trust and) before the words menumpahkan. Besides this, in taking his vouch of secrecy, Najib had replaced the word ‘mana-mana orang’ with ‘sesiapa’ (anybody) and also the word ‘sewajarnya’ with ‘sempurna’ (perfection).
“A check with the oaths taken by the six new deputy ministers after him shows that their oath remains intact compared to the ones by Najib. By replacing the two original words with new ones, Najib had effectively change the structure and meaning of the vouch of secrecy.
He said the changes in words and structure are not in the federal constitution and this raises questions as such changes are not recognised by the constitution which is the highest document in the country.
Mat Zain said with the deputy ministers taking their oath as it is, only proves there is no change in the structure.
Najib’s name discrepancy
The former top cop said Najib is also embroiled in a discrepancy over his name as in his oath ceremony he had placed his name as Muhammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.
“However, in documents filed in Najib’s affidavit with regard to Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case, he affirmed and sign as Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak as contained in his identity card, without the word Muhammad.
“The question remains whether Najib’s oath to be the prime minister and vouch of secrecy is valid when he uses a different name from that in his identity card as the name is different from the oath which he took and recognised by the federal constitution,” he said.
Obama, Mat Zain said, repeated the oath ceremony in January 2009, when he misplaced the word truthfully.
The former top cop said Karpal Singh had in 2008, during the first parliament session, questioned the validity of the new MPs taking their oath when they did not raise their right hand.
“If such an action of not raising the right hand can raise questions on the validity of the oath, the actions done by the present prime minister is worse than this,” he reasoned, and demanded that the Attorney-General’s Chambers shed light on this issue.
The AG’s Chambers, in its commitment to ensure the constitution is protected and laws are being followed, should comment on this even if this involves the PM, said Mat Zain.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Signs of BN or Be End. (11-2-13)

JK – digest 1/ February 2013 – Signs of BN or Be End. (11-2-13)

Congratulations to Psy, whose real name is Park Jae Sang came to Penang by private executive jet at 7.10am in the Second day of Chinese New Year for a very highly charged event in a CNY OPEN House in Han Chiang High School.  Penang is once the land of Francis Light and today it is so prosperous that a second bridge would soon be completed to Butterworth in Peninsula Malaysia.

Why Psy appears in the giant show in the land of Francis Light at a cost of millions of Ringgit yet to be revealed for an hour or less of special performance in a BN’s show in the sweltering heat of daylight Penang.  It is all light for Psy.  What light is Psy going to shed now.

It was like the lightning speed that he had to leave Penang as soon as he had arrived when he was earlier whisked away by the escort Police from the Penang International (previously Bayan Lepas) Airport possibly the Sun has yet to shine in this season of time.

Someone wrote Gangnam Style and BN Style of celebration in the Francis Light land possible with a timely message at such a hurried grand style.

What have Gangnam Style and BN Style anything in common?  What is the meaning of Gangnam in Korean?  BN Style must end in great Style in Malaysia in the political arena.

The suddenly arranged very expensive event is obvious with a message for Malaysia as it is the light of sort.  Psy came in the breaking of dawn in the land of Francis Light.

So we need to congratulate BN and Najib for a clear message for such a name as Psy to perform in Malaysia if only we know the meanings of Gangnam and Psy.

Psy is so popular in the world now as he performs to millions of viewers LIVE as in Brazil prior to coming to Malaysia.

Is it a Psy or side or end show of BN?  A light of sort after some attempts to stop the Psy show.?

Can we accept this early indicator of things to unfold soon come 28th April, 2013?

BN may soon be in the history and this story is to be told in many shows.

Congratulations for all Malaysians for the CHANGE unfolding after all those horsing –Gangnam style- to STOP for more than 55 years (Peninsula Malaysia) and 50 years (Malaysia).

So be prepared for Interim Good Governance Governments IGGG and I dare to take up the HOT (threatening) seat of PM as the only positive piece for the continued survival of Joshua Kong after so many fatalistic and demonic darts for 40 years into the promised land.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Psy or Sai in Hokkien is Sxxt, when in Hakka is "end".  take your pick.

this is fresh air for Malaysia

What is Islam? (Daniel Shayesteh)


Famous Muslim Leader accept Lord Jesus Christ....Testimony



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013’s message.

Chinese New Year 2013’s message.

What omen or inspiration that I am writing this CNY’s message on new year day of 10th February, 2013?

Being the first day of CNY is so special as it was on 1st January, 2013 that I also wrote a message based on what I saw at the 2013’s welcome performance at the Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur. The central message is CHANGE.

Now this is going to tell us of CHANGE too.

Only at the eve of CNY, I received an email with a photograph of a very old white Toyota saloon 1200 cc bearing the number BN2013 which was still on the road despite its very poor condition in Kuala Lumpur.  So it is timely in 2013 to CHANGE BN as BN is well expired despite much experience of corruption and greed.  You may read the message BN2013 some other way as many old guards still want to contest.

Nearer home, photographs of dead and poisoned Pigmy Elephants were splashed in the local newspapers on 29th January, 2013.  It was reported 13 were dead with a survived one baby elephant now named as Joe in the Lok Kawi Zoo.  Some may be struck by 13 as 13 adds up to 4 when 4 parts formed Malaysia in 1963 and 2013 is the 50 years of Merdeka for Sabah and Malaysia.  Next few days, it was reported that 14 elephants were dead,  Some claim that  Malaysia consisted 14 states including Singapore which left in 1965. 

It all depend how we read the special message of the special elephants only found in Sabah especially in the year of GE 13.  So we all stare at 13 because of earlier experiences of changesof political masters in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 until today when 13 appears.

Actually the CHANGE in 1994 was very much manipulated by illegal UMNO and BN.

It may be just the precious elephants (considered by some as gods of the forest) have perished   There is no implication of Malaysia going that way.

Which do we prefer - bury the elephants or UMNO in Sabah now?

Inconclusive for this sign, but the little Joe like my name is a survival in the Lok Kawi Zoo as an item of treasure when the elephants .are likely to be extinct with more logging and plantations by the hypocrites

So be prepared.for what may come after 28th April, 2013 without Federal and State Governments especially UMNO is ILLEGAL.

I am ready for the PM of IGGG.

Joshua Kong

Monday, February 4, 2013

UMNO as illegal must be destroyed

Quote:"As reported by UN, the BN government has allowed the corrupt and ill-gotten money from the elite UMNO & cronies to be siphoned out of Malaysia by money laundering to the staggering amount of RM1 TRILLION RINGGITS for the last 20 years."

UMNO as illegal must be destroyed to keep the Malaysia SAFE for all and not for the cronies of UMNO only..

I strongly believe much of this money flight had come back to Malaysia to haunt all Malaysians especially those in Sabah and had been used for many evils of Mahathir in various forms namely:-

1.  Fixed most General Elections by rigging including ballot papers and ballot boxes manipulationS to retain EVIL and CORRUPTED power.

2.  To bring terrorists to Malaysia especially in Sabah.

3.  To give dubious and genuine ICs to unqualified foreigners including illegal immigrants under PROJECT IC or Project M for all sort of unthinkable purposes to cause ethnic cleansing and to re-enforce apartheid in Malaysia especially in Sabah.

4.  To sustain UMNO in Sabah with a large membership of the PROJECT IC.

5.  To assist or fund many dubious foreigners and immigrants in various businesses to destroy the Chinese community in businesses.

6.  To destablise the investment climate in Malaysia by manipulations etc.

Joshua Y. C. Kong as the PM og IGGG would see to this CHANGE.