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Independence Message 2012

JK – Digest 1 of August, 2012 – Independence message for 2012

What kind of message do you want now?

There are many  lying political messages as we so often see now in the mass media –
 all distortions from those socalled leaders also ‘nincompoop’ even at this time and age.

Who are they really fooling but themselves?

There are so many items and we cannot give exception to the press in this game of deceptions.

In this message, I only want to deal with TWO items namely the RCI
on Project IC and the Oil & Gas wealth not to mention the 5% only.

1.         RCI on Project IC
After so long in coming and still so long to implement it and still on investigation
of the ‘rotten egg’.  You want to believe the much delay in the Terms and Conditions
which can be simply copied from my Book – “EPIC of Sabah” not another EPIC
 of BN/UMNO for the wrong reasons.  EPIC is Extra People Identity Cards for almost 5 decades.

All sorts of information on the RCI are emitting from some politicians all in the
 same boat from no way to no way but just feel good that there is such an RCI
 which Tun Dr M said “RCI is useless”..

So it is simply useless now with another round of rhetoric but passed onto
 RCI – a sick boat and a sick joke too.

It was announced on 11 August 2012 and today on 26 August, do we hear
 anything more of that?  Now it is on the Oil and Gas wealth in Sabah.

Soon RCI from no where with end up into no way as the problem is too big
 for the RCI to investigate only.  We have got up to 2 millions of illegal people
 including all the offsprings of the project IC groups now considered Malaysians
 by default after some decades especially since early 1990s when UMNO came to power on the
 piggy bank of Project IC created by MUSA Amen and his gang as widely reported in the press. 

How would it take 6 months to complete the RCI to investigate and nothing would happen
 to implement that ?  What good is that in the context of Independence when the genuine locals already outnumbered are soon to be refugees in their own homeland?

That is Janji Ditepati ? Promises fulfilled to convert the locals into refugees as few
Chief Ministers of Sabah (illegal Chief Ministers included) wanted it that way.  So promised fulfilled to the transient people.

I believe the Police had been doing so many investigations on our Police Reports
 repeatedly and now we go another round of musical chairs with no winners and
Sabahans all losers because it would take a herculean effort to implement the
 revocation of Project IC with appropriate political will.  I wish all the best to the experienced panelists in RCI.

2.         Now it is the lost cause in Oil and Gas in Sabah.

Sabah has been so generous to give spaces to the Project IC in millions of foreigners.
Sabah has been so generous too to give all the wealth away and retain only 5%.
  I want the leaders in 1976 to search their conscience as to why they had been
so generous to give almost everything away despite 20 points and the Malaysia Agreement
under the watchful eyes of the British colonialists.

If you own some land and houses, do you allow others to occupy 95% of the
property and you use only 5% of the said asset?

Nincompoops are so clever now as they play up again in the mass media.  Who do you think they fool?

The foolishness statement is about how much we in Sabah must get back? 10%, 15%,
20% and some 25% and better still 30%?  Are those percentages reality with the
present scenario when long terms contracts already signed  away with foreigners
(non Sabahans and foreigners)?  We Sabahans had been cheated since 1976.
  It was written on the wall with BLOOD of triple 6.  So some people
are so happy to toy with Blood in their hands.
So why not after 30 years, we take it back 100%.  Even some land tenure was reduced to
 30 years and then subject to new terms and conditions.  So why not the Petroleum
Development Acr be repealed after 30 years and all those contracts to be declared
null and void.  All we need is to amend the Act of Parliament with a fixed term
 and let others complain.  The poor rakyat had been complaining about the Oil and Gas but nobody is listening.

Now as the GE 13 is looming, some fools want to fool others with some listening
devices which would be switched off after GE13. There we go again.

The reality is 5% is already locked up.  Any change in that rate would mean the overall fund (the low one) would be the same and only play with some figures to fool themselves.

Any sincere parliamentarian to bring an amendment to the Petroleum Development Act 144? 
 Act now or forever ‘dead’.

That would be "Janji Ditepati" - promise fulfilled for 50 years of Sabah in Malaysia that Sabahans would be fools and poor.

Time for a total change under the acronym “PUTERA”  AMEN.          

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Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM for IGGG Malaysia for the good of all.

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  1. Jk’s Digest 1 of September, 2012- Message for Malaysia Day 2012
    “Ibrahim (right), who professed himself as among the early leaders to bring Umno into Sabah, cited endemic corruption as triggering his decision to abandon the party.”

    ENDEMIC corruption has been going on in Sabah and Malaysia for decades and I feel happy and convinced that someone had declared it publicly.
    That conviction albeit much too late and long in coming, and it is better late than never.
    So what can each one of us handle this message?
    We all know the reasons and criminal excuses for so much corruption since 1963 when Independence was meant to give better prospects to all but none is so true that only some small groups grab all using the scapegoat in the big groups of poor, oppressed and deprived folks. The gap of wealth is getting bigger and something very serious is definitely wrong.
    Stand up and stand tall in the fight against endemic corruption as the compelling message on 16 September, 2012.

    Joshua Y. C. Kong
    PM for IGGG Malaysia for the good of all.