Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wake up after the earthquake in Kudat

 What Najib wants to build a coastal highway to Kudat during his first visit there?
How much would that cost?  With all the land acquisition, it would take a long time.

What about improve and enlarge the present road to Kudat from KK?

Even the boastful state BN can spend RM14m for the second road (possibly unnecessary) to the Legislative Assembly Building from Yayasan Sabah Building.

Even the said Government cannot provide a decent central bus station in KK. (see the story below).

So the earthquake in Kudat recently.

 Now there is a new book on a Christian PM .
Query over entrance fee at Warisan Bus Terminal
Published on: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Kota Kinabalu: The 50 sen entrance fee imposed on bus operators at the Wawasan Bus Terminal here has raised questions from the Kota Kinabalu Public Transportation Drivers and Operators Association.
Its Chairman, M. Yunus Muhiddin, on Monday, said bus operators are in the dark over the viability of those collecting the entrance fee because no receipt is issued whenever payment is made.
"We do not know whether those collecting the entrance fee are private owned companies or City Hall because no receipt is issue upon payment.
"We're also in the dark as to what has happened to all the money collected because nothing seems to be done to upgrade the terrible condition of the bus terminal which is in much need of repair," he added.
"It's high time for us to have a proper bus terminal in line with the city's rapid development and a proper bus terminal should come with a proper waiting space for commuters, bank facilities, clean toilets, eatery and a systematic bus schedule for the convenience of the people.
"Last year, there was news on a bus terminal to be built next to the existing one but until today the bus terminal we have is full of dust during the hot season and very muddy during the rainy season," he said.
"People have endured this terrible condition for so long and it's time for us to stand together, be united and fight for our rights for a better facility," he added.
On another note, he said, his association had sent a formal letter to City Hall on Jan 6, 2011, relating to the upgrading of the Wawasan Bus Terminal and their intentions to take over the bus terminal management.
"We have also sent a proposed bus route to City Hall which I think would make it easier for the people but until today I not received any feedback from them. "I have lodged two police reports relating to this matter, one on Nov 21, 2011 and another on Dec 19, 2011," he said, adding that both reports were lodged at the Karamunsing police station.
He said he decided to seek help from the media since nothing seems to be done on upgrading the bus terminal.

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