Tuesday, May 7, 2013

53. OPEN LETTER post GE13

IGGG Malaysia should come to pass now post GE13, Thank God, Joshua

What is the way forward after GE13 on a flawed mandate?

What is it after the clarion call of UBAH?

That UBAH process is ongoing at accelerated space despite the BN/UMNO remains in office at Putrajaya and for what purpose when the Writings are on the Wall Malaysia?

Lets look at the results very much contaminated by all sorts of rigging by EC as denied for decades.

The PR got 51% of the popular votes when BN got only 46% leaving the rest to the Independents and other smaller parties which are also in opposition to BN/UMNO.    So the opposition actually got 54% of the votes cast.

When 80% of the voters of 13m came out and so the opposition to BN/UMNO got 54% of the 10.4m votes and that is 5.6m of the total votes cast.  So BN/UMNO got 4.8m.

So the purpose of the General Election is for the leaders on both side of the divide to get the mandate from the populous votes.  Did BN/UMNO under the leadership of Najib really get the mandate?

What kind of mandate is expected to be in the voting pattern?

The mandate should come from real support of the votes cast.

There are various types of votes mainly support or protests votes.

It is important for the voters to be genuine supporters.

Some of the giant killers got their votes from ‘protesters’ against the BN/UMNO’s sort of big wig or big gun.

For the reigning Government to be effective to implement whatever policies and projects, we need people who are genuine to support the parties and leaders concerned.

So lets examine the BN/UMNO’s votes of  4.8m when there are over 3m of UMNO members alone not to consider the members of the other 12 coalition members.  Then the other component members could easily add up to 1.8m.  So who are the voters of BN/UMNO?  The civil servants of present and retired ones including family members could easily add up to some 3 millions. Normally the civil servants including the retired ones would vote for the reigning Government  I have not considered the number of employees of  the Government Linked Agencies and statutory bodies which could employ a few millions of workers.  So the total of such people could be up to 10m.  (I may be wrong here and can anyone rebut my assumptions here with real figures).

So can I draw a conclusion that many of these estimated 10m had not voted and supported BN/UMNO?  It is also to be questioned that the total registered voters is about 13 millions as most of the BN/UMNO members also come from employees of civil service and the Government linked agencies.

If that is the case, then can we considered those groups with vested interests really voted with wholeheartedly support for the BN/UMNO.  Here, I can also assume that many who know BN/UMNO inside out did not vote for BN/UMNO.

It is to be questioned that the said mandate is not without any flaw then.  If BN/UMNO as the incumbent got more than 60% of the votes, then the mandate could be accepted as more reliable.

The 1Malaysia Government could be further flawed when only few newly elected members of Parliament are Chinese from MCA and Indian from MIC possibly making the 1Malaysia Cabinet as lopsided with most members from UMNO only.

Najib wanted a good government and a well balanced cabinet and a two third in the Parliament to push forward his transformation programme but none of that is available now after GE13.  It is also likely that a significant portion of his stable of people did not vote for BN/UMNO as lost faith in Najib.

So Najib should now have another look at UBAH when those voted for the opposition come from support for the UBAH.  So 54% have no faith in Najib when the seats (133 out of 222) obtained by BN/IMNO are indeed questioned for the many irregularities of the Election Commission and the Police.

How can Najib proceed to keep the fort at Putrajaya to be effective when many knows they had been cheated in GE13?

I would expect Najib to hand over the power to PR to avoid further embarrassment when further scrutiny of the GE13 would expose the extent of the frauds in GE13.  If black outs are so common in the midst of final counting of votes to turn over losing BN/UMNO candidates into winners and if EC is not at fault, then EC should set up adequate emergency lights at all counting centres.  I have also urged the set up of an NGO known as Ballot Boxes Brigade (BBB or 3B).

Anwar had twitted that the early results from the various polling centres indicated PR had won Putrajaya, but the final results confirmed otherwise.  I am told that the Police had roadblocked the road to the Istana and the State Assembly Building in Kota Kinabalu at about 9pm on 5th May, 2013 and why is this so if BN/UMNO had won Sabah case?  Would the Police confirm these road blocks?

I would also like to challenge Najib to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on  the Electoral system including the Election Commission and the various Election Acts to clear all the accusations of the performance of the Election Commission.  I know some new features appeared in GE13 after the Parliamentary Select Committee did its round nationwide in 2011.   Some of the new features have created some serious troubles especially the indelible ink which turned out to be an expensive fake quality.  It was just for show only trying to play down the alleged cheating of multiple voting by some voting agents.  It had backfired because the indelible ink was easily washable.  The promise of cleaning up the rolls after the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah was not fulfilled and the Roll was contaminated with Project IC holders not only in Sabah but nationwide.

Also Najib did not have a mandate of his own in 2009 when he assumed PM and for four years the system of governance was also flawed and can we accept another term of four or five years of flawed mandate?

So is that true democracy? Who are we fooling now?

Should we not go for another fresh GE within the year after the double RCI on Illegal Immigrants Sabah and on the Electoral System be fully applied for a more meaningful and balanced public contests.

If one year is too short, it is better that Najib having lost all public confidence in his Government largely in the use of delay tactics for the past four years step down now for an Interim Good Governance Government  (IGGG) Malaysia for a two year tenure to be backed up by the military (not trusting the Police as spoilers so far) to maintain the security.  In this way, it is the best way to avert the possibility of the worst to come in the nation as tension post GE13 is now building up.  The military has sort of also lost faith in Najib a former Defence Minister when a few retired top army generals offered themselves as opposition candidates in the GE13 with one in Lumut winning a very big majority. The other maiden one in Johore Baru also got very high votes.  The fact that the retired generals as opposing candidates managed to obtain tremendous support speak volume of protests again Najib precipitating no confidence in Najib and BN/UMNO.

So the DYMM YDP Agong should do the needful now and not wait any longer.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG (M) designate.  8th May, 2013


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