Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Joshua Kong -PM of IGGG M

OPEN letter to DYMM YDP Agong and all concerned citizens Very important & urgent for action Who can hold Malaysia together in this time like this. 50 years and more is enough and enough is enough. Nation building needs sacrifice, no doubt but it is lopsidedness that has prevailed against people especially in Sabah including Labuan and Sarawak. To get to the point fast, I would like to focus more on Sabah including Labuan in this OPEN letter, while Sarawak scenario is also obvious relevant. Needless to mention Sabah’s poverty is getting worst despite some “stupid” claims otherwise from somewhere. Poverty, oppression and underprivileged scenario are very important elements in nation building for a better tomorrow for all. Poverty is getting worst Sabah people is already hard pressed in term of adequate income to sustain a decent living for decades. Now with Goods and Service Tax at 6% where would such poor people get their income to cover for such additional outlay. Prices across the board have risen since 1st April, 2015 even for most items with zero rate or exempt items. Some sources claim anything up to RM90 for any family would be the tax for GST. So where would such income come from for this additional burden? On the other hand if the collection of GST from the poor people of RM500m to RM1b per annum, where would such revenue go to? The nation with national debts of almost a trillion ringgit mainly due to massive and endless corruption and profligacy would simply swallow the additional revenue from GST. GST can only be a progressive item if the high income as anticipated would materialise but for Sabah it is far from it even until 2020 under the present BN/UMNO administration with a culture of recalcitrance. Oppression is anti nationalism Sabah people including Labuan have been oppressed for decades by none other by those who claim to be socalled leaders (State and Federal) for decades. Under schemes of largely heavily rigged general elections at the start of USNO and then perpetrated by the UMNO since the 1990s, oppression of endless possibilities has prevailed. I would not say the PBS and Berjaya Government were any better but they did provide the breaks of sort of “oppression” and we have not learned from history. Oppression have been in various forms within and without namely arrivals of excessive alien people which I call “Extra People Identity Cards” holders or “Project IC” holders displacing the genuine local Sabahans which is akin to the much abhorred term such as “Ethnic Cleansing” and with this development come sort of disgusted “Apartheid”. Another arena where oppression prevails is that our wealth such as timber, palm oil and crude oil have been diverted elsewhere for nation building when Sabah remains marginalised and sidelined with much lopsidedness in so many desperate areas that need to be addressed but largely neglected for lack of funding. Underprivileged since 1960s. Without referring to the founding personalities and the paper only agreements and terms such as Malaysia Agreement 1963/Malaysia Act 1963, 20 points and the Federal Constitution as amended many times over 50 years, it is imperative that we acknowledge there was a sort of partnership (written or unwritten) that has gone awry ab initio. I think Tungku Abdul Rahman did acknowledge that North Borneo or Sabah now was an underprivileged place with underprivileged people in 1960s and even promised that Malaysia or Malaya would make Sabah as prosperous and developed on par with the Malaya then. However, reality is that Sabah remains the back water zone for 50 years. Sabah and Labuan remains underprivileged as we know today. Give Nation Building a chance but how? With much wealth from natural resources gone in Sabah, we need to address this nation building as it should be but now more burdens and blocks are added on from within and without. Without viable and adequate sovereign funds, nation building in Sabah and Sarawak would be inevitable neglected. Instead Sabah/Labuan & Sarawak are further oppressed by several important developments in the nation on the verge of disintegration namely economy decline and massive debts rising, oppressive and archaic old laws as added or amended, the questioned the Islamic Criminal Law especially Hudud affecting all in an agreed secular Federal Constitution, internal and external threats and rise of regional and global terrorism, added poverty from GST, marginalisation, “ethnic cleansing”, “apartheid”, massive corruption and illicit fund outflows, the dead claim on Sabah still allowed by the “leaders” hence Sabah would be forever remain underprivileged. Conclusion. We have seen in history how nations go bust by design or otherwise. Once great and mighty USSR was “bada bing”. So how do we hold Malaysia together or otherwise? Joshua Y C Kong PM of Interim Good Governance Government Malaysia (IGGG M) http://fresh-air-in-iggg.blogspot.com

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