Sunday, July 24, 2016

No need demonstration ...

no need demonstration but ask DYMM YDP Agung instal IGGG M now. Fresh-Air in IGGG Msia If demonstration is held, the yellow, the red, orange, green and black may come out to clash and give Najib the chance to order NSC. Priorities of IGGG M:- 1. clean up the electoral rolls of Project IC holders; 2. clean up corruption, 3. clean up the bad images of BN/UMNO for 58 years; 4. clean up the education systems run by fake degrees holders, 5. clean up the fake money under Bank Negara, 6. clean up the Judiciary, 7. upgrade the security in the nation, 8. help the poor to have a new life, 9. set the captives in slavery free, 10. no more dramas of evil, 11. be progressive in all matters.

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