Friday, June 17, 2011

Bersih 2.0 demonstration on 9 July, 2011

JK’s digest 1 of July, 2011 – what about the demonstration?

What does the Federal Constitution say about the demonstration?

Why do you think demonstration is to be held?

What are the impacts of demonstration?

Any demonstration can be public nuisance for a little while only but it does carry a pressing message.

Do you think any demonstration can achieve any purpose?

No pain No gain.

The Bersih 2.0 demonstration on 9th July 2011 is slightly painful to most people if only the truth is told to all.

The message of rigging of most General Elections by the Election Commission.

Why is demonstration not a culture of the people of Malaysia?

If it is not a culture of Malay, then why was there a demonstration in 1946 against Malaya Union?

Was it Islam that change Tungku Abdul Rahman’s stance to support that demonstration?

If it is not a culture, why was there a demonstration at the State Mosque in Sembulan in 1986

which ended with a riot and some deaths? The pictures are here.

The illegal Government installed by the rigged General Election by the Election Commission

is so petty over such demonstration for fear of their own skeletons.

So what Bersih 2.0 trying to do is to ensure that the General Elections would be fair and free,

while I would also insist TRUE elections.

I have already exposed the skeletons of the Election Commission and let more of it be known.

So let the Bersih 2.0 demonstration be held.

If nobody can stop Perkasa also going out in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, then what would likely happen is whose fault?

Some people may want to make a big cake of the conflict and the confrontation should Bersih 2.0 and Perkasa meet in scenario.

The reason for Bersih 2.0 is obvious to clean up the Election Commission and the Election system

which I believe only a Royal Commission of Inquiry be held and so a RCI may stop

Bersih 2.0 to proceed with the demonstration.

Whatever may happen Perkasa and its gang linked to UMNO would still proceed to demonstrate for the wrong reasons.

Without a RCI, the Election Commission would not change and go on rigging

the General Elections as all civil servants emulate their illegal masters to go on enriching themselves in corruption.

So the irony is that it is not alright to demonstrate but alright to be corrupt, abuses of power,

to rig general Elections, to be bias, go on ethnic cleansing, and also apartheid in a motion to destroy Malaysia and the people.

The thought of a repeat of 1969 is possible but the illegal UMNO/BN Government or

Prime Minister cannot be the caretaker PM as the disguise is obvious with the song of 1Malaysia

when the nation is so many Malaysia already in smithereens and anarchy for such as long time as 53 years.

Why tolerate any more with the illegal Governments which has brought the nation near

nihilism and perfect profligacy in every measure already done?

While many may think the likely PR government can do some justice, the enmity between BN and PR

is not going to bring about any good for the nation as we have seen all the ‘spent force’ in same house.

The slide of the nation would go on as forces of self destruction are already evident.

How bad the situation in the nation is obvious with these two camps.

The incumbent illegal Government is stocking up as much cash as possible for any eventuality

on the way of a change of Government.

What we need is an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG to break the impasse.

Who would dare to take up the helm of the IGGG as we know the losers on both camps

would not allow such easy passage for the new Interim PM?

We know how big the task is ahead but there is no other way to proper reconstruction in Malaysia.

So give ourselves a chance and as little politicking is desirable in the reconstruction years

ahead as economy and bread & butter issues are crucial to rise up in the domestic and global challenge.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.



  1. JK’s digest 1 of July, 2011 – should be 1 of June 2011

  2. Start the count down now for the BERSIH rally on 9th July, 2011 nationwide.

    I had started that since I lodged two Police Reports in 2006 on GE2004 and 2008 on GE2008 on the rigging of GEs by the Election Commissions after earlier extending my written complaints to the EC and MACC etc but all ignored.

    Then I brought the two election cases to the High Courts which (the electoral frauds by EC) were also ignored and strike out by TIME factor as manipulated by the High Court.

    So RCI is another option.

    No point with more Police Reports and then MACC is hopeless, the Courts also hopeless - no justice- the illegal PM is hopeless if GE2004 with great discrepancies in P85 of the ballot papers issued, so if the Agung is hopeless, where are we heading to? sure more chaos as anarchy is bad for everyone.

    so rise up with IGGG

  3. IGGG is a must to save the nation now in total disarray.

    That is the consequences of illegal government almost in 54 years...

    The national scammers are aplenty over the decades.

    the negative spirit all over the nation.

    The new leader sort-of-divine would restore the nation to the real perspective of a new birth in Malaysia..

    Look no further but a reality in IGGG.

    Joshua Y. C. Kong be the PM of IGGG.

    Praise God.