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Najib and Musa Aman to resign now

JK’s digest 13 of May, 2011 – Youth Parliament & new Sabah LDP senator

I have been waiting to write this last edition in May 2011 also a celebration of Harvest Festival.

Two important events have triggered this item.

What is this Youth Parliament all about? Is it another red herring wasting more public fund and to get the youth in more futile politicking when the youth should be in the institutions of higher learning and skill colleges to equip themselves to bring up the productivity of the nation so far neglected in 53 years. Is it going to be one sided again as 1Melayu rather than 1Malaysia? It is simply more duplication of convening another parliament worth almost nothing as the official Parliament and Dewan Negara have failed the nation. Many important things like the Petroleum Act and Petronas and the Suhakam never go through the Parliament. So it has been a scheming Parliament and Dewan Negara only to boost a small sector of people and yet this system cannot be any longer be defended except by the Youth to keep Putrajaya with BN. It is now so clear.

Najib to resign to prove 1Malaysia.

So is there really 1Malaysia in Malaysia even after 53 years. All the laughable stories are every where. Since it is Najib who insist that there is 1Malaysia, it is for him to resign now – illegal and desperate – PM to prove his point. We already have a ruler conference dominated by one race and one religion. So it is only right after 53 year that we have a non Muslim Prime Minister and better still a Christian Prime Minister as so clearly exposed by Utusan Malaysia as desirable now. Every one would see the difference once that happen.
Any general election would not make 1Malaysia a reality because the GE13 would be rigged by the Election Commission as it has been confirmed in GE11 and GE12.

Datuk Chin (vocal) should tell Musa Aman to resign now
What is the purpose of appointing Datuk Chin of LDP Sabah as a senator? Would he be made a Federal Minister to fight for Sabahans rights? What can a senator do for Sabah?
Sabah had many senators who just warmed the chairs at public expense.
The fact that Datuk Chin is now a senator – a position subject to the confirmation by the State Assembly – and yet Datuk Chin only thanked the illegal and desperate PM for the appointment ignoring the illegal and desperate Chief Minister Musa Aman. So this federal appointment only confirmed those statements made by Datuk Chin on Musa Aman as true.
Yet Musa Aman once so much slighted by this true comment and flexed his stupid muscle against LDP (in turmoil of sort) and even refused to appoint an Assemblyman from LDP for the State Cabinet which has at least two vacancies now filled by ‘frogs’. So the Musa Aman with a hidden agenda should say Amen for his position in Sabah. His position is already untenable and should fade away following the Sarawak General Elections. Musa Aman is also the Taib of Sabah. A “statesmen” cannot be emotional, bias, exhibiting anger and only an illegal CM can do such a thing like he is so silent on the latest development on the unconditional release of Akjan. Any consolation from some top gangsters and some top women cannot guarantee that Musa Aman stays. Musa Aman’s heinous skeletons have been exposed long ago and he should now resign long overdue.

So there are so many other ongoing diatribes and sex dramas that everyone is misled by BN and UMNO as the latest Datuk Chin appointment is also a confusion. How can that happen in a fixed deposit state and Musa Aman and Najib can ignore the baby cry of Senator Datuk Chin to stay on course for GE13 as speculated by but never to come by. Our illegal and desperate leaders are using the ‘frontier’ of GE13 to lead the nation to bankruptcy earlier as more misleading dramas emerge. There are simply too much one sided politicking enticing the opposition to do likewise and now involving the innocent youth.

So the easy and simple solution as soon as possible is the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG under Joshua Y. C. Kong as the PM. Not a Christian PM but just another PM and the impossible made possible.

Go there for more.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

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