Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RM45 billions can be a scam

Jk’s digest 1 of September, 2011 – RM45 billion by Petronas

This is a belated birthday message and also belated message for Independence Day for Sabah on 31 August, and a timely message for Malaysia Day on 16 September.

I listed 7 points a few weeks ago about the announcement by Petronas to invest RM45 billions in Sabah which really looked too good to be real when it is believed that our fossil oil resources is near depleted as previously declared by the Petronas. I have yet to see what is the reserve of oil and gas in the sabah sector. Is RM45 billion a realistic figure or is it just another figure to mislead the voters in the fixed deposit state of Sabah? Is Sarawawk also getting a similar substantial amount of investment being another oil producing state? General Election 13 is schedule to be held anytime now as ‘illegal’ Najib is definitely due for a new mandate as the Prime Minister. General Elections has been largely rigged by the Election Commission.

We would be very lucky if RM4.5 billion or 10% of that amount is retained in Sabah. With meager amount of RM4.5 billion for a rising population, it is definitely too little to go around especially when prices of houses and consumer goods including basic foods have risen over the last few years for very much neglected Sabah for decades. I urge that there is a paradigm shift in national thinking so that much of this investment and the ensuing returns or revenue would be allocated to Sabah to bring appropriate relief for the hardcore poor, the poor, the low income and middle income groups in Sabah in both urban and rural areas. Otherwise, it would continue to oppress the downtrodden people of Sabah in some ways seen and unseen.

.The present system does not provide justice for people in Sabah, and RM45 billions may sound attractive over the next few years but in actually fact Sabah needs an immediate RM100 billion allocations to bring up the status of Sabah in line with the Peninsula Malaysia. Otherwise Sabah would fall further behind in the national context in every aspect of development and living scenario.

Who is to regulate this RM45 billion investment is properly implemented as we have seen many inflated deals in the national scams and these proposed projects then abandoned? We must not see this happening now.

A few more items for Malaysia Day 2011 will come in the next few days.

In a few words – We cannot leave this to the UMNO besieged in nightmare.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.

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