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IGGG is fresh air for Malaysia

JK’s digest 2 of September, 2011 – Comments on cases around us.

1. The world is watching

I am not going to touch on what is happening in the Islamic world. But what is happening in the promised land to the Israelite is stirring the hearts of many. Is the World War 4 coming to be over Jerusalem in 21 days time when the UN is to vote on this landmark event? It is likely the make or break of global peace. Meanwhile, we have witnessed tremendous national tragedies in recent months in the United States of America who has withdrawn support for Israel. The latest is hurricane Irene over New York City and the nearby states. The damages are incredible. There are still a few weeks to go. Why is this happening to USA is only known to God. Maybe this linking is irrelevant but there is a book detailing past events in the US on events of Israel in peace deal with the Arabs and Palestinians. I had seen a vision of the North East America hit by a falling object resulting in a tsunami that also devastated western Europe. That vision was about ten years ago. Would that be real?

2. Japan with another new PM

It is incredible that Japan has six ‘sick’ prime minister in five years. Would this sixth PM be in a position to handle what had happened to Japan on 11 March, 2011 in Fujishima? Why I am writing about this is that, I never visited the Japanese Counsellate in Kota Kinabalu except in the afternoon of 11 March 2011 asking for some help in the publication of a magazine for the Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Bhd. It was done in short notice and then this massive earthquake in Japan and the tsunami of unspeakable damage exacerbated by the meltdown of the nuclear plant in Fujishima resulting in the outpouring of the radioactive elements. Was it an act of God to coincide with my visit to the Japanese office in KK? Why should that happen in such a timing? Maybe my visit left a curse or even blessing for the human race to remind people around the world of the excessive exploitation of the natural resources of another country. Japan should know how she had derived so much wealth from Sabah in the timber industry and yet gave back so little to Sabah and instead invest her wealth so derived in other prosperous nations. Is that how we treat some people as badly exploited? Now I pray that the sixth PM would not be another ‘sick’ one with a changed attitude towards the oppressed people especially in Sabah.

3. Paitan in need is desperate

We all now know how a single nun of the Roman Catholic faith has survived in her vision and mission in Paitan – a very much isolated and neglected area in north east Sabah – bringing some development to the poor, oppressed and underprivileged people there. Despite our socalled wealth in Sabah and our wasteful spending of the illegal leaders and government, Paitan had been forgotten and left to look for their survival. The nun with little resources (little bit from the illegal and socalled caring government) and lots of begging to make ends meet has struggled for a decade to be now recognized for her sacrifice and service so much so that two pages of a special report had appeared in the Sabah’s Daily Express on 28 August, 2011. Sister Dorothy was awarded service recognition by the Likas Rotary Club for her long silent struggle alone in Paitan bringing food and education to the poor children in Paitan with danger always lurking in the slow river travel. I wonder what have the illegal politicians and leaders to ponder? The said newspaper in its report also failed to acknowledge the help of people who made those struggles to be sustained.

4. Bersih 2.0 and the Election Commission on free and fair election

The Eight Points by Bersih 2.0 for free and fair election are nothing effective to change the results of the General Election 13. Election Commission would continue to rig the GE by the switching of ballot boxes wherever and whenever possible especially in rural seats that need to take some hours to bring those ballot boxes to the counting centre. If it is not switching of boxes or stashing of extra ballot papers, then how come we have discrepancies in the ballot paper issued for the Parliament and the respective state seats in each parliament seat? 1 + 1 = 2 and in EC’s arithmetic, it is 3 or 4 or 5 – a perfect job to keep the illegal government in power. When EC is the guilty referee, there is no need for any general elections. EC may claim there are election agents at the polling and counting centres, but these agents are useless and voiceless when the referee plays FOUL especially when such cases if any come to the bias High Courts. In the Biblical story, there was a David and Goliath, and in my cases, David sided with the Goliath for personal gains, what do you expect for the ordinary people? Can we still stay quiet? When the fish head is rotten, the whole UMNO body is rotten too.

5. Registrar of Society and free, fair and true elections

General Elections in Malaysia had been manipulated not only by the Election Commission but also by others such as the Registrar of Society, the Police, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), the Government Printers and several others in gang robberies. A very old political party was de-registered on polling day by the Registrar of Society because of money politics. Many applications for political parties are not processed. Illegal UMNO remains valid when many thousands of its members are illegal with project IC. So how can any General Election be fair and free in Malaysia as it is nothing TRUE in its implementation? There are too many selective decisions by the Registrar of Society. The Federal Constitution allows association without bias condition.
It is irony that Bersih 2.0 a loose coalition of NGO for a specific and urgent purpose was ruled illegal when illegal UMNO remains legal, and would ROS approve any loose coalition instantly on application? If ROS would practice justice, then any loose coalition should be registered on application there and then. So any loose coalition can submit to the ROS for registration and then apply to the Election Commission for acceptance to participate in any General Election without delay, then we can say it true, free and fair election and proper application of arithmetic at the counting centres done by EC professionally. We know how EC officials would brush off any complaints at the counting centre and then the lights would be switched off..

6. Najib is proven an illegal leader and so is UMNO is illegal

General Elections had been faulty especially proven by simple arithmetic in Pekan the seat of Najib in 2004 and 2008. So BN is illegal. Nothing more to say. The system in Malaysia is “buruk” and rotten. Najib is to go to France soon. There is no need for a tussle within illegal UMNO for the successor. So it is best we have the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG to give it a chance to mend the evil ways of the nation.

In a few words – We cannot leave this to the UMNO besieged in nightmare.

The task ahead for the IGGG is tough and I am prepared for that.

God bless Malaysia for IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Anti Illegal Governments – Federal and State.

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