Thursday, February 9, 2012

NFC - nothing for consumers - sad

JK’s digest 1 of February 2012 (3 of 2012) -National Feedlot Corporation NFC

Is NFC a classic case of national feed-all corruption or now finish corruption or now finish cronyism?

It is just a tip of the iceberg of the massive corruption now exposed for whatever purpose is quite

obvious a political melt down of infighting within UMNO baru and that is way of the dragon

in 2012 to drive UMNO away from Sabah.

All the UMNO and BN socalled politicians and most illegal ones had been feeding on the ill gotten gains

for decades with the tentacles so much wide reaching from north to south and east to west including in Bornean Malaysia.

Now we see the NFC is a hard nut for UMNO to resolve as it represents UMNO’s deep seated malaise to the core of the nation.

Unless UMNO and BN deal with the dual tough challenge - Now Finish Corruption and

Now Finish Cronyism accordingly, it is difficult to appreciate what they have done for the

nation since independence as UMNO and BN has always claimed to be for the nation.

The lady minister who had gone on leave and has now returned is indeed a hot potato and

also likely a ‘sacred cow” to the doom of UMNO and BN.

Another 'sacred rhino" often stroked by UMNO and BN for the national disgust is the RCI of project IC.

PR with PKR –largely an off spring of UMNO is neither desirable to helm the nation.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Author of three Editions of EPIC of Sabah

PM for IGGG Malaysia.

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