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The Chinese New Year Drag-on Message

JK – digest 1 of January, 2012 - The Chinese New Year Drag-on Message

Inevitable in the Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year of the Dragon (one of the most so-powerful Chinese zodiac signs), we are tempted to remind ourselves of the drag-on episodes in the nation and beyond in the most important characteristics of the nation for the good, better or worst in the year ahead especially in the unfolding year 2012.

Najib put it to his supporters at the 2010 Umno general assembly, “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya”. So how would Najib implement this message should a General Election be held in 2012 or even early 2013, and Najib losses power even without a General Elections? The illegal Prime Minister Najib has yet to answer the pressing question posed to him “Would he allow peaceful handover of power?” How would Najib defend Putrajaya should he is out of power? If he talked of crushed bodies and lost lives, the implication can be frightening. Would he take a leaf of Sabah’s power grab in 1985 or 1994 in Putrajaya with a Palace crisis especially it is a GE13 when 13 is symbolic for Sabah for the changes in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 where in 67, 76, 85, 94 each adds up to 13? For Sabah, the 13 is staring nervously at us with GE13 and 2013 for possible change of power.

Since Najib’s appointment at PM in April, 2009, he had hinted so many times of snap General Elections and that has yet to happen for a strategy only known to some but 13 cannot be avoided when M in Malaysia is also the 13th Alphabet. So it has been a drag-on on the speculated GE13 and the people have been the victims of so many prevailing and also drag-on circumstances.

Najib had another drag-on scenario in 2012 of the ‘1Malaysia’ bill of goods to 1,000 delegates at a Global Movement of the Moderates conference as a guide to the pursuit of “moderation in democracy, rule of law, education, human dignity and social justice”. Despite that intention for whatever reasons, the inevitable ‘extremism’ practice would drag-on in Malaysia and beyond to bring the nation and the people down. Who are to be deceived by this pursuit of ‘moderation’ when in practice it is so obvious? When the many General Elections – past and the one yet to come is to be rigged by the powerful group none other than the Election Commission as unshakeable solid, how would we call that ‘democracy’? When the national robbers and scammers strike yet again at the GE13, you call that rule of law? What kind of education, human dignity and social justice any illegal Government want to impart through the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform (PSCER) when it is so superficial that only a few proposals for change or reforms out of hundreds are selectively accepted by the Election Commission? Even those proposals selectively accepted are so subjective and only known to a selected few and would not be reviewed by the public courts and the judiciary.. So one conclusion is that the PSCER is a sham or a farce and instead RCI on Election Commission is more appropriate for true and genuine justice. What a total and unjustified waste of public fund and participation by the disappointed concerned citizens at the PSCER just concluded in 2012? The other conclusion is that ‘extremism’ is a drag-on. The Election Commission would remain ‘aloft’ at GE13 possibly installing another illegal group when EC does not subject itself to public scrutiny – a drag-on.

Is it a moderation or extremism when certain public policies are still drag-on when form and substance of implementation are perpetrated? This is a very big area we can battle on. When the majority demand privileges and concessions, it is obvious the minority would be marginalized and victimized in the process. What the minority gets would be the leftovers. There was an official claim that the minority is getting a very good deal with RM30millions of assistance for some sectors of activities in a couple of years. I would like to ask how much the majority had been getting over the decades in similar sectors? The answer is already known. The practice of extremism over decades or much much longer had done irreparable damages and the socalled moderation is only a sort of plastic surgery over extremism if only we know the fundamental source of this practice.

As Dean Johns has written a long article on “Year of the Drag-on”, we are aware that many people give prominence to the year of the Dragon, and so as usual with every new year, many things do drag on and it is no different in 2012. For Malaysia with a culture of official corruption, and like every culture it is a drag-on year in and year out. For Malaysia, there are too many known and unknown cases of official corruption that can drag-on for decades and the list can be very long indeed like a perceived dragon with the extended fire spurned out from the mouth. When would all these end, nobody really knows? Malaysia now on the verge of bankruptcy expected to be ‘formalized’ in 2019 based on debts scenarios – the year before the Vision 2020 the year of the rate and my year too. Such worrying scenario should be addressed by all and if not acted upon, I believe Sabah would be in the worst scenario then in Malaysia given that the resources of Sabah are been siphoned off to enrich others near and far.

Why Sabah vis-à-vis Malaysia in worst scenario? Sabah has got the really raw deal in 1963 and the impact thereof is felt more and more as we go on or drag-on. With excessive population increases in recent decades and dwindling major resources such as timber, fossil oil and palm oil in terms of possible revenue to the state, Sabah is getting less and less against a background of rising prices in essential daily items such as transportation, food, energy, education, health, housing and social justice. The timber revenue is meager now, the 5% from fossil oil is a blatant insult to the ‘owners’ sitting on the natural wealth and soon oil palm sector face tough challenges from neighbours. With climate change, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, farming can present very tough economical challenges even for own consumption. So if we allow all the bad things in politics and economy to drag-on in Sabah, we may be too late to avoid the worsening unpalatable developments to emerge in Malaysia that would have grave consequences in Sabah.

So stop the drag-on now in the Dragon year especially in Sabah.

Meanwhile unfortunately we now have the drag-on in Sodomy 2 plus (appeal), Karpal on Perak (Sedition case) for defence, NFC for more dragon feeds, PKFZ still ongoing, and even a matching Bersih 3.0 for electoral reforms, possibly with a million march to see the illegal Najib in Putrajaya when the ban is enforced on Street walks under new Peace Assembly Act. Lots and lots still ongoing and possibly more to emerge to further run down the nation socially, economically, politically and financially.

We are aware of the fundamental reasons for such drag-on? I was recently asked this question. What is up? My response was every thing is up such as rising scandals, rising costs of living, some rises in wages, rises in taxes, rises in public expenditures, and only down with BN/UMNO. That is the reality now.

If BN/UMNO is not prepared to be down then PR –the arch political and personal enemy should not be allowed to proceed as the fire from the dragon cannot be selective.

So it is only wise for the wondering and wandering people and leaders to go for Interim Good Governance Government IGGG in Malaysia to be helmed by me for the expected changes in this year and beyond.

The impasse of drag-on must be given a chance to be broken. Give real peace a fresh chance. This message must go out now.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM for IGGG Malaysia

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