Wednesday, November 28, 2012

20 points that GE 13 is not to be held?

Why there are 20 points that GE 13 is not to be held?

1.                  BN is scared to lose in GE13.
2.                  BN is infighting within.
3.                  BN especially Najib is faced with more exposures of his skeletons.
4.                  NKRA = Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah hence the lame duck.
5.                  There is no really democracy in practice.
6.                  BN does not believe in the Parliament as very few attend Parliament with no quorum today at the start on 29th November, 2012 too busy to find sexy trysts.
7.                  BN only dream of May 13 as Syarizat reminded the leaders at UMNO assembly.  That would allow BN to stay on in power for longer period.
8.                   Project IC is being challenged in Sabah and elsewhere.
9.                  The electoral rolls are contaminated with phantom voters as in all past GEs.
10.              BN still wants to spend more public fund until the coffer is empty.
11.              BN especially Najib continues to play the Snap General Election cards to weaken the opposition with campaign funds.
12.              The illegal Governments of Najib continues to do all things illegals spending public funds like there is no tomorrow.
13.              The BN Government continues to burden the people with many questioned projects and land grabs so that the Rakyat would become so poor with all the Court cases so poor so that the voters can be bribed with small money for votes.
14.              BN still waiting for massive demonstrations to arrest all the possible candidates from the oppositions and burden such leaders with legal cases.
15.              Najib and Rosmah want to stay in office as long as possible without actually dissolve the parliament until it is past the dateline resulting in anarchy.
16.              Najib thinks his father case would be repeated with the emergency after May 13, 1969 but this time round the incumbent should be removed as the whole scenario of anarchy and national crisis is caused by BN and the leaders largely illegal.
17.              Najib has tasted the water that he needs not actually call the elections despite many speculations of snap elections since he assumed power from the last PM in RAHMAN. He found it worthy to remain an illegal PM without mandate as long he kept his hope alive by speculations of General Elections.
18.              When the RCI on illegal immigrants is under way, there will be so many exposures that would really embarrass BN.
19.              When RCI on illegal immigrants are not completed properly and implemented accordingly with the clean electoral roll, how can GE13 be done before 28th April, 2013 – the last day of present Government?
20.              All those explosive fallouts from RCI II  would also impact the whole nation so much so that it may be a security issue for the region hence emergency for Malaysia is likely to be declared.

Whatever Government to be installed in the interim cannot be from BN or PR and someone like myself should be appointed the interim Prime Minister.
Joshua Y. C. Kong   29 November, 2012

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