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Joshua Kong’s New Year 2013 message 1-1-2013

Joshua Kong’s New Year 2013 message 1-1-2013

We all have been struggling for every good reasons to come to this new year.
What do you want to hear from me when you see 2013?
Wish every one a very good year and beyond.
But this message can be based on rahman PUTRA.
After NAJIB, who is next?  It is less clear until last night in the Dataran Merdeka in the welcome of 2013.
Najib was not there but although Muhyiddin was there, he is not to succeed Najib, as Muhyiddin is nowhere there after 12 midnight when the TUDM band turned up on the stage to entertain thousands of 1Malaysia people.
Why TUDM?  What was the music played?  Although plenty of movement, the sound coming from the military band gave the impression of marching tune.
There are two possibilities now- either an anarchy after 28th April, 2013 when BN is done with automatically or BN or PR wins or a hung Parliament, troubles already brewing.  So it is likely whether the armed forces like it or not, emergency would prevail with the army in control as the Police already too overloaded with Police Reports when lodging  of Police Reports go online.
Then we had a folk song after the presenters said “miskin” and the bad omen when the happy singer of the second song was “miskin”.  How can we talk of “miskin” in new year 2013?  The country in sort of confusion and miskin (poor), when in anarchy and under emergency rule by the armed forces as no choice, is sure to be miskin because of the crimes of profligacy of BN leaders and BN Government into nihilism when !Malaysia has never been 1Malaysia since 1963 but 1UMNOcronyMalaysia.
The next presentation was indicative of what we expect from Malaysia when the drummers were beating on wood which although make wonderful endemic, original and naturally sounds from the forest in new deserving inventions  (I had advocated for such instruments for some years and I see it now).  So in 2013 and beyond we have to go back to basic beating on wood and metal panels always treated as waste to find a new beginning in Malaysia.
So people of Malaysia, be encouraged that I would like to be waiting for the call to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Just a flash back to Sabah since 1967 and the 13 in our midst in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 and now 2013 and GE13 if ever be possible after the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants RCI II on 14 January, 2013.  The consequences of RCI II of whatever dimension would be deemed like a TSUNAMI in the 50 years of Malaysia.
Every thing since 1963 had been dominated by Peninsula Malaysia and its time to rotate the PM position to Sabah as sort of reconciliation within Malaysia.
Go For it, my friends and pray.
God bless you for reading this and keep on praying.
Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM to be for IGGG Malaysia after/with army
PUTRA =  Pakatan Umno Tentera Rakyat Army/Aman/Amen. (very fast)

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