Monday, February 4, 2013

UMNO as illegal must be destroyed

Quote:"As reported by UN, the BN government has allowed the corrupt and ill-gotten money from the elite UMNO & cronies to be siphoned out of Malaysia by money laundering to the staggering amount of RM1 TRILLION RINGGITS for the last 20 years."

UMNO as illegal must be destroyed to keep the Malaysia SAFE for all and not for the cronies of UMNO only..

I strongly believe much of this money flight had come back to Malaysia to haunt all Malaysians especially those in Sabah and had been used for many evils of Mahathir in various forms namely:-

1.  Fixed most General Elections by rigging including ballot papers and ballot boxes manipulationS to retain EVIL and CORRUPTED power.

2.  To bring terrorists to Malaysia especially in Sabah.

3.  To give dubious and genuine ICs to unqualified foreigners including illegal immigrants under PROJECT IC or Project M for all sort of unthinkable purposes to cause ethnic cleansing and to re-enforce apartheid in Malaysia especially in Sabah.

4.  To sustain UMNO in Sabah with a large membership of the PROJECT IC.

5.  To assist or fund many dubious foreigners and immigrants in various businesses to destroy the Chinese community in businesses.

6.  To destablise the investment climate in Malaysia by manipulations etc.

Joshua Y. C. Kong as the PM og IGGG would see to this CHANGE.

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