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Third force for Malaysia and Sabah

JK – digest 4/ February 2013  Why a third force needed in Malaysia?  (16-2-2013)

I think most people believe the battle line as continued from GE2008 between BN and PR has been drawn for a second episode in Peninsula Malaysia as it is to be in GE13 or 2013 which is ultimate on
28th April, 2013.

I also think 13 may sound a fatalistic note to some people.

So it is to be worst in Sabah to see a 13 so prominently in Sabah’s political history.

Can it mean the same for the nation in term of CHANGE, UBAH or ABU?

In Sabah, State Governments were changed naturally or by manipulations as in 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, where the last two digits in them were added up to 13.  Since  1994, Sabah had General Elections in 1999, 2004 and 2008 where 13 had not been featured except now GE13 in 2013.

Ever since Najib was illegally appointed PM in 2009, there have been many times of SNAP general elections as Najib needs to have mandate as PM.  In 2012, I think at least six dates were speculated in vain for GE13 possibly to avoid 2013.

So let God’s judgement flows in 2013 for Malaysia.

GE 2013 if ever held is the defining moment for the nation.  If GE 13 is not to be held for many reasons as per 20 issues raised by me why GE13 would not be held until 28th April, 2013.  The important issue is that the GE 13 must be clean, fair and TRUE and in the present scenario of continuous cheating by none other the Election Commission as already proven in GE2004 and GE2008, GE13 would be the most DIRTY and costly events, we cannot forget ever.

This is my whistle blower on both BN and PR to be blown away as both sides are hopeless for the nation as they are the products and byproducts of the illegal UMNO loading with many hundred thousands of ILLEGAL members with project IC.

With the spending sprees of BN to trap voters into their camps, it is ruinous for the nation’s financial system bursting at its beams and if it ever comes back to power by cheating, the public would be forced to make good all those financial malfunctions prior to the GE13.  Citizens of Malaysia, would you want such a Government robbing the nation dry?

With the spending sprees of BN now and if ever PR comes to power for a no-choice stance, excessive financial commitments can be very difficult for the diminished financial system to cope with plus other financial strains especially the Bursa Malaysia (Stock Exchange) could collapse with BN’s wealthy cronies selling to destroy the incoming new Government. The herd mentality knows no boundary.

Why are we into such a terrible dilemma at CHANGE, UBAH, ABU in 2013?
It is indeed the curse of the demise of UMNO which just refuse to die despite it was de-registered in 1988.
So the best choice for the nation is the third force – free from vendetta (personal or otherwise), no more stone to grind since 1998.  Who want to pay people to dwell in all sort of rottenness of personal nature while ripping the nation apart into poverty.

Concerned citizens of Malaysia, the fact that GE13 is so long in coming is because God is waiting for a kind solution for Malaysia especially Sabah.  Sabah is at the threshold of CHANGE in the Golden Jubilee year of independence of  2013.  Peninsula Malaysia or Malaya in 2008 also in the Golden Jubilee had its CHANGE when BN lost five states and the two third majority in the Parliament.

The much desired CHANGE is now in our own hands in Sabah and Sarawak. How would this happen?  In Sabah, we cannot trust the Election Commissions to do a proper decent job as cheating is the blood veins of the officers. If the BALLOT box is out of the equation in Sabah, what is the avenue for CHANGE?  No rotten and expired incumbents allowed to stay on in office to ruin the nation further. .

What is the CHANGE to be in the nation?

A good CHANGE for the nation is to have a break from the curse of UMNO and its split groups.

Interim Good Governance Government IGGG would be the ideal solution and I am prepared to assumed the very challenging position of PM by appointment of the DYMM YDP Agong.
We will see a totally different atmosphere for Malaysia -  a people of new direction to move on.

God bless my homeland Malaysia especially Sabah.  Love Malaysia Love Sabah.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

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