Thursday, March 13, 2014

58. Clear message over MH370

Withered MH370?  (a positive write up after 7 days of fruitless SAR)

There are many theories but did the plane crash? If not, why not?  Still looking for evidence of the crashed debris?  Even the Australian women came out with pictures of the “playful” pilot on board once which could imply that the plane crashed due to sort of negligence?.  Where is the black box?

So with the missing plane MH370 when I secured 37 votes in Api-Api 1986 and when 239 is my birthday 238 +1, and such figures really tickle my mind to say something rather than nothing as I strongly believe that Interim Good Governance Government in Malaysia (IGGG M) be installed now with Joshua Kong as PM to sort out the mess of BN/UMNO for 50 years and more.  Why 370 and why 239?  Numbers are symbolic of events past and present and days to come.  Not numerology but they do convey Godly messages like 7 is the number of completion. Now the numbers of the flights such as 371, 372 etc have been changed to 318, 319 hopefully can find the plane with the changes of numbers and 239 ?
So much for the brain teasing.  Raja Bomoh like it or not - be it Black or white- is very part and parcel of the real life in Malaysia and beyond.  What is the difference between Bomohism and Clairvoyance? Most politicians use them. Raja Bomoh in his first statement was eagle caught hold of the plane and how can an eagle catch hold of a plane?  That is symbolic in a vision and it is held in mid air meaning a nation in the north likely Russia, Mongolia, Korea (North & South) ??? and which nation looks like Korea ???  Has South Korea comes into the SAR?

Najib came out with a RM1 dressed chicken lifted into the air despite the “Billion Ringgit as per estimated insurance claims and still counting” MH370 missing?  Why?  Who was killed naked by C4 ?  Was that also a “chicken” who was rumoured to be pregnant???

Like any disasters, the spiritualists are used for unknown normal information as spiritualists can have “access” to the people on the other side?  Has any spiritualists already consulted if what Christians may say would not matter?  Ask Doris Stock of UK.

The ringing but an unanswered one of handphone is also relevant and so is the Royce Engine could be active to send the “DNA” message to some sensitive monitoring equipment including the satellites in today’s high tech society albeit denied by the acting Transport Minister?

Like any hijack as in 911, fake or stolen passports were reported used.  So it is so in MH370.

If it is hijack and the victims handed over to the kidnappers for ransom and if this is the case, it would be to the tune of Billions of Ringgit for MAS (on the way to bankruptcy) or Malaysia (also on the way to bankruptcy).  If it is an international hijack, it is very important to keep this secret especially it is a USA’s aircraft involved as US could bomb the target be it held in which country?  So the choice is for MAS and Malaysia to pay or not for the ransom demanded?  So it is likely a bankruptcy getting nearer for MAS and Malaysia if indeed a hijack is disclosed to the world.  If it is known that a hijack is related to vendetta of sort, then who would fly with MAS again internationally?  You all know the evils of BN/UMNO especially of the socalled leaders symbolized by the two green coconuts of Raja Bomoh plus the magic flask (pulu) in its team to capture the active spirit

Also don’t ignore this point that the plane diverted 40% prior to Vietnam and possibly to avoid all the top monitoring equipment on the coastal areas of China as any unlit and non responding aircraft would be forced to land by military jets.  So did the plane take the route of wilderness (once also the silk route) to avoid military responses in the air to reach the destination in the North for this well planned hijack?

So I hope the crash whether confirmed or otherwise, the basis of rumour would go on over the restive spirit which was cleared as missing in the Immigration Records.

So the kidnappers or hijackers would want the money and so they just keep quiet to the outside world and some few people would know it.   With a Boeing 777-200 and 239 persons missing, the whole deal is worth a lot of money reaching into billions of Ringgit.  The plane itself would be worth a lot of money if ransom not paid.

So with the mysterious plane missing after 7 days, it is as good as gone with those lives?
If it is sitting somewhere in the wilderness, would such people survive the harsh conditions?  If the location of the plane is identified, what can Malaysia do if it is really a hijack to rescue the hostages?  Only Isreal could do it like in the Entebbe case in Uganda?  If USA is involved, it would be very costly exercise too as lives would be in terrible jeopardy.  Any known or exposed negotiations would place Malaysia in very bad light too if only we know why such an incident can happen?  Even the very expensive costly submarines are possibly lying “idle” similar to missing in action.  Silence is bliss to some.

So like someone also blame Najib but I need to go further to blame BN/UMNO for the total imaginable malaise in Malaysia and MH370 has been waiting to come to pass.  So the evils of BN/UMNO has come full circle in the international arena.  Now Peninsula is enveloped with terrible haze in many parts as high as over 300 in the haze indicator readings today.  God bless all Malaysians as we pray for the nation for those in the plane.

IGGG M is the solution.

Joshua Kong

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