Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NOW - OPEN message on IGGG M

OPEN LETTER to all the socalled leaders

This is indeed an important letter on old and new issues faced by Sabah since 1963.

What has gone through in the History of Sabah cannot be undone but should be reviewed accordingly.

What is still going on in Sabah needs to be addressed accordingly.

What I am writing is about the terrorism still ongoing in Sabah arising from the neighbouring countries namely Philippines and Indonesia.

We know of the many issues since 1963 and obviously still unresolved.

The major one is the very old claim on Sabah by the Philippines which has sort of become academic relevance.  Although it is a dead claim but some people still want to use that as a punching bag against Sabah.

Also Sabah is also entangled by some past and present socalled leaders in dealing with the neighbours for known and unknown agenda.

It is known as how Tun Mustapha had entangled Sabah with Manila and the Southern Philippines and the bitterness thereof is still prevailing in some quarters within and without Sabah. 

While many old issues have not been resolved, new issues had surfaced in recent decades.

Some people prefer to settle such issues by way of terrorism including kidnapping and shooting of people in Sabah.

While such instances could have the motive of financial demands, there can be other reasons privy to those who had committed such heinous crimes in Sabah in recent decades.

I do not have the privilege to handle such heinous crimes and the people involved in these high profile crimes but some people who have access to such scenarios had written about some of them.

In the case of the dead Sabah claim, there are people who continue to pursue such claims privately to the leaders in Malaya and elsewhere.  Obviously such claims are really too much and are not entertained up to date.  Such dubious claims do not give anyone the right to resort to violence and terrorism especially to what happened in Tandauo in Lahad Datu area deemed to be an armed invasion or intrusion in early 2012.

Apart from the dubious claim, there maybe a few more recent events or incidences of discontent arising from dealings by recent socalled state and federal leaders.

Unfortunately, whatever Sabah had done in dealing with such neighbours had not be reciprocated by sort of mutual kindness.  Instead, Sabah had encountered the blunt of such concessions given to the neighbours in terms of aids, job opportunities, shelter from crisis in their homeland etc.

The illegal concessions of IMM13 and Project IC to the foreigners definitely brought a lot of heart breaks to Sabah and Sabahans and beyond.  A foreigner with Project IC was employed by a bank in Kuala Lumpur as security guard who one fine day shot a bank manager and got away with a loot of almost half a million Ringgit Malaysia.  Many such heinous crimes have happened reported or unreported.

It is also reported that Project IC in the late eighties and early nineties where the socalled leaders from the State and sanctioned by the prominent leader Mahathir in Kuala Lumpur all told in the recent concluded Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants Sabah (RCI IIS) has brought about a long string of endless terrors in Sabah and beyond.

It is also reported that the kidnap of 21 tourists in Sipadan Island in April, 2000 was mainly due to unsettled debts from getting foreigners to come to Sabah in a million to enable them to be given Project IC.  Our own Sabah “leaders” or traitors should now confess to the cause of this heinous crime which had since affected Sabah adversely very much.  I hope Musa Aman can tell us the full story of the Project IC leading to that kidnap.  Has it ever being resolved?  I also hope the report on RCI IIS as delayed but due any time now would bring out more details.

While the Project IC under the care of Musa Aman will never be resolved peaceful, Sabah and Sabahans would be forever under that endless curse.

With that endless curse in our midst, yet another curse has surface with the name of Aman Futures Philippine Group (AFPG) and somehow this 12 billion peso alleged scam is connected to Sabah possibly with the word “AMAN”.   Where would the convincing “resources” of AFPG come from if not from some connections in Sabah?  Would this story be fully told when the brain behind that alleged scam have been arrested in the reported persons of Abigail Pendulas and  Manuel Amalilio with “dual” citizenships?

Can this alleged Aman scam give rise to several kidnaps and heinous crimes in Sabah in recent months?  It is obvious that some people having lost so much money as much as 12 billion peso or 1 billion Ringgit Malaysia in a short period could resort to other tough methods to recover the losses in other ways.  Who can stop them using “mercenaries” to re-coup their losses?  Ultimately, it is Sabah, Sabahans and Malaysians who lose out in such apprehensive scenario in Sabah’s east coast.

Sabah has been victimized by all things done by the nation and the nation’s socalled leaders in so many ways.  When would such victimization be ended?  Can such socalled leaders who have entangled themselves in such heinous crimes loose them from such entrapment when they remain in office as great liars and hypocrites.  I have always written we have too many CRIMINALS in Federal and State Governments.

I would call on these socalled leaders installed by the rigging of the Election Commission of Malaysia (ECM) as confirmed by the two editions of the Government’s Gazette for the General Election 2013 and other similar rigging by ECM for GE 2004, GE2008 with the records all laid before the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak in 2008 and 2009.  What the ECM did with the two editions of the Gazette in GE2013 was actually trying to correct the discrepancies I had identified as fraudulent/manipulative practice or rigging of ECM in GE2004 and GE2008.  So what was in the two editions of the Gazette in GE2013 was guilt as charged by me in GE2004 and GE2008 and shaming the Judiciary which simply found the easy way to strike out my two laborious cases with total evidence.

All the issues faced by Sabah can be brought to live with a book as large as a few thousand pages. 

It would be another great sacrifice to present such a massive book while Sabah, Sabahans, especially half of Sabah in the east coast would be in strife for a decent living when curfew would be enforced.  Such curfew would also not solve the crisis of terror as long as the socalled leaders do not come clean with their own heinous crimes.

Every Sabahan deserve a better deal with Malaya, Philippine, and Indonesia and not live in the shadows of the own leaders in crimes.

In conclusion, do not blame the release of the full report of RCI IIS for fresh terror in Sabah and beyond for the unclean hands of people cannot remain in the positions of power.

Enough is Enough, a total change in Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak with the Interim Good Governance Government Malaysia (IGGGM) is the only option left now for a new beginning to stop the rot getting worst.  

Let God be God in Malaysia.

Joshua Y. C. Kong    8th May, 2014

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