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Message of PM of IGGG M

MESSAGE of Prime Minister of IGGG M on Agung’s Birthday 2014

This is a very sincere and hard message for all in Malaysia to address today woes in the nation.

NO soft talking as it is useless and meaningless to do that to cover the doom of the nation.  Everyone should be informed of the truth nothing but the truth to set the nation free irrespective of the religious and race.

Is the nation already bankrupt ?  Is the expected Foreign Direct Investment coming to the nation to help build the nation for all?

In Malaysia we have lots of oil and gas revenue plus other major commodities but how much is Sovereign Fund Malaysia?  What we know we have substantial poverty in the nation especially in Sabah and Sarawak being half of the nation if ever Malaysia exists legally or rather a sham.  A big number of citizens in urban and rural areas in Sabah have next to nothing.

If I write too long a message, many may not bother to read it.

So I would dwell in some key areas namely autonomy since Malaysia Agreement 1963 for Sabah and Sarawak, the wealth of Sabah & Sarawak, the human rights of genuine people in Sabah and Sarawak  In this message I would relate more of Sabah vis-à-vis Sarawak and Malaya wherever relevant and important.

As a nation for 50 years, there is no excuse there is such a lopsided scenario in all aspects of the nation in relation to the economy, financial capabilities, development in infrastructure and security  in the context of Vision 2020.  

In 50 years, much fund from Sabah and Sarawak had been diverted elsewhere for the national needs especially in Malaya.  It is timely as an initial effort to pay back to Sabah and Sarawak what had been siphoned off for other priorities in the nation then and now it to address the lopsidedness in Sabah and Sarawak as in the process of Interim Good Governance Government (IGGG) Malaysia to make national transformation more focused and positive.

In this message, we cannot avoid the related issues such as the Double Six tragedy in Sembulan on 6th June, 1976 which could not be an accident of the incoming plane at Kota Kinabalu airport; the Petronas Agreement signed on 12th June, 1976 ; now the Agung birthday and the same Agung was also the head of nation in 1976; the autonomy of Malaysia Agreement 1963.

First does the Malaya’s Federation really recognize the Malaysia Agreement 1963?

About the Double Six Tragedy, some of the people still living to tell their knowledge of the crash which I strongly believe was caused by a bomb – a timed bomb – which did not go off in time when the plane is still in mid air.  So there was intervention of the landing by someone known to everyone at the air control tower and the officers at the Civil Aviation Department should know who that person is.  When this person always writing in Daily Express passes away, the whole story would explode and the surviving family would have to face the wrath of some people unless this infamous person now apologise to the public for his knowledge of the landing.  Today is the best time to do that or he leave the details in the Will.  A bomb was obvious because the terrible twisted wreckage cannot be a normal fall from such a low height in Sembulan landing on the low water.  The pictures are available.

After this wreckage, came the wretched thing the Petronas Agreement which is in principal against the spirit and letter of the autonomy of Malaysia Agreement 1963.  Sabah was in need of all the available resources after the timber to develop Sabah but we got was a pittance.

The voice to get back our oil and gas wealth is getting louder with Najib’s latest promise to review the level of the oil royalties for Sabah.

In the spirit and letter of autonomy for Sabah, it is 100% of the oil and gas to be returned to Sabah.  If that is not possible for all the Petroleum Sharing Contracts had been signed away under Petroleum Development Act 1974- Act 144, I am demanding RM100billions since 1976 to be maintained as the Sabah Sovereign Fund.

So why RM100billions for Sabah and another RM100billions for Sarawak?

  1. The exploitation of oil and gas in Sabah had been done without transparency and actually excessively done and Sabah has not been given the supporting basis for the payment of 5% since 1976.

  1. There is no monitoring body and the Council for PDA may be non existent.

  1. The successive Prime Ministers must come up with a document to show how much of Petronas money had gone into terrorism and other illegitimate expenditure?  The Petronas accounts and activities are questioned.

  1. The oil and gas of Sabah could be sold under forward contract at artificial low prices not revised by hefty rise of the global price trend.  This may affect the 5% paid and payable to Sabah.

  1. If for 38 year at RM4billion, it would work out to more than RN100billion and not include the accrued interest for the said period and if interest is compounded it could be at least RM300billions to Sabah and another similar amount to Sarawak.

If Malaya is really sincere in 2014, would not RM200billions or RM600billions bankrupt the nation.  Who cares if the nation is bankrupted by their own faults so deep into coveted ness, corruption, graft, embezzlement, wasteful spending or profligacy with irresponsible and  non transparent administration.   One very obvious expenditure as alleged is the RM100m allocation to the socalled first lady office for an authorized appropriation.  Isn’t it true when the socalled PM never disputed this? It was revealed a few year ago, but he now decide to sue Malaysiakini for some similar allegations of his mismanagement.

If Malaya had been fully developed using resources from Sabah and Sarawak, those investments should have earned enough to pay back to Sabah and Sarawak of the money so demanded now so that Sabah and Sarawak can be similarly developed albeit belated to catch up with Malaya for vision 2020 as developed status as 1Malaysia.  Can Sabah and Sarawak catch up in 5 years?

If Malaya cannot provide the much desired fund, then the nation is bankrupt now and Malaysia would not exist in 2019.

 Sabah cannot be the fixed deposit state / nation of BN/UMNO if such fund as demanded is not forthcoming because it would be bankrupted in 2015.

We either have a bankrupted nation or be saved by IGGG M  with a well balanced nation in all aspects.  BN/UMNO is at the end of the road of endless possibilities since 1946/1957/1963.  There is no other message to the nation now.

BN/UMNO, Do or die now, and it is better to do first and die to allow the nation to live on.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG M since 2008.

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