Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PSC for Electoral Reforms questionable

It is still early to know the outcome of the Parliamentary Select Committee PSC on Electoral Reforms.. I think it is useless.

It is really a smoke screen to cheat the people by yet rigging the General Elections via the EC with questionable short changes..

When there are over a hundred suggestions from the people who presented the papers, the PSC only highlight 10 items which are technically useless as those are subjective measures and surely to be manipulated by the various authorities especially the Election Commission.

So only Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commissions is the valid thing to do now.

Why EC? It is because EC is the most guilty party to rig the General elections...

All those electoral reforms are meaningless except my Commandment 10 + 1 where the key factor is the discrepancies on Ballot papers Issued. The finality of results to be declared after a proper audit by independent and professional parties on those discrepancies.

God bless malaysia especially Sabah.

Joshua Y C. Kong for PM of IGGG now.


  1. PSC on ER only recommend RCI on Identity cards for illegals when PSC should also recommend a RCI on Election Commission.
    The GE13 would proceed while RCI on illegal and identity cards goes on...

    worthless piece for fair , free and true General Elections..

  2. We want free, fair and TRUE elections