Saturday, March 9, 2013

Body of IGGG Malaysia to be formed now

There is no time left now at this time in Malaysia.

We need to start a body of IGGG Malaysia comprising concerned people not talkers but doers who do not 
belong to either side of BN or PR.

Aren't we already fed up with what is happening in whole nation of people deep into dramas of all sort to belittle one another in the political divide?

All the present crops of leaders largely illegal due mainly to UMNO and ex UMNO as illegal entities are blind and only reactionaries.  They are only interested to grab anything in their paths.

Without visions and peace in their hearts, they have run down the nation on the slippery road of profligacy.

Today Sabah is definitely going steeply into poverty after the invasion at Tanduoa arising from a conflict within UMNO whose members are traitors as fully exposed by the RCI IIS now in suspense for obvious reasons   not to be further exposed in the High Court.

The filthy hands of UMNO in various factions cannot be allowed to run Sabah.  Even when the 5 years is over, they are reluctant to vacate their positions and expect to use the invasion to stay on to grab more as robbers cannot change their spots.

I have been victimised by the grand robbers since 1969 in Sabah and yet my survival is geared towards Prime Minister of Malaysia of IGGG.

When the heads sit on the seat of power, most things would fall in place for the peace, harmony, prosperity and decency of what public offices should be.  The ROT of BN/ UMNO/ex UMNO must be stopped immediately.

Sabahans and Malaysians wake up now.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

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