Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clear the OPEN wound in Sabah claim

Sabah Claim once a wound is an open wound now.

Sabah Claim once a wound is an open wound now.

We don’t like to see but it has been with us for 50 years but it has been dormant.

Sabah Claim has been a string of terrible nightmares with great suffering on both sides of the  Sulu Sea.  One of the most degrading and hollow experience at the start of this claim was the Jabidah massacre in the Philippines during Marcos time.  It was the fitting nightmarish excuse to send the socalled refugees of Filipinos to Sabah. International communities,  Malaysians and Sabahans had made a mess of that scenario in whatever shades of concern.  The flooding of socalled illegals by Manila into Sabah had brought so much downsides to Sabah – the land below the wind.  The presence of the illegal people has been the mother of all woes in Sabah.

But we do not seen to have any solution to the crisis created in Sabah by BN/UMNO/exUMNO in the context of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

Even the political tsunami of GE 2008 in Peninsula Malaysia did not reach Sabah shores as the fixed deposit state of UMNO was sustained by the illegals given identity cards and voting right via Project IC or Project Mahathir.

GE 2008 of change occurred in 50 years in Peninsula Malaysia as after Malaya became independent in 1957.  For Sabah and Malaysia it is now 50 years and change is emerging now.

What kind of change for Sabah is still not obvious unless the concerned genuine Sabahans make that happen.  So what do we want now?

So what do we want now as we are in the midst of the invasion at Kg Tanduo by the Filipino terrorists who claim Sabah?

Would our dream come through? What kind of dream now?  Of course, we do not want our homeland destroyed as we have not witness bombings in 50 years, but now in our midst.

Now this wound is open and how do we resolve this open wound?

At the moment it may sound we are not in control of the destiny of Sabah.  Actually we are in control of our destiny as it was the Philippine’s claim in 1962 that had caused the British changed its mind to make Sabah independent first on 31st August, 1963  Then came the formation of Malaysia on 16th September, 1963.

So can Sabah be truly independent by itself now as we were once for 14 days free from any danger of attacks by neighbouring countries?

We can achieve truly independent now if we get assurance of support of Malaysia without Sabah, Philippines and Indonesia.

So we are nearly there if only we resolve the open wound as soon as possible.

Believe ourselves that we can achieve that if we work in unity knowing full well that the Filipino claim is dead, Confrontation by Indonesia is also dead.  Malaysia would be happy that the current invasion at Kg Tanduo would be over soon.

Don’t you think we need to organize ourselves properly in any group of unity and I would propose this group be known as Interim Good Governance Group (IGGG).

We are aware of many groups coming up doing one thing or another including a Sabah group siding with the ‘enemies’ within and without.  Some want to go to International Criminal Court for a different reason as the intruders want to express their dissatisfaction.

Don’t expect the GE13 if ever held to resolve any issue and the said wound could be even bigger because the political agenda is not necessary helpful for all genuine Sabahans.

All we need to do is to revive my submission to ICC in 2006.

Don’t let the good destiny slip from our hands.

Lets work our hearts out to heal the wound.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Prime Minister of IGGG
(now 5 years mandate expired on 8th March, 2013)

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