Friday, March 8, 2013

Joshua Kong for Prime Minister Malaysia

What should we do if the GE 13 already overdue and yet the Federal and State Governments have not been dissolved?  (see below)

Are the questioned and challenged socalled leaders  want to stay as illegal too?

All those Governments should now have collapsed after all they had been ineffective to do good for all.

These leaders should be punished for  going against the normal procedure and not extend their rule illegally without any justification.

When these leaders fail to do their duties even in injury time, the Head of State should apply its power to remove them.

These illegal leaders should not even be in the incumbent position to stay on as interim Governments.  Dangerous precedent was set in May, 1969 to retain UMNO as the Federal Government as abuses continued till today.

UMNO has been the worst “criminals” till today.  The present scenario in Sabah has deteriorate since 1990s until it grabbed state power in Sabah and today we come to the invasion of Kirim III.  UMNO is not blameless for the invasion.

So the DYMM YDP Agung should appoint me as Prime Minister of the Interim Good Governance Government  and I would form a new IGGG to move the nation forward.

I have been telling the last YDP Agung since 2008 to initiate IGGG.

Where is the credibility of Malaysia in the global platform except self praise.

Joshua Kong

GE overdue, mandate expired for new policies – SAPP

Posted on March 9, 2013, Saturday
KOTA KINABALU: Both the state and federal governments should announce the date that they would dissolve the legislative assemblies and parliament because the five-year mandate given to the current governments had expired yesterday, said SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee.
“Although the constitution gives the government five years from the date of the first sitting of the respective legislature, by convention, the political mandate is for five years only,” said Yong.
“This convention is applicable to both the state and federal governments and to both the BN and Pakatan state governments. It would be unconventional and irresponsible for any government whose political mandate has expired to embark on new policies or to commit the government to mega projects.
“Even if the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister concerned does not immediately dissolve the legislature, he must announce a date that he would seek advice from the Agong or the Head of State to dissolve the respective legislatures.
“The current violence in Lahad Datu is no excuse to delay the general elections because the Malaysian armed forces and police are already on top of the security situation.
“In any case, there have been past precedents when elections were successfully conducted in the midst of the communist insurgency in Peninsular Malaysia and parts of Sarawak before,” said Yong in a statement, yesterday.

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