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No rent but compensation

Very Important Issue on “rent” or not “rent”

According to the paper “ Philippines Brings the Sabah Dispute to the UN” by Narciso Ramos, Secretary  of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Philippines.

Philippine Policy Statement in the United Nations

(Text of Statement Delivered before the 125-member nations at the United Nations General Assembly during its 23rd session, New York, Tuesday 16 October, 1968).

Quote from page 16 –

(4)    The report of British Council General Treacher to the Earl of Derby dated January 22, 1878.  Mr. Treacher accompanied Baron de  Overbeck to Jolo to negotiate with the Sultan of Sulu: he was before and during the signing of the Deed of January 22, 1878, he acted as advisor to both Baron de Overbeck and the Sultan and he signed the document as the only witness.  His report to his superiors in London made the same day the Deed of January, 1878 was signed, should carry considerate weight.  He explained the basis of fixing the amount of 5,000 Malayan dollars mentioned in Deed.  He stated in his report that at that time the Sultan’s annual income from his  dominions in North Borneo was 5,000 Malayan dollars  - 3,000 from his pearl fisheries and 2,000 from his burd’s nest caverns.  And Mr. Treacher called the grant a concession – not cession.”

So the amount of 5,000 has been given various interpretations but based on this understanding it is definitely a perpetual compensation for the loss of sort of ‘control’ of the land in question.

This “rent’ issue is an hearsay in almost every Filipino mouth giving the impression the landlord deserves to get back the disputed land  at a later time when it was perpetually given to the white investors.

I am not going to dwell into the real ownership of North Borneo except to mention the following:-

  1. Where is the title of the disputed land sort of given by Sultan of Brunei to Sulu Sultan?  If no title, it is a fraud and the white investors just interested to give some ‘protection’ money to do business/trade in North Borneo. If no title, Suluk – shut up as it is a crime to perpetrate this idea about the ownership or sovereignty over North Borneo.  All the dubious claimants should be charged in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for all the heinous crimes committed since 1962 by the aggressors now involved with an invasion in Lahad Datu.  The ICC can revive my bulky submission in 2006.  The Federal and State Government of Sabah equally guilty in these heinous crimes against humanity should be also be made as defendants.
  2. Be it a concession or cession depending on who interprete the secondary document of a ‘transfer’ when the title to the North Borneo is faulty, it is as good a gone case for the Sulu Sultanate when “pajak” is used.  Pajak is “one-off” deal.  “One-off” deal with one-off compensation for ever and that settle the issue once and for all.
  3. There is no original document of the ‘pajak’ agreement and so the matter is dead.
  4. .The Sulu Sultanate was defunct since 1936 hence the succession and sovereignty is dead especially the disputed land is sort of “no-man” land except to those who sat in North Borneo..
  5. The North Borneo’s High Court Judgement of 1939 had nothing to do with the claim except to deal with the distribution of the ‘5,000” Malayan Ringgit.  Important to note this emphasis – the money did not go to the Sultanate – defunct.  All those heirs do not own North Borneo except a false claim tantamount to fraud.
  6. Filipinos and Sulu people had done all sorts of most evil deeds on the dubious claim and all failed miserably especially the Jabidah massacre, the 1990’s attempt ended with the CIA’s man in Manila lost his feet to a bomb in a hotel room possibly financed by some Malaysians; Malaysians training MNLF to fight Manila but failed to get any impact except deaths in the thousands in the struggle.  Many kidnappings reported and unreported in Sabah. So now the Tanduoa Invasion has the intention to destroy Sabah if cannot get back Sabah/North Borneo – so evil as that.
  7. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  Let Sabah be independent and be protected by Philippine, Malaysia and Indonesia.  No point to go on fighting into futility.

All those frightening accusations in the Philippines’ websites – past and present – should be assessed for a value and compensation to be offered to genuine Sabahans to settle the dispute once and for all in ICC and not in ICJ.

Whoever cause problems, troubles, nuisances and deaths have to pay now.

Start an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG NOW and all past/present politicians of BN/UMNO/exUMNO should stay out of this IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
Prime Minister of IGGG Malaysia.

PS:--  Send this on immediately.

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