Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bankrupkt Civil Servants in Malaysia

JK’s digest no 2 of May, 2011 – Bankrupt civil servants

How many civil servants have become bankrupt over the years?

It was reported 1,086 in 2009 and 3,000 in 2010 were declared bankrupt.

How many more in the pipeline? Some may say it is only a small number

consider we have over 2m civil servants in Malaysia.

Big or small may not be issue. But it is a sign of something unpleasant

for the servants themselves and the civil service itself. Who do we blame then?

Blame the BN’s illegal Government which had been slanted into too much

politicking that the Government is incapable to deal with the overall scenario

of the nations in terms of financial, economic and social affairs of the people including the civil servants.

Poverty is on the rise and yet denied by the desperate illegal leaders

because the ill gotten gains of the socalled leaders have covered their own eyes to the reality.

Who want to write about the bankrupt civil servants? If it is not a reflection

of the illegal government so much into dubious wasteful drama,

then tell me what cause the civil servants to be bankrupted.

It is not really these civil servants are unable to service that car loans

but the bigger picture needs to be addressed and such issues are aplenty in this sector of workers.

The level of corruption cannot even address this loan repayment scenario.

We know how corruption at all levels in the civil servants is hitting back on them

so much so that corruption cannot cover up the loan deficits resulting them declared bankrupt.

Yes blame the rising prices especially on those essential items in a

wide range of items such as education, foods, health, housing, clothing,

recreation for the families. Such rising prices are not sudden appearance

but the cumulative impact of years of neglect by the BN’s illegal Government.

We have seen how rising prices in other countries have resulted in change of Governments.

So should we not change the illegal Governments now? Please check out how

our illegal leaders have enriched themselves so much that other people

have to pay a very heavy price for that. The suckers are no good for anyone.

It is all in the writing on the walls.

So official corruption and abuses of power are contagious in the civil service

as each sector competes amongst themselves to enrich themselves one way or another.

In this process, some groups would fall victims to their own games

hence become bankrupt in the process unfortunately. There is no end

in the competition to outdo another in the ladder of vanity and vain glory

in profligacy towards nihilism. Some can ill afford too many wives and mistresses

but still pursue them to their own funerals. There are some lucky men

who can live on the earnings of their wives as more and more women

go to the universities and secure high paid jobs. Most of the bankrupt civil servants are men.

It is indeed a vicious circle aided by practice of bomohism.

Whether the bankruptcy can impact adversely on the civil service is

anyone guess as it has been the same civil service with or without them.

I am wondering what is the stigma of the bankrupt civil servants

who are still retained in the civil service? Do we really know who

they are if they are still retained in the civil service?

Most letters to the civil service are not replied promptly despite a massive setup.

What would happen to the nation if 2million civil servants are tilting t

owards bankruptcy as all are loaded with loans etc?

Corruption bites more and more and demoralized

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (with dead bodies)

from a change of Agency cannot reverse the fortune of the degraded

and deprived nation also tilting towards bankruptcy because of

selective prosecutions and some untouchable stupid and illegal top leaders of the socalled rotten elite.

The short answer is a total change in the system from the present

rotten system in a legacy of the illegal and rotten UMNO

which has done so much internal damages in the nation’s well being

such as illegal people of at least 5 millions given a new dress in illegal

but genuine identity cards and who then become instant bumiputra to

suck the nation unprepared dry. So the bankrupt civil servants

emulate in their work mentality in the foot steps of the corrupted

illegal leaders who favour illegals and illegalities is the instant backlash

of the immoral leaders now further tainting themselves with porn videos

of famous and infamous people. No end to that unless we end the UMNO and BN era in Malaysia.

So Interim Government for Good Governance or Interim Good Governance Government

under the willing waiting and sustainable leader Joshua Kong so long in wilderness

of suffering to give the nation and the people a chance. IGGG is the answers.

Joshua Kong has survived decades of bomohism when it is made public that in

Malaysian politics, bomohism is the ingredient of maintaining the illegal power of the few.

We need to set up the IGGG cabinet now and it is a must.

Not funny as some dubious foreigner could declare himself Sultan Sulu

in Sabah and claim Sabah as well. So what is wrong when genuine Malaysians

in Sabah do that to rotate the Federal Government to Sabah when

Sabah state Governments had been rotated by the “head hunters” from Peninsula Malaysia.

Kind beget kindness. IGGG is the kindness we need now.

Take care with IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

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