Sunday, May 15, 2011

Important issues

JK’s digest 4 of May, 2011 – some very important issues of crisis proportion - take care.

These issues are very important and I had been writing about them and need to be updated before Friday - 13 May, 2011. These are break or make issues for Malaysia and Sabah in particular. I am anti ILLEGAL Governments.

1. RCI on Project IC in Malaysia.

There are at least 5 millions illegal people in Malaysia given genuine identity cards with 2 millions in Sabah as proven by the confirmed figures of the statistics. Musa Aman has been challenged many times for the issue of Project IC of 400,000 but he remains silent and works more into heinous crimes. Mahathir and Anwar and several other socalled illegal leaders too remain largely silent as I had published 3 editions of Extra People IC or EPIC of Sabah since July 2002. So far no Royal Commission of Inquiry on Project IC despite many calls. These socalled illegal people/leaders should have their titles revoked as treasons had been committed. This treason is still ongoing.

2. Rigging by Election Commission.

There are enough evidence to confirm the rigging of general elections by the Election Commission. So the present and past Governments – Federal and State – are illegal ones favouring all illegal activities and illegalities. So today we face insurmountable crisis and all the rottenness of lopsidedness. A great misfortune has fallen for the nation in profligacy of massive corruption and abuses of power of all sort too many to list. Today it is proven the BN Government has failed miserably for all people who desire justice and fairness. 1Malaysia and transformation are just foolish words to say in the lips of the illegal leaders.

3. The ‘Sulu Sultan’ in dubious Akjan – a sovereignity issue

Like all the illegal Governments and the agencies such as Judiciary, the Police and other implementing agencies, self deceiving and lopsidedness with too many cases daily all written on the walls, the Police is looking for this infamous person who had been declared the Sulu Sultan in Sabah to claim Sabah with its socalled faithful subjects into a million and more. What was the Police doing when it was reported in the local press that a Malaysian residing in Sabah would be made a Sulu Sultan in Sabah soon. What happened to its investigative arm in the Police force? Why the Police did not take action when this event was held in Likas? Why tell the public now that it is searching to get this infamous person to make a Police Statement only after so many Police Reports? So the Police can be selective and bias in its operations to sing to the tune of the illegal Governments. What had the Musa Aman done as the security chief of Sabah? Likas is within Kota Kinabalu City and yet nothing was done. Enough of incredible nonsense.

4. 30 Police Reports worth RM30 trillions

I had done 30 Police Reports all embracing lost resources and yet the Press had been reluctant to disseminate such information for public interests. One of the Police Reports is on the call for RCI on the Petroleum Act 1974 and Petronas. Now the press plays up to stupid people calling for a review only on the same thing –catching the tail of a snake rather than the head. Sure we have lost everything to the illegal leaders/people playing tunes to illegal people too familiar in Sabah and Malaysia when dubious leaders prevail.

5. Christian Prime Minister

Now the dust has settled after countless ruckus of some stupid exposures on race and religions with a silver lining and it has definitely benefitted the nation if we have a Christian Prime Minister to look after the interests of all and NOT a certain privilege group like umnoputra only. Many have spoken and find the scapegoat in the Police as a release medium. So we are now ready to accept wholeheartedly with a Christian Prime Minister.

Why a Christian PM is obvious as we enter into an era of transformation for the nation after 53 years of failed governance. Give the nation a new chance and you would see the difference.

We know the pulse (make or break) of the nation now and should an emergency to be engineered by some known quarters any time now, the present illegal Prime Minister should NOT be retained as the caretaker PM. It was a terrible mistake in 1969, when an emergency as manipulated by UMNO and that Abdul Razak was retained as the caretaker PM. He was benefitting from his own crimes against humanity. Today we know that adverse impact with the emergence of very corrupted PMs in Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib of the sick RAHMAN syndrome. What is happening now cannot fool the people any more in 2011.

We all doubt the transformation of BN or PR as all the worthless quarrels and meaningless squabbles and diatribe including sex videos of CSL and DSAI would go on into the next political development whether BN stays or income PR in Putrajaya. Profligacy towards nihilism is a reality should that happens for sure.

So I appeal to the DYMM YDP Agung and the ruler conference, you can appoint a Christian as the Prime Minister in the Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with new workable programme for the nation and for all.

I am ready to helm the IGGG as soon as possible.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia.

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