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Sabah on impending bankruptcy

JK’s digest 11 of May, 2011- some very important issues on Sabah on impending bankruptcy

It is timely to raise these issues before Sabah and Malaysia proceed to bankruptcy for obvious reasons since 1963.

It did not happen overnight or tomorrow by chance but by every evil deeds of the illegal leaders since 1963. The early illegal leaders looking for self glory were made very rich by raping the pristine rainforests by tens of thousands of acres until today the weather has gone to be so hot daily for long hours. Trillions of Ringgit have gone away and much more into the future as illegal desperate leaders are still very corrupted. Actually we have Ali Baba and more than 40 thieves. Ali is from Peninsula and Baba from Sarawak and the rest are known.

So many evil milestones are stuck in Sabah with all the curses around.

A few months ago, I wrote a digest saying that a Tan Sri also a state secretary was at the Air Traffic Control Tower on 6 June 1976 but it happens we now have at least three Tan Sri still around and it is only fair I now identify the person for a confession before it is too late. Was Tan Sri Richard Lind there? If he was there, please tell us the full story. It is important as our fossil oil reserves was decided soon after that.

There are other reasons why Sabah is going bust is because very precious pieces oil fields Block L and Block M were exchanged with Limbang when Sabah could lose out 5% of the estimated RM300 billions worth of oil in those two blocks. That is RM15 billions. Also how much fossil oil had been extracted from Sabah is also not properly accounted for.

I also sorry for still around in Sabah as a free spirit whistle blower although I left for the UK in 1974 after the unbearable whistle blowing on Tun M earlier. So today, I am around as PM in waiting for the IGGG Malaysia. It has been more than three decades since I came back on my birthday in 1980. A birthday gift for Sabah and Malaysia.

Today we have still so many evil stories to tell in Sabah vis-à-vis Malaysia.

It should be fresh in many minds that Datuk Chong Kah Kiat made an allegation in his Mazu civil suit that illegal Chief Minister Musa Aman would grab all the Government projects also as Finance Minister. This is true as we now hear that most of the major business and realty projects are linked to him. Should he not now declare it publicly?

It was reported that Musa Aman claimed that Federal Government had allocated Billions of Ringgit for Sabah and yet Datuk Masidi Manjun declared that the funds for tourism were too little and too late every year to implement those approved projects. So where have all those billions ringgit gone to?

It was also reported that UMNO strongmen demand to be made Assemblymen to raise many more issues affecting the people even in UMNO constituencies. Why are these issues not raised by the present incumbents also UMNO representatives including Musa Aman who has his hands in many projects big and small.

Now as Security Chief in Sabah, what has Musa Aman to say about the release of Akjan unconditionally? Is he not the same birds flocking together to harm Sabah until it is bankrupt?

Is it not a bad thing that the winners grab all in Sabah especially since 1994’s power grab by UMNO as guided by Anwar?

Is it right that Musa Aman be the illegal Chief Minister and also the Finance Minister grabbing all the ill gotten gains?

It is also timely that a paradigm shift be in place as a check and balance for the ways investment incomes to be handled by the illegal Government for hidden agenda. This should be a national outlook especially when the illegal Federal Government talks of transformation.

So let this be the transformation now.
As we know all the investments of the State of Sabah are nothing to speak of as lots of such investments were just unaccounted for. I wonder if there is a register of all those investments by Sabah Government since 1963? If we add them together, we may see for ourselves that those few dividends declared for the State Government as shareholders are still negligible.
It is only appropriate that those dividends far and little apart – should be channeled to public trust funds to be managed for the people independently of the illegal Government with illegal leaders using those dividends for their pet projects. That is only right as these investments were derived initially from pubic funds. Sabah lost its only bank with Billions of Ringgit gone and yet nothing was pursued in public interest. The dividends from public funds as investments if given to the consumers at large, there would be some multiplying effect rather that the practice of lopsidedness to benefit some illegal leaders and their cronies in nepotism. Have you wondered when Sabah has so many foreign made luxurious sport cars ‘cruising’ in the poor roads of Sabah?

The same paradigm shift in the handling of dividends of public fund investments be also applied in the national context to be distributed equitably rather than to certain privileged group only as in so many bail outs for failed projects.

The other paradigm shift is the tremendous amount of penalties so derived from non compliance to various regulations under all the Acts be applied for the purpose of rectifying such shortcomings. Do the illegal national leaders know how much of such penalties are channeled to the nation coffer? I think it must be billions of Ringgit annually only to be wasted in pet projects of the illegal leaders. I think the purpose of penalties is to find corrective measures for whatever systems for the customers. Such sums collected from penalties should be used for educating all consumers for good governance measures and instead all consumers are penalized to pay their own high fees to attend various forums and seminars. If the penalties continue to be high years after years, it is another indication of the impending bankruptcy as there is a limit as how much any consumer can afford to pay those penalties. Such penalties for non compliance is not the faults of some consumers only and it is attributable to weakness of the systems where human resources failures have arisen. Is it right or wrong, for the Government or its agencies to be ignorant and slack in its business of regulating and then just starting to examine their own failures years or even decades later and collecting arrears in revenue and the penalties thereof? Collecting arrears can be a factor sliding to bankruptcy.

A lot more can be written but a change of the illegal governments would be preferred.
I am not anti Government but I am anti ILLEGAL governments.

A lot more are in this blog -

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG Malaysia.

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