Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission

JK’s digest 9 of May 2011 – Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission

I would like to call on the YDP Agung to proceed to initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission RCIEC on the law and implementation of electoral system in Malaysia.

This is the most pressing issue as the General Election 13 looms. It has been confirmed by the records of EC that GE 2004 and GE2008 had been rigged by Election Commission.
In any football match or any games if the referee and sidesmen are impartial, how can any league competitions go on?

It has been 50 years of democratic practice only in name and we have is an illegal Government and I am anti ILLEGAL Governments.


So I would like to spell out the terms and conditions of the RCIEC as follows:-

1. The scrutiny of laws and regulations and its implementation including preparation of electoral rolls and the regular delineations of the constituencies and their weightage of area and population density.

2. The related Government agencies dealing with the Election Commission at General Elections such as the local authorities, the Police, the Printers and the work force.

3. The system and records of the ballot boxes and the ballot papers as printed.

4. The process of nominations and campaigns and polling day including transport of ballot boxes and the counting of votes.

5. The regulation of the costs of campaign materials and resources with the prescribed limits for the respective state and parliament seats.

6. The role of mass media of government and private sectors.
Only after a RCIEC and its recommendations and appropriate amendment of the laws and regulations can there be ever an improvement of General Elections in a democratic exercise of fair, free and true elections. Otherwise it is really a waste of public funds of billions of Ringgit in every general election with questionable incoming Governments.

I sincerely think this RCIEC is only possible and meaningful if done under the supervision of an Interim Good Governance Government IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong
PM of IGGG Malaysia.

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