Sunday, May 15, 2011

Christian Prime Minister in Malaysia..

JK’s digest 3 of May, 2011 – Christian Prime Minister in Malaysia..

What is happening in Penang is unusual as the Police is the focus now.

Why Utusan Malaysia trying to do with such a headline can be indirectly referring to me as the PM of IGGG.

If you ask the illegal Muslims leaders, they will say only Muslim can become Prime Minister in Malaysia. Where in the Constitution that says so?

Some people already have 53 years to prove they had failed to rule the nation for the better tomorrow. What is there to prove that the continuing illegal leaders would transform the nation? We have seen it all and it is getting worst by the weeks. All those cleaning of the filthy linen in public is nauseating indeed. Enough is enough.

Is Utusan Malaysia trying to convey the timely message of an emerging PM of IGGG who happen to be a Christian and find the scapegoat in Penang.

So what is wrong with a Christian who would do justice to the nation of various races and religions? A black or white cat can do the same job of catching mice.

When Utusan Malaysia is responded by emotional outbursts on the grounds by various groups bent on more troubles making, it become such an ugly sights soon getting out of control.

When that happens it is more urgent for the appointment of PM of IGGG to bring the nation away from further deteriorating scenario of unimaginable proportions. Actually when UM starts to publicise this issue, more people would accept this suggestion.

So I am ever ready now.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

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