Sunday, May 15, 2011

Of attitudes and philosophies

JK’s digest 5 of May 2011 – some good and very bad attitudes and philosophies

I don’t know how many attitudes or philosophies are there in the world.

There maybe socialism, communism, capitalism, authoritarianism, dictatorism, and whatever.

Some of these attitudes are implemented through what some call democracy or something similar when there are diverse practices around.

Don’t think everything is the same when democracy is practiced.

In every system, there are bound to be cheating.

Killing by the people in power if they cannot tolerate criticism of others. They do it in so many ways known and unknown to society. So when killing fails, what else these sick people do? Rumour mongering and gangsterism would take over the modus operandi. Some people just enjoy such modus operandi to get benefits that may lead to destruction of themselves and others.

Every challenge presents opportunities. Some people just don’t know what is good and what is bad. Every one would think he or she is good.

And again democracy towards a government is defined as a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Very good and high sounding noble and only in some nations.

In some countries, democracy ends with the normal rigged General Elections where some people voted in changing ballot boxes. This is true and confirmed by the documents presented by the Governments concerned. They cannot hide because the figures cannot cheat. Illegal leaders can cheat and then kill others to stay in illegal power.

There is no wondering now as how some people can secure so many official ballot papers to play with to win general elections. Definitely ballot papers are for sale once in a few years and some people can become very rich indeed. What was the going price per piece?

I think a few hundred thousand pieces would be for grab and who can afford them?

Then how would such pieces be sold after the printing? All very discrete and definitely heinous to the people as the Government so elected become Government of illegal people, by illegal people and for illegal people.

I am just beginning to wonder why my friend the Sabah Government printer died so young soon after retirement. I don’t know how many Government printers lived on for long after retirement. Do you have the answer and if so tell me now.

I have proven that the General Elections had been rigged by the Election Commission as in Police Reports and in the High Courts but the illegal Governments would not dare to take up such allegations further. So a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Election Commission RCIEC would deal with the electoral system, the registration of genuine voters not illegal voters or phantom people and conduct of fair, free and true elections.

Enough to say so in the rotten system for 53 years.

Without a RCIEC, there is no meaning in holding any general elections to deceive people who believe in democracy.

When that RCIEC does not happen it is more urgent for the appointment of PM of IGGG to bring the nation away from further deteriorating scenario of unimaginable proportions.

So I am ever ready now.

The appointment of Christian PM is already resolved to be OK.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

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