Sunday, May 15, 2011

the genetic lessons from my dogs.

Jk’s digest 6 of May 2011 – the genetic lessons from my dogs.

I know this is a sensitive issue for many and let it be very many good lessons I have learned from dogs and in some cases also known as guinea pigs.

Don’t want to read this is not my problems but my problems of looking after many dogs for two recent decades have provided the silver lining in my life.

The dogs are very intelligent in many ways which need a book to tell a true story of my painstaking experience. They are the best security guards in my recent years.

They are also very good examples to teach us and in this case a genetic issue.

Concerned about the genetic issue on our food and the genetic crisis in reproduction of animals and our own human race, then read on for our own good.

I have been told by a veterinary doctor than a bitch cannot have copulation with own puppy male. When that happens the unborn puppies would be in danger of survival.

I have this bitch named Euro since 2007 obtained from the jungle where I live. She had been healthy and had given birth to three sets of beautiful puppies since then on 8th June, 2009 (7), 12 February, 2010 (8) and 25 September, 2010 (8) and quite well spaced. On 13 May, 2011, Euro gave a delivery and none of the puppies survived and likely premature delivery.

The reason is obvious. I had observed that Euro had for a long time rejected the advances of her male offsprings but somehow she succumbed to that in March 2011. So it is confirmed of the premature delivery without any living puppy.

I do not know if we accept this lesson or not, genetically, healthwise and sustainability.

If it is a genetic factor, then what is the danger of using commercial genetic mosquitoes to deal with the challenge of dengue and malaria in our midst? The results of the genetic modified mosquitoes had been proven only in enclosed area, and what happen in the wild is anybody guess.

If it is a genetic factor in Euro, then what are the unknown consequences in the foods we eat daily grown modified by genetic manipulation? Many will say that we do not import GMO foods which can be tested if we can afford to that on thousands of items daily. What about those unknown and undisclosed items of ingredients in our processed foods which can be in any forms and any number of imports?

What about the expired food or expired ingredients in our processed foods? I wonder who label the expiry dates of bulky rice, maize etc. Who would label the expired ingredients in our processed foods? I think GMO foods have been considered more ‘sustainable’ in production and hence the expiry date can be longer but is it really healthy for our food consumption? Tell me who have done such researches to decide for us? Some premature food can present problems.

I am not going to touch on the impacts of most human beings where inbreeding is so common. So we have insurmountable challenge in this sector swallowing the precious resources of the earth getting scarcer for an increasing trend of rising people with lots more problems known and unknown.

The answers is for you to think about as I cannot offer good answers as a man in wilderness.

Maybe with me at the PM of IGGG of Malaysia, we can do something together even if this is sensitive until doom of the human race.

There is a misguided concept that some powerful quarter want to reduce the world population to a quarter of the present status. With that self induced reduction, we too would consume so much global resources especially the burial grounds of over 5 billion people in such a short time.

Good thinking for all.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

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