Sunday, May 15, 2011

Najib to resign

JK’s digest 1 of May 2011 – how the poor people can be poorer still?

For whatever problems in the nation after 53 years, the easy solution is for Najib to resign as the illegal PM who won the seat of Pekan in 1999 with very slim majority after an electoral scam, then GE2004, there was a tremendous swing of 22,000 when the Pekan seat was rigged by switched ballot boxes as proven by the figure of ballot papers issued with big discrepancy. Overall GE 2004 and GE 2008 were largely rigged to keep the illegal BN in illegal power.

All illegality governments have no political will to resolve the people’s problems and they dwell into more illegalities resulting in the people getting poorer and the nation sliding into profligacy and bankruptcy.

The illegal BN cannot solve some of these issues of the people as listed below and no longer has credibility to stay in illegal power. The latest Sarawak verdict is obvious rejecting the illegal PM who spent weeks unusually in the state elections.

There are many hundreds of ways the illegal Governments – Federal & State can skin the poor people to stay alive in Malaysia and I want to list some of them here.

These are the main election issues for the voters if there is true, fair and free General Election to consider:-

1. Petronas

1.1 This is an old story since 1976 and you know how much can 5% buy for the people in their basic needs.

1.2 Block L and Block M handed to Brunei.

How was this deal concluded in shadowy scenario? Can the Government prepare a White paper and failing which a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Sabah is the biggest loser in this deal and I believe Sabah is not even consulted.

How much money actually changed hand when Limbang was the exchange for the deal.

Limbang belong to Sarawak while the Blocks L & M belong to Sabah. Was the deal sanctioned by the State Assembly and TYT?

To illustrate the losses as follows:-

How much is Limbang worth ? How much is Block L and Block M worth? I think the gap is very big.

So how was the difference settled? Where has the money gone to if financial settlement was done?

If the oil is worth RM300 billions at today high price, then Sabah has lost RM15billions at 5%.

Although the fields are handled by Petronas for extraction, I hope Petronas would still give 5% to Sabah.

What happened to the guarantee of Bank Negara of US$50billion foreign loan approved by Abdullah Badawai which turned out to be a scam as per my Police Report. I think this deal is linked to the Block L and Block M and can anyone to confirm this?

2. Rigged General Elections by Election Commission

This is making the people poorer as almost every general election had produced illegal Governments with the massive public fund diverted to conduct the election campaign and the electoral operation.

I have personally become poorer by pursuing the two High Court cases on GE2004 and GE2008 which were struck out by defining the dates of the cases. . The High Court abused the justice it was supposed to dish out. Those commentators make a mockery themselves by making stupid comments of the rigged election as if those results were genuine.

3. Corruption and subsidies

Corruption in official matters is not an issue while subsidies are reduced to hit the wage earner harder in an already difficult time. With the subsidies gradually reduced, cost of living and costs of basic items have escalated while wages are largely stagnant for decades in many sectors

4. Costs of whistle blowing

It is very time consuming and costly to do whistle blowing. Whenever such a case appear in Courts, the whistle blowers have to bear own legal costs while the Government has access to public fund. In such processes at times inevitable, the whistle blowers would lose in term of resources and cash. I have survived several such major challenges and has enriched spiritually but material setbacks.

5. Land issues

There are so many land issues that the poor people have to go to the Courts for solutions which can go on for years. Consider all the opportunities lost in the ensuing years both during the litigation and the post judgement years.

6. Calling for Royal Commissions of Inquiry

Petitions after petitions have not seen any breakthrough for such RCIs to be initiated. All these major issues have become so rotten that the nation would sink under their weights.

All these pressing issues are some of the many items that can cause deprivation of the people.

If the DYMM YDP Agung can appoint Najib to be Prime Minister and NAR did not go for fresh elections within a short time to confirm his position unlike Abdullah Badawi who went to the polls in 6 months, Najib should resign now, then DYMM YDP can appoint me too to be next PM. [don’t worry about the spent force of Anwar mired in so many stupid wasteful and immoral dramas in and out of Courts, Police Stations, newspapers] Then we can arrange for an Interim Cabinet of IGGG.

Pass this on.

Thank you,

Joshua Y. C. Kong

Prime Minister of Interim Good Governance Government of Malaysia.

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