Sunday, May 15, 2011

A challenge like Goliath and David

Jk’s digest 7 of May 2011 – A challenge like Goliath and David

I am not going to talk about race and religion but referring this incident in the Bible is like what we have today when Datuk Ibrahim Ali DIA is trying to be the Goliath and the Christian at large is the little David.

What I hear about DIA in so many words especially in the Internet, DIA had been challenging non Malays or non Muslims for a few years already in defence of Malay and Malay rights.

Today with the latest alleged episode in Penang of DAP and the Christian pastors in the presence of a Malay recently, it is now very highly charged as far as harmony, peace and personal space are concerned.

Now DIA had focused on Christians threatening a sort of crusade against Christians in Malaysia including myself. I honestly do not understand his modus operandi except he appears to have been given too much space in trouble making stirring whatever he finds in his path. If he was to settle the score with the Penang group, he should only do that and not drag in everyone who is a Christian. It looks like his cable with Utusan Malaysia had misfired and trying to salvage his pride of whatever.

What is his personal agenda as an independent Member of Parliament and President of Perkasa? What is his hidden agenda, may I ask?

DIA had also blamed the infiltration of communists into that Penang scenario but he is not having a crusade against the communists.

May I know what kind of crusade he is going to pursue against the Christians. Is it to be in violent stance? Or is he trying to make himself a very big fool in Malaysia?

If Perkasa is trying to do something untoward and undesirable in Malaysia, Perkasa should be disbanded. As an independent member of parliament he only represents his constituents in his seat in Kelantan. All he can do is to voice out some issues and not threatening anything against any specific group.

Since the group of socalled church leaders that met with the illegal Prime Minister recently did not represent all the Christians in all personal matters, I would like to ask the Prime Minister to clarify the parameters of the official religion of Islam in Malaysia? Najib wants the people to respect Islam, but did he respect Christianity when he was to go to the Bishop’s open house at Christmas last year?

I also know Christians and Christian clergy would not like to step into the threatening posture of the Goliath for fear of embracing known and unknown sensitivity. There is never to be a physical encounter here.

Since DIA is threatening all Christians in Malaysia with crusade, I have to write this one to bounce of him to wake him up to the reality of a multi racial society.

The pulse of the nation is obvious in recent years especially since GE 2008 and the nervousness as exposed since Sarawak General Election has exacerbated the erosion of the illegal Government.

To do justice for the nation, there is no fear to have a Christian Prime Minister. It is just the right panacea after 53 years for the prevailing meaningless politicking at its height towards an irrecoverable slide.

General Election in a democratic system is a welcome but the rigged elections by the Election Commission is a farce to mislead others.

Give the nation a new lease of normal life with the appointment of Prime Minister of Interim Good Governance Government IGGG.

I am ready to helm the IGGG.

Joshua Y. C. Kong

PM of IGGG Malaysia

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